Students will want to perform something during the very first class. These short pantomimes are a perfect way to get your group onstage!

Team Pantomime

There is an entire section in Drama Notebook packed with pantomime activities!
Divide Players into teams of four. Hand each team a card with a general activity written on it. Make sure that all actors know they are to pantomime the activity, and not to speak. Give the teams a couple of minutes to plan, ask that each person do a different task related to that activity. If you use space objects, be sure to establish their shapes and keep them the same throughout.

Team Pantomime – Occupations

Divide Players into teams of four. Each team will have a couple of minutes to come up with an occupation that involves a group. Such as: firemen; road workers; basketball players; construction workers; emergency room physicians; etc. teach-pantomime-starTeams have one minute onstage to act out their occupations.

Ten Second Tableaus

In small groups. A scene is called out and the group has to create an image of that location, while the leader counts down slowly from ten to zero. Usually every group will find a different way of depicting the scene.


School Settings

  • Teacher’s Lounge
  • School Office
  • Cafeteria
  • Playground
  • Last Day of School
  • Assembly
  • Detention

Nature Settings

  • Beach
  • Desert
  • Forest
  • Mountain
  • Ocean
  • The Moon
  • Under Water
  • A Parkteach-pantomime-star-two

Urban Settings

  • Busy Hair Salon
  • Fire Station
  • Grocery Store
  • Bank
  • Restaurant
  • Gas Station
  • Jail
  • Movie Theater
  • Amusement Park
  • Zoo
  • Public Library
  • Rock Concert

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