Drama Activity-How to Use Role Play Cards

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Four pages packed with instructions and ideas for using printable role-play cards!

For ages 6 and up
Use this fantastic collection of Role Play Cards to teach and reinforce important drama concepts. Students will learn to create characters, objectives, express emotions and interact with other characters in a believable way.

This four-page tutorial includes:
  • Over a dozen different activities with complete instructions listed!
  • Instructions for individual, pair or group activities to play with the cards!
For example:

Ask each student to pull a card from the deck of EMOTION cards.  Next, have each student pull a card from the deck of ACTIVITY cards.  Students take turns improvising a quick scene with words and movement that incorporates their emotion and activity.  Remind students not to “tell” the audience what they are feeling or doing.

Or try this!
Students take turns performing a quick scene in pantomime that incorporates their emotion and activity.

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