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  • Watch videos of drama activities in action.
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drama-activities-teaching-dramaHave you been teaching for years and need new inspiration?

Drama Notebook is overflowing with original, creative
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  • Feel excited about teaching drama again.
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Why Drama Notebook?drama-activities-for-kids

You can spend countless hours searching the internet for drama activities for children and teens, only to find broken links or sites that feature a handful of drama games. You can spend hundreds on books and thousands on workshops and training. But if you are looking for a vast amount of drama curriculum, and lesson plans that are easy to use right away, you’ve found it!

All of the classic drama games are here, but more importantly, the site is packed with original, meaningful drama activities that will have you excited about teaching your students. Check out the drama curriculum menu! One section of this site contains over 400 drama games alone! There are also fifty fun drama games on video that can help you teach drama like an expert overnight.

Register for a risk-free trial of Drama Notebook today. If, for any reason, the site does not exceed your expectations, simply send us a note and request a refund.

 Membership is only $9.95 a month, but will be soon be going up.

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Immediately gain access to over 2,500 pages of well-organized drama activities, lesson plans, scripts, videos for ages 5-18. With Drama Notebook, you can dramatically reduce your lesson planning time while delivering fresh, innovative lessons to your students.

Membership is only $9.95 a month, but will be going up soon!

Join for as long as you are teaching and suspend or cancel your membership when you are done. Start a risk-free trial and see for yourself how the materials and ideas in Drama Notebook can inspire you to look forward to teaching drama every day!


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Virtually eliminate your planning time with our themed drama lesson plans for elementary students.

• Perfect for classroom or after-school or camp use.
• Classroom tested in over 250 locations.
• 140-150 pages in each lesson plan.

Every lesson plan includes:

• 9-12 sessions completely planned for you
• Easy guide to adapting material to fit fewer or more sessions
• Enough material to fill even a week-long camp
• Custom themed activities your kids will love
• Shorter royalty-free scripts with flexible casts
• Stage diagrams and instructions
• Printable homework activities
• And much more!

Finished lesson plans for middle school and high school coming soon…


  • If you teach theatre to children, Drama Notebook is a must have resource. Janea and her team have created the best online teaching tool for theatre I have found. Drama Notebook made me a better teacher and made lesson planning so much more creative than I could have done on my own. It achieves what the internet was meant to do because everyone contributes and shares ideas. It brings teachers from across the country together. Thanks to Janea an... Kenny Gannon

  • I am a middle school drama teacher and Drama Notebook has been such a life and time saver! All the resources and activities match perfectly with my curriculum for my Acting, Intro to Drama, Theatre Arts, and Improvisation classes! The print and play games are great because they save the time of making the lists-they are ready to go. I l... Adrienne Olmstead

  • I have been teaching drama to school aged children for the past 12 years and after spending some time looking through your website I have to say that I am now totally inspired about this year. I had thought about not continuing this year but after looking at what your site has to offer, I can’t wait for classes to start. Thank you!

    Judy McQuade
  • I want to thank you for providing this website to teachers like me who would otherwise be “stuck.” I love using your site and have used it for the bulk of my daily curriculum outside of school productions.

    Mr. Daniel Frost
  • This semester has been so much fun, sharing acting and drama lessons with the kiddos I teach. They’ve learned how to PLAY by utilizing the great lesson ideas found on Drama Notebook. Thank you for providing an abundant amount of information and for sharing your love with me!

