This drama warm-up is part of a collection of 40 classic drama games found on Drama Notebook.

Two Truths and a Lie Drama GameThis is a great bonding activity, both for new classes and for students who already know one another.

One at a time, players say two things that are true about themselves and one thing that is a lie-in any order. The goal is to trick the other players into believing the lie or thinking that the truth is a lie.

Begin by going first and stating two brief truths and one lie–keeping to about one sentence each. Point out directly that their statements should be about the same length. Modeling brevity will help prevent students from telling lengthy elaborate tales. –If a student can’t help himself and goes into a long story, simply ‘pause’ him and ask him to try make his statement in one sentence.

Go around the circle one person at a time. After each person’s turn, the group then guesses which one is the lie by a show of hands.

If students succeed in fooling the whole group, they receive a round of ‘Woop..woop…holla!’ (Do it just like it sounds.) Or if you are in a quiet space, students may silently applaud with ‘twinkle hands.’ (Students hold hands up and wiggle their fingers.)

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