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Drama Game Slide ShowDivide into teams of six-eight. One group takes the stage. One person is the storyteller, everyone else is part of the slide show. The storyteller begins telling a story about a recent vacation, adventure or life event.

“I’d like to show you a slide show of my trip through the jungle. Here we are on the plane, headed to the Amazon. It was a very bumpy flight! CLICK!” The players then form a picture of the group taking a bumpy plane ride, and they freeze in

She continues, “When we got to the jungle, the first thing we saw was an enormous snake! CLICK!” The group forms a picture of seeing the snake…one person could even be the snake.

“Pretty soon, we were deep in the jungle, and we ran into some natives! CLICK?” And so on. Each group gets four or five slides, and then a new group takes the stage. Coach kids that they can be anything in each picture. If it’s an aquarium, some kids can be the tourists, and while others can play the octopus or the eel.

As a variation, a topic or title is chosen, such as: The Recess Incident. Players onstage form a picture and the storyteller must improvise what is happening in the picture.

Encourage players to use all levels of the stage and all kinds of body positions.

Sample Titles
  • My Crazy Wedding
  • Encounter With an Alien
  • Animals Escape from the Zoo
  • Undersea Adventure
  • Climbing Mount Everest
  • The Day My Little Brother was Born

Members of Drama Notebook have access to a printable list of 50 Slide Show Scenarios that they can print out, cut apart and put in a hat for groups to use. Kids LOVE the print and play drama games from Drama Notebook. And as a teacher, all of your work is done for you. You can appear incredibly creative while being able to focus on the work that the students are doing.

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