Brer Rabbit Meet Brer Lion

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 by Larry Moss on Drama Notebook


4 characters with flexible casting. Approximately 10 minutes running time. Original take on a Brer Rabbit trickster tale using rhyming couplets. Written by Malcolm Henty.

Brer Rabbit meets Brer Lion is unique take on a classic tale. Brer Rabbit must use all his trickery to escape the attention of a hungry Brer Lion. The rhyming couplets make it fun and easy for children to memorize.

Malcolm Henty is retired and living in East Devon in the United Kingdom. His theatre experience comes from writing and directing plays and pantomimes for the local children’s theatre group of which he is chairman. He also has the great fortune of working alongside his granddaughter Beth who is a primary school teacher. In addition to staging productions, the group also runs a very successful Drama Club for which he has written various plays. Happiness Stan and A Man for All Seasons, are about a raggedy old scarecrow and are both available on Drama Notebook. Hairgel and Hairgel 2 (Karma Chameleon) are full-length musicals. Hitler’s Ear is a play based on a true story of a boy who was evacuated three times in WW2, and All Hell at Allhallows is a murder mystery. Malcolm is also the co-author along with Kent playwright Paul Sherman, of a new play based on Cornish folklore which is awaiting its premiere.

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Excerpt from the Play:

Brer Rabbit
Brer Turtle
Brer Lion
*Brer means brother or an informal title before someone’s name.

(Setting: In the wild)

Brer Rabbit: (skipping on stage)
Hoppity, Skippity, Skippity, Lippity
A fine day for sure it’s good to be me.
Out in the woods without any fear
The wind in the trees is all I can hear.
Who’s that I see on the path before me?
Why it’s Brer Turtle about bright and early.

(He meets Brer Turtle)

Brer Turtle:
Listen Brer Rabbit, stop and stay still
There’s a hurricane blowing up yonder hill.
Better take cover, keep out of view
The wind is coming, it’s coming for you.

Brer Rabbit:
What care I for a little breeze?
Be on your way Brer Turtle if you please.
Brer Rabbit will not let the wind be his master
A stiff breeze on my back will make me run faster.

Brer Turtle:
Then I shall bid you a fond farewell
I am off to the creek to rest for a spell.
But I have heard from a passing stranger
That Brer Lion’s about so beware of the danger.

Brer Rabbit:
What care I if Brer Lion’s around?
That old fat lion makes too much sound.
He will never catch me he is far too slow
But if I see him Brer Turtle, I will let you know.

Brer Rabbit went skipping with an occasional hop
When a sudden sound caused him to stop.
Out of the bushes, Brer Lion appeared
Letting out a roar which filled him with fear.

Brer Lion:
I bid you good morning, Brer Rabbit old chum.
I am off for breakfast would you like to come?
I shall be glad of your company, just we two
I am glad that I bumped into you.

Brer Rabbit:
What’s for breakfast, something nice?
Some carrots sliced, that would suffice.

Brer Lion:
Breakfast today is called game stew
Oh, and the main ingredient is YOU!

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