~October 2022 Winners~

First Place: Halloween Mix-up by Madison Brown, Age 16, Idaho, USA

Second Place: By the Mystic Monologues of Munnopor, by Henry Osher, Age 17, Connecticut, USA

Third Place: Am I the Only One? by Emma Morrill, Michigan, USA

Drama Notebook Monologue Contest

Looking for a great new project for your drama students?
The Drama Notebook Monologue Writing Contest is here!

We are creating the world’s largest collection of FREE monologues for kids and teens.

Be a part of this exciting endeavor!

As a teacher, you will receive an amazing monologue lesson plan that includes detailed instructions for various ages and ability levels. It’s packed full of writing prompts, individual and group exercises, worksheets, examples of excellent monologues and more.

The project can last one week or several, it’s entirely up to you!

To participate in the contest, teachers must have an existing membership to Drama Notebook, or join Drama Notebook for at least one month during the current year. After logging into an account or joining Drama Notebook, teachers will download the world’s greatest Monologue Lesson Plan, contest rules, and suggestions for how to run their own mini-monologue contest in the classroom! Teachers can submit up to three student monologues per month. We suggest that you hold your own in-class contest and have students select 3 winners to submit!

An unlimited number of entries may be published on Drama Notebook,
but each month, THREE top entries will receive prizes!


$50 Amazon gift card for student and FREE year’s membership to Drama Notebook for teacher.


$25 Amazon gift card for student and FREE three-month membership to Drama Notebook for teacher.


$10 Amazon gift card for student and FREE one-month membership to Drama Notebook for teacher.

Winners will be chosen at the end of every month,
and published on Drama Notebook.

Students will learn:

How to structure a monologue
How to develop a character arc
The importance of conflict and resolution in a monologue
And much more!

DN Ultimate Monologue Lesson Plan

Contest Rules

  1. Monologues must be the original work of the author.
  2. Monologue must not have been previously published.
  3. Monologue must be 150-450 words and must not contain profanity.
  4. Due to a dramatic increase in entries, we ask that teachers submit no more than 3 student monologues per month. We suggest that you hold your own in-class monologue contest, and have students choose 3 winning entries to submit!
  5. Contest is open to participants from any country in the world, but must be written in English.
  6. Winner will be chosen monthly and posted the first week of the month for the previous month. For example, January winners will be notified and posted during the first week of February.
  7. Monologues must be submitted online.
  8. Monologue author must agree to the terms and conditions of the contest.
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