Birds of a Feather

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4 characters, any gender. Approximately 5 minutes running time. Adorable short play by Debra A. Cole about beauty coming from within.

Judging people, even eggs, based on their outsides is never a good idea. 4 eggs, about to hatch, find that it’s what is inside that counts. They brag and compare themselves to one another, until one ugly, but wise egg, teaches them a lesson.

This script includes discussion questions and director’s notes that give suggestions for casting, costumes, and simple set design.

Debra A. Cole is a celebrated humanities teacher, youth theatre director, and children’s playwright with degrees in journalism, art history, and elementary education. She understands the needs of young performers and their directors and creates pieces that encourage engaging discussion, creative thought, and quirky playfulness. Her goal is that young performers discover the power and delight that theatre brings to actors and audiences alike.

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Excerpt from the play:


SHINY BROWN (M/F): proud and arrogant
SMOOTH WHITE (M/F): proud and arrogant
SPARKLY BLUE (M/F): proud and arrogant
UGLY SPOTTED (M/F): kind and humble

(The action takes place in a large nest.)
(Lights come up on a large nest with four eggs sitting inside. Only eyes and legs can be seen coming out of the eggs.)

(stretching legs) Awwww… finally a little wiggle room!

(stretching legs) My toes were so cramped in there!

(stretching legs) Is that what those things are called? Toes? Well, whatever we call them, they feel much better now!

(moving toes joyfully) Toes are fun! And, look, our toes all look alike!
(Shiny Brown, Smooth White, and Sparkly Blue all turn toward Ugly Spotted’s toes and then up toward his shell. All three shake their shells “no” from side to side.)

(in disgust) Well, our toes may look the same, but our shells are NOT all the same. (bragging) Look at mine. My shell is shiny and brown. THIS is what a shell should look like. I AM BEAUTIFUL!

Ooooo… your shell is beautiful, and look at mine! It’s so smooth and white. THIS is what a shell should look like. I AM PERFECT!

Shiny Brown and Smooth White, you two are beautiful, but look at me! THIS is what a shell should look