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Drama Games GiraffePlayers standing in a circle with one player in the center (the leader). The leader points to a player in the circle and quickly says “Boppity Bop Bop Bop.” The player he pointed to must say “Bop” before the leader finishes or that player is out. The leader may also try to trick the players by just saying “Bop.” If the player he pointed to repeats “Bop,” he is out because he’s only supposed to say “Bop” in response to “Boppity Bop Bop Bop.” Once students have the basic game down, it’s time to add pictures. Each ‘picture’ uses three students. The leader points to a player and calls out a picture instead of saying “Boppity Bop Bop Bop.” Here are some ideas for pictures, but it’s always fun to invite students to come up with their own.


That player pointed to forms the trunk of the elephant by extending his arms in front of him and the players to his right and left create huge elephant ears by extending their arms in a ‘C’ shape facing away from the ‘elephant.’

Bowl of Jello
In this configuration, the player in the middle throws her arms up in the air, waving them and saying “Watch it wiggle, watch it wiggle,” while the players to the right and left of her use their arms to form a circle (bowl) around her.

Movie Star
The player in the center poses for the camera, waving and blowing kisses while players on either side become paparazzi, snapping pictures like crazy.

Charlie’s Angels
The person in the middle strikes a model pose while the players to the right and left of her turn sideways and pretend to be holding guns.

Player in the center does a hula dance while students on either side raise up their arms and wave them as if they are palm trees.

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