    Meredith Rice
  • I have been teaching Creative Drama for three years to preschoolers and 6-9 year olds, with no formal training, relying on my own thought up lessons plans and finding my way…. sometimes successfully, sometimes not! In a moment of desperation for new inspiration, I decided to turn to my faithful friend Google again. Although this ti... Sally Rodriquez

  • DramaNotebook is the BEST drama site I have ever visited! It is packed-full of incredible games/activities (and so much more); I could not have survived my first year of teaching without it. Every single idea I have used from this website, the kids have loved, and what’s even better, the website is incredibly user-friendly. The activities are explained very well, so it is extremely easy to implement them the same day in the class... Martha Zimpfer-Suraci

  • I do not know what I would have done without Drama Notebook. I have had years of training both at University (B.A. Honors Theatre and minor in English) and then three years professional acting training at The Royal Academy of Dramatic Art. I have performed in front of thousands of people on London’s West End, UK Tours and off West End venues and have taught many classes to all ages, but I still found starting my own teaching busi... Elizabeth

  • This site is jam-packed with drama games, activities and lessons! No more scrounging for ideas, prompts or improv lines. It’s all here!

    Brad Vance
  • Thank you Janea for providing us with Drama Notebook! I run an after school drama club called POCKET MONEY WORKSHOP for 5-15 year-olds just outside Manchester, UK and I find your site an invaluable resource. I stumbled across DN whilst researching ideas for my classes, but thanks to you, I no longer have to trawl through pages and pages ... Paula McGowan

  • I love Drama Notebook! As a first year Theater teacher with no experience, the lessons and games were extremely helpful resources in planning. Not to mention, the kids LOVE the activities! My subscription has been worth every penny!

    Sarah Harper
  • I’ve been an actor for over 30 years and over the last 2 years I’ve been working with a youth theatre for kids between the ages of 15 and 18. Janea’s personal recommendations to me were really helpful and I felt a lot more secure working with the kids. Her advice, along with the amazing material on this website allows me to... Chris Fitzgerald

  • Drama Notebook has been a lifesaver!!! As an incredibly busy teacher with my own Drama School and Head of Prep Drama at an Independent girls schools (Pipers Corner School, Great Kingshill), I often need an extra ideas or warm-ups. I can honestly say that Drama Notebook has delivered every time. Janea obviously has a passion for everything Drama and I am SO glad she decided to start this website. I have already recommended her to many o... Sue Halton LLAM

  • Drama Notebook has really helped me become a more efficient and organized drama teacher! Before I became a member, it was always hard finding appropriate games and ideas for my classes, but this website gathers them all and categorizes them all in the one place! It really has been a great help and an inspiration for many of my lessons an... Mohamed El-Ashiry

  • I have been teaching a class called Musical Theatre for several years now. It is a performance class where we work on acting and singing (musical theatre repertoire). I have spent $100’s on books and materials, but still am always looking for more to improve what I do. This year as I was searching the web for lesson ideas and activities I found Dramanotebook.com. I did the trial membership and it was a “no brainer” to... Sincerely, Dianna Schmidt

  • As a classroom teacher and trainer for over 25 years I can say with the utmost confidence that Janea Dahl’s drama workshop was the best training I have ever experienced. She thoroughly analyzed our organization’s needs and delivered a series of workshops that quickly empowered even our most reluctant participants to teach drama w... Amy Baker

  • When our organization decided to add drama to our after-school programs, we performed a thorough search to find a source for materials and training. Drama Notebook stood out as a clearly unique resource. In addition to commissioning Janea to create custom lesson plans for us, we hired her to provide training for our area managers at our yearly retreat. Many participants remarked that it was the best training they had experienced. Since... Melissa Harper

  • As a first year teacher of sixth grade language arts, I was told that I would be teaching drama three days before it started. I frantically searched the internet for drama ideas, and was thrilled to find Drama Notebook. There are more ideas here than I have time to look at. The warm up activities and games have been a lifesaver, and tons of fun for the students! And after having personal contact with Janea, I can also say that the peop... Jeanne Marie Soniat

  • The reason I am writing to you is to express my enormous gratitude for the materials at your site. I was at the position to start something brand new from a scratch and the curriculum that I have found here is filled not only with a lot of experience and expertise, but also with great love for the kids. In autumn I am going back to University to study for a film and theatre director, but what I have learned from your materials will be ... Vanya Iribadjakova

  • I have been a primary drama teacher for 4 years. This year I discovered Drama for the first time, and I cannot tell you how much time I would have saved not to mention organization if I had Drama Notebook years ago. It is so refreshing to have great curriculum for the elementary level. Thanks a million.

