Drama Lesson Plan for Schools-In Every Skit Drama Activity

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“In every skit, there is a crazy cat lady.” Drama students have a blast writing original skits that all include one unusual element. Included are instructions for play and 20 ‘In Every Skit’ prompts!

In this hilarious drama activity, students create skits that share one common unusual element. Kids of all ages will love this game! Included are: 20 great ‘every skit’ prompts; instructions for the activity; and three additional ways to use the prompts.

Some drama teachers may already be familiar with this game. On Drama Notebook, however, the actual suggestions (many more than you will need) are included. This is one of the things that sets Drama Notebook apart from other drama resources. Typically, there is a short description of how to play a game, but important details, such as the actual suggestions or prompts are missing, leaving the instructor to either make his/her own list, or to brainstorm in the moment. On Drama Notebook, the prompts are provided for you, leaving you free to focus on paying attention to the progress of individuals or the group.

  • In every skit, the characters start somewhere ordinary and end up somewhere strange.
  • In every skit, there is a singing dog.

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