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Teaching Drama To Shy Students

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Let me start off by saying that I do not actually believe that there is such a thing as a ‘shy’ child. There are children who are cautious about joining in or performing right away. These are often the children who are outgoing and creative at home, but who take a lot of time to warm up to others in groups. I also believe that it is harmful to label a child as ‘shy,’ as it can turn out to be a generalization stuck on a person for a lifetime.

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A Tribute to My Mentor

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It feels appropriate that my first blog on Drama Notebook is a tribute to my mentor, Dr. Tom Gressler. He’s a wiry little man with wild white hair and piercing blue eyes. He looks like Einstein…or a magician, and he has the creative genius and magical ways about him to match.

I had the good fortune of studying with him at a small college in rural Oregon, USA. In the early eighties, Linfield College was the educational home to 1,200 students; perhaps twenty were theatre majors. Our classes were small, and held in a large black space that used to be the library in an historical building.

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Teaching Drama to New Grade Levels

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Dear Janea, I’m getting ready to teach two elementary drama classes that start after the first of the year. I have taught a little high school drama but this is my first venture with elementary students. I will have a 2-3 grade class and a 5-6 grade class of about 16 students each. My objective is to have a lot of fun and prepare a short play (about 15 minutes) for each class to present. I will take any suggestions you may have to offer!

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Drama Ideas for Middle School Camps

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Dear Janea, First of all, I wanted to thank you so much for the wonderful resources I have found on your website. They are extremely helpful and seem like a lot of fun.
I work for a nonprofit organization in Cleveland that works with low-income middle school students. I have worked with them for a year as a drama teacher, and I have taught three different sessions of drama. I have used up almost all of my drama ideas, and since I will be teaching almost all of the same kids again this summer, I am trying to find new, creative ideas to keep them engaged.

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