    Carrie Bourn
  • I love my Drama Notebook subscription! Out of all of the dozens of books and resources I have collected over the years, it always seems that the games and lessons that come from the Drama Notebook are the biggest hits with the students! I will continue to be loyal subscriber as long as I teach Drama!

    Stephanie Bastin
  • As a rather “nomadic” arts educator who spends much of her time in vastly different classrooms throughout the city while working with a wide range of students, I often find myself struggling to find time to create comprehensive, thematic lesson-plans that I can utilize in various ways over extended periods of time; Enter: Drama Notebook! This website has become such a valuable resource of detailed, well-organized informati... MicheLLe B. Perez

  • I led a Drama camp at my church for a week last summer. Your Drama Notebook resources were so valuable to me. I used many of the drama games from your website. The kids had a blast! One of their homework assignments was to create a character complete with costume and a short monologue. It was very entertaining! Our week of Drama... Sha Rehberg

  • I love your site!  I find it to be extremely helpful, concise, and full of great advice, fun activities, and plenty of resources for any in class activity. I’ve been teaching and directing children’s theater in Portland for the past four years and I can’t believe I’m just finding you now! Thank you for providing such a ... Whitney Johnson

  • I stumbled upon Drama Notebook and I haven’t looked back. I have been teaching Drama for 10 years and yet I have found many cool new activities to try out from the Drama Notebook site. I am impressed with how well organized it is, and that it keeps evolving. I also appreciate the flexibility with the membership. I can leave this website whenever I want, but I am certainly not finished exploring it yet! Thanks Janea, for shar... Michelle

  • Even with sixteen years of experience teaching drama, I constantly find new games and curriculum in the Drama Notebook! It’s an amazingly comprehensive and creative collection of theater activities to use in the classroom or even at home with my own kids!

    Amy LaRosa Peters
  • My middle school students absolutely love when I use the activities from the Drama Notebook! It literally has helped me build a fun exciting program with my numbers growing each semester. Thank you for such a great teaching resource!

    Cally Marcuson
  • I decided to take a leap of faith and try it! During my first semester, I scoured the Internet and books trying to put together a program from scratch!!! Thank goodness I found your site! I immediately signed up for the monthly program and have been using the site ever since. Next week, my six classes will each be performing a piece inspired by your work. Thanks again!

    Kelley Lannon
  • I teach a K-8 Drama Class for a Charter School in North Carolina. This website is amazing, I can use materials I gain from this site and use it in every aspect of the Theatre Art curriculum. I think I speak for all Theatre Art teachers when I say THANK YOU, THANK YOU and yes THANK YOU.

    Tiffany Tyler
  • I’m a first year drama teacher and The Drama Notebook has helped me stay organized and on task. The sheer mass of all the info out there that I wanted to teach was overwhelming at times, but I often referred back to The Drama Notebook to figure out a sensible plan and approach.

    Tonya Hall Bowyer
  • I’ve been teaching for over 35 years and the Drama Notebook curriculum is a gift beyond measure. It is inspiring to have so much material at my fingertips especially when I occasionally run out of steam. I can find something for any age or any background while ensuring that my student’s experiences are fruitful and rewarding. There ... Wendy Westwerwelle

  • I started out my drama club in Korea without this program because I come from a theater background. But I faced so many problems based on culture and performance (English ability, saving face, way too many students in the class, etc.). So I checked out Drama Notebook and surprisingly had some really great improvements. I think one of the most useful things for me personally was the idea of auditioning in a different way. It was less s... Ben Long

  • I have thoroughly enjoyed the drama notebook website this school year. I teach 4-6th grade drama/music for a small private school. The kids have loved all the activities that I have done with them this school year and anticipate what they are going to do each class period. I have recommended this website to several friends as well. Way to go and keep up the great work!

    Mrs. Hope
  • I am a drama/film teacher in Aberdeen Scotland running my own weekly classes for 100 kids aged 8-16 years of age. Since I subscribed to Drama Notebook in January, the content has allowed me to inject more games, skits, ideas into my drama lessons and the pressure is off trying to be innovative each week. Many thanks and keep ‘em coming!

  • Drama Notebook curriculum has been invaluable to my career. I have been teaching/directing drama for 13 years, and while I have a lot of teaching ideas, I was feeling burned out on some of it. I really needed a refresher for my bag of tricks. This curriculum was just the ticket. It’s easy to understand and teach, and the prepared cut-... Stephanie Merrow

  • As I don’t have the chance to go peruse book shelves or talk to a colleague regarding my drama class, I have been very thankful to have the resources of Drama Notebook on line to see me through this semester of teaching drama. I live and teach in rural Alaska (no roads to where I live!) and teach all the English and history classes for 6-12th grades. In addition I teach whatever electives are needed, and this semester it was drama w... Annie Mackovjak

  • I can’t thank you enough for ALL the wonderful work you’ve done on behalf of Drama teachers and their lucky students. After retiring from teaching first grade, I found myself saying yes to teaching a Kindergarten through fifth grade drama program. I have always enjoyed doing “plays” with my classes so I decided to take a leap of faith and try it! During my first semester, I scoured the Internet and books trying to put together... Kelley Lannon

  • I am truly enjoying this website and finding it to be one of the most helpful tools I have as a drama teacher. The author of the site is amazing. When I needed extra information on a topic, she sent me personal insights that were helpful and much appreciated.

    Jennifer Kenny
  • Drama Notebook has all the organization and materials that it otherwise might take me hours to find. Even as an experienced drama teacher I love being able to pull from new ideas, activities, scripts, or ways in which to approach an exercise. It’s great to be a member for my continued professional development too.

    Meredith Ott
  • Just wanted to thank you for all of your knowledge. I am a Reading Specialist, and I have always had a strong interest and love of theater. I was asked to “teach” drama to 7th and 8th grade this year. After 31 years as a teacher I was stumped with where to begin….thank goodness for Drama Notebook!

    Becca DesJardin
  • I teach a drama class to 50 Middle School students once every 3 years, part of a crazy cycle of electives. I really enjoyed all I learned and gathered from your website. Thank you for providing such wonderful insights and activities.

    Kathy Clevinger
  • This is the most inspiring drama site that I have ever found. I have been teaching drama workshops for the past twenty years and created much of my own material. But sometimes you just feel uninspired and lacking in new ideas. Thanks to this site, that should never happen again. Many thanks.

    Di Burnett
  • As a first-time teacher, Drama Notebook was my go-to for designing curriculum and sourcing new ideas for games and activities. The site is so well-organized and the ideas are so abundant that it really provided a much needed spring-board for me to create a program that really fit the needs of my kids.

    Lauren Birriel
  • I no longer have to scour books, and search online to find the materials I need. It has all been provided for me in an easy to use format. If I need to inspire a group of kids to create a five minute play, I know I can find the right activity in minutes!

    Nikee Weber
  • I have been using The Drama Notebook for a few weeks now and absolutely love it! I used to spend hours every week searching books, libraries, the internet for monologues and scripts suitable for young children. Living in Australia, where there is not a whole heap of acting bookshops, I found it near impossible to find enough kid friendly material. That is until I stumbled upon the Drama Notebook. My kids love the classes and monologue... Angela Blake

  • Thank you so much for such a great resource. It has been an invaluable help to me as a first time drama teacher. Really, I can’t thank you enough!! I look forward to using this website again next year!

    Anne Horel
  • Drama Notebook was a fantastic find on the internet for me. I love the professional and arty layout of the site as well as the wonderful variety of content. Janea and the gang have been extremely helpful and are so personable. I have recently begun my own drama school and found the vast array of printouts, lesson plans etc. as well as the videos, one of my most valuable resources. I highly recommend this site to anyone like myself who... Kay Adams-Reid

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