7 minutes long. Parts for seven actors. Hilarious re-telling of the classic fable.

The playwright, Andrew Pavey, is a guest author on Drama Notebook. He specializes in creating hilarious versions of classic folk-tales, fairy tales and fables. This version of ‘Chicken Little’ features a narrator who interacts with a hilarious gang of flightless birds.

Use this script along with other short plays to create a spring or summer showcase of pieces with your class/group.

Excerpt from the play:


Chicken Little
Goosey Loosey
Henny Penny
Turkey Lurkey
Foxy Woxy

At rise: CHICKEN LITTLE stands alone on a bare stage. The NARRATOR stands off to the side, narrating the action.

Once there was a chicken of particularly short stature. And that chicken was named Chicken Little.

Hey! Are you making fun of my height or something?

NARRATOR (Nervously.)
What are you talking about? I’m just a plain old Narrator! I would never do such a thing! I have a reputation to uphold!

GOOSEY LOOSEY enters from offstage, fluttering about, holding an acorn (preferably oversized).

NARRATOR (To the audience.)
For the record, I was making fun of his height. And it was hilarious.


Stop breaking the fourth wall, Chicken Little. Just pretend I’m not here.

As the NARRATOR and CHICKEN LITTLE are arguing, GOOSEY LOOSEY flutters behind CHICKEN LITTLE and drops an acorn on his head before flying away.

Ow! First you make fun of my height, then you start dropping things on my noggin?

That seriously wasn’t me. I was too busy trying to get you to stay in character.

Then there’s only one possible explanation for what just happened…

HENNY PENNY enters and wanders around the stage.

Yeah, a leaf or a rock must have hit you in the head or something. It’s a pretty windy day. Makes sense.

The sky is falling!

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