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Three completely original drama activities that integrate drama and theatre!

Are you teaching a language arts class, or working with English language learners? Or would you just like to try something new? Here are three new drama activities based on idioms. Each activity has a full-page explanation or examples.

This is how Drama Notebook serves teachers incredibly well. Most of the activities and lessons are thoroughly thought-out and an abundance of examples are given so that drama teachers do not have to do extra work in order to lead a session. This allows teachers the freedom to be able actually coach students rather than having to think on their feet while conducting class.

Example of an Idiom Activity:

Acting like an Idiom – Improv Warm-Up

In a circle, each student will take a turn entering the circle and briefly act out a scene that coincides with the idiom the instructor has called out.  Explain the meaning of each idiom before students begin.

There are ten idioms with descriptions and examples, such as:

Idiom: “All thumbs”
Description: Clumsy and awkward, especially with one’s hands
Example: You try to put a toy together but can’t seem to get the parts to fit.

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