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For under $50, you can have access to a virtual drama workshop—custom suited to the needs of your Destination Imagination (DI) team.

Huge collection of drama lessons and activities!

  • Easy ways to get your team members to face the audience every time
  • Fun activities that have kids projecting their voices immediately
  • Quick ways to teach kids to write stories that make sense
  • Improv lessons and activities that will have you teaching like a pro

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50 Drama Games on Video!

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  • Lead drama games with confidence
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Why Drama Notebook?

Nearly every DI Challenge has a performance aspect, yet very few Team Managers have a theatre background. However, if you’re a Team Manager and do not have a theatre background, you may struggle with ways to effectively incorporate theatre skills into DI.

You can spend countless hours scouring the internet searching for appropriate drama skill-building activities. You can hire an actor to work with your team at a rate of $50 an hour. You can buy books on drama and try to figure out how to apply the activities to DI.

Or, you can register for this custom-made set of lessons and activities that are already designed to work with DI teams.

For less than $50.

In 2014-2015, Janea Dahl, creator of Drama Notebook worked with local DI Teams in Oregon and led workshops at Global Finals.

See what Team Managers have to say…

As a team manager, I was feeling a disconnect between not wanting to break any interference rules and yet still helping kids understand the life skills that encompass being able to present their performance well. My 8th graders were struggling with understanding who their characters should be onstage, and my 6th graders were having trouble with projecting their voices. Janea came and worked with our group in Oregon for several hours.

Her activities were a huge hit! It was very easy for them to transfer the skills lessons offstage into their central Challenge, without any direct adult guidance! As a result, the kids were immediately louder, more self-confident, and some of them are even starting to be actors! It was just what we needed. I wish I had started with the lessons Janea taught me at the beginning of the year, and I definitely have good ideas for starting the year better next year.

Jodi Dodd
Oregon DI

I am a team leader who took Janea’s class at the 2015 Global Finals. I was very pleased with the class. I was most helped by learning ways that the kids can remember to face the audience and be loud enough on their own! I am always looking for ways to have the kids help themselves and Janea’s ‘Drama Skills for DI’ workshop did the trick. Thank you so much!

Mia Dodson
Team Manager

Janea’s workshop was very helpful and left me with some clear ideas on exercises I can use to coach my team on drama skills without risk of “interfering” in their Challenge presentation.

Julee Kaye
Team Manager

I attended the drama workshop at Global Finals this past year. It was a very worthwhile experience. The big difference from other drama workshops I have attended is that Janea had spent the time to understand the Destination Imagination program and what is expected of our team members. The exercises were designed to help build the teamwork, stage presence, and improvisational skills that are such an integral part of Destination Imagination, no matter which Challenge the teams select. They are exercises that I believe any team manager could accomplish with their team. The directions were easily understood and could be modified to meet many different age groups, from Rising Stars to high school teams. The activities were achievable for any student, regardless of the amount of formal drama training they have had. Most importantly, they were FUN! The drama skills are disguised as games for the team members and are designed to be low risk, so even quieter team members can actively participate.

I plan to incorporate the ideas I learned into our team manager training in the fall to get the activities out to as many people as possible. I have been “doing DI” for 18 years now, and this is the first time I ever heard the term “cheating out.” Obviously, there is a lot to be learned, even for veterans such as myself, and this is an area where I think some additional resources would be truly helpful to team managers as they work with their teams. I am a new fan of Janea Dahl and the drama training she offers.

Marian Harmount
Bay Village Schools DI coordinator
Bay Village, Ohio

I have been a DI team manager for 5 years now. This last year, our middle school team, The Imagineer & Her Brohami Salami, was fortunate enough to attend global finals for the first time and I had the pleasure of taking the Drama Training Workshop from Janea Dahl. I found the workshop to be very helpful and an experience I wish I had back during my first year of managing a team. She gave us some great tools and insight into what challenges we may be experiencing with our team members along with some solutions. She provided excellent examples of games to get the best out of our students. It is a daunting task to lead a group of kids in tasks that you yourself aren’t necessarily comfortable doing. The tips and tools that Janea provided will make it much more manageable and successful.

Denise Villar
DI Team Manager
San Clemente, CA

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