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Enter to WinDrama Notebook is holding an ongoing Monologue Contest for students ages 6-18. We are building a huge collection of fantastic original monologues for kids and teens entirely written by students. Teach a class on monologues and enter your student’s work!

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First Place Winner!

Title: “Emergency”
By: Melanie T., Westminster, CA USA, age 15
Gender: Female
Genre: Comedic
Description: SMITHIE, 26, was hired last week as a 911 operator and is just getting the hang of her job. (Spoiler Alert: she isn’t very good at it.)

The police are on their way, stay calm and breathe sweetie you are going to be fine. I’ll stay on the line with you until the police get to your house. Are you okay? Hello? Hel-. Oh. They just hung up. What do I do when they just hang up? OH! 911, what is your emergency? Can you- Could you repeat that slower, sir? Do you have any idea of where you are located? Cerritos Mall… No, sir crocs are not a 911 emergency, however I do appreciate your concern because they truly are a real FASHION CRIME. AAAAH FABIO is that you?? Honey! I thought told you not to call me at work! Alright already, let the woman wear what she wants okay? Let it go. Okay. Okay, bye. 911 what is your emergency? Mom!? Stop it, MOM, you can’t call me at work anymore. Yes, the breakup was fine. I told you already. He said he still loved me, he just didn’t want to be tied down anymore and mom, I respect that and we’re still friends. I know. Yes, mom I know, I was there and you weren’t. He just called me. On my work phone. Look, I’m going to get in trouble. Let me call you back when I get home. I love you too. Buh-bye. 911, what is your emergency? FABIO? Again? This woman with crocs thing is getting old and I have to work tonight! Wait, Fabio? Oh my god you’re not Fabio… I am so sorry, ma’am I thought you were my ex, um… I guess I could tell you if you want me to… No. No never mind it’s a long story. Please continue describing. You said someone stole your crocs? Where are you? Hmm okay, that’s funny. The mall. Crocs. Really? Do you REALLY want those back? Those crocs? Like THE ugliest shoes on the planet. That doesn’t concern me! Why don’t you just call the police then? (Realizes what she said.) Oh.

Second Place Winner!

Title: “Funeral”
By: Abby S., Alberta, Canada, Age 14
Gender: Female
Genre: Comedic
Description: 30-year-old Sam is sharing a eulogy for their cat’s funeral.

I gather you all here today, to celebrate and remember the life of our dearest friend. I’ve gone through a lot this past week… I’ve lost my best friend, my soul mate. And it’s hard, it really is. I felt like I knew her for my entire life. (Pause, inner realization.) But she’s gone. Sometimes she would know when I had a bad day and would always make me feel better. It seemed like she took care of me more than I did her. I will truly miss the mornings waking up beside her. Sharing our time together, watching me in the shower, sitting with me on the toilette. Climbing the big birch tree was her favorite past time. (Holding back tears.) I would like to share one of my favorite memories of her and I, when I first met her and found the love of my life, I instantly knew that we were meant to be together, and I told that other man that was looking at you “Back off she’s mine.” And it was true. She helped me through everything and I can’t express my gratitude for our relationship. I will, and already do miss her so much. (Talking to box/coffin). Oh my Honey Boo Bear… I loved you so much. But it was your time. You were old. You were ready to go. It was me – I was the one who wasn’t ready. Those thirteen years together have blessed my life. Rest in peace little Missy, my pretty kitty, I’ll never forget you.

Third Place Winner!

Title: “Bippity Boppity Bam”
By: Kathleen H., Bluffton, South Carolina, USA, Age 11
Gender: Female
Genre: Comedic
Description: Gertrude, the daughter of Cinderella’s Fairy Godmother, is upset that she is not getting the attention she (in her mind) deserves.

Bippity, boppity, bam! Hi, my name is Gertrude and I’m the daughter of the Fairy Godmother. Want to know why my name is so bad? It’s because mommy was too busy making little old Cinderella’s dreams come true to think of a good name for me. Oh, and does mommy give me a beautiful dress, a prince to dance with at a ball, or glass slippers? NO! All she gives me is a big fat pile of chores. I don’t even have magic. Mommy says its skips a generation, so I can’t point at my feet and hope to see a pair of glass slippers. Here, I’ll show you. Bippity, Boppity, bam! Whoa! There’s a pair of glass slippers on my feet! I guess magic doesn’t skip generation after all. Mommy was wrong. It wasn’t the first time that’s for sure. I wonder if that Prince Charming guy is still available. If not there may just have to be a magical interference between the prince and Miss Cinderella. Now what was his number?