Nanuk And The Hunter Script Royalty-free Play Script for Schools

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Short script based on a Canadian legend. Parts for 7 actors. Ages 6-10. Includes activities and more! (3 credits)

Do you need drama integration lessons? This play includes extra learning activities and discussion questions that help students learn more about the Inuit people and about myths.

The play is based on a Canadian legend, in which a hunter is saved by a polar bear after being stranded on an iceberg. The script features seven characters, runs about five minutes, and is two pages long.

Also included are:
  • More information about the legendary bear
  • Fun facts about North America
  • Discussion questions
  • Five additional drama/learning activities

Drama Notebook has a collection of six short plays from six different continents that you can use to teach a unit on stories from around the world, or plays from various cultures!

North America – Nanuk and the Hunter
South America – Cormorant and Rainbow Snake
Asia – The Monkey and the Mango
Europe – The Little Red Hen
Oceania – Kiwi’s Gift
Africa – How Anansi got his Stories

Excerpt from the play:


Narrator One
Narrator Two
Nakos the Hunter
Nakos’s Two Children
Nakos’s Wife


The glacier lands of Canada and the sea.

(NAKOS runs across the frozen landscape, spear in hand.)

Narrator One: Once upon a time in the glacier lands of Canada, near the sea, there was a brave hunter named Nakos. He had been running across the ice for many days chasing a swift caribou.

Nakos: I’ll never catch that beast!

Narrator Two: He was exhausted and as he paused for breath, he heard a loud cracking noise under his feet.

(Sound effect offstage of cracking ice.)

Narrator One: The ice that he was standing on was breaking apart from the land!

(NAKOS ‘balances’ on the ice chunk, dropping his spear into the water.)

Nakos: Oh no! I’m floating out to sea!

Narrator Two: By nightfall, he was cold and hungry. Without his spear, he couldn’t even catch any fish.

Nakos: It’s too cold to swim back. And even if I dive in, the sea goddess Sedna will take me by the hair and drag me down to her kingdom at the bottom of the sea.

Narrator One: He huddled in his furs and tried to stay warm.

Nakos: Maybe someone will rescue me.

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