Drama Lesson Plan for Schools-First Line Last Line Drama Activity

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Use this fun activity with older or advanced drama students. 11 ‘first lines’ and 11 ‘last lines’ are ready to print out and put in a hat. Students work in pairs to create improvised scenes using the lines as prompts.

In this activity, students draw a first line or a first line AND a last line from a hat and improvise scenes. This improvisation exercise helps students develop quick-thinking skills and trains them to react in the moment rather than pre-planning their roles.

There are eleven ‘first lines’ and eleven ‘last lines’ laid out on the pages so that they are easy to print out, cut apart and put in a hat. Included are three different ways to use the lines.

‘First Line’ is somewhat of a classic improv game and many instructors may have played this before. On Drama Notebook, however, the actual lines are included. This is one of the things that sets Drama Notebook apart from other drama resources. Typically, there is a short description of how to play a game, but important details, such as the actual lines are missing, leaving the instructor to either make his/her own list, or to brainstorm in the moment. On Drama Notebook, the lines are provided for you, leaving you free to focus on paying attention to the progress of individuals or the group.

Sample First Line:

I wouldn’t go that way if I were you.

Sample Last Line:

I told you we wouldn’t get out of this alive.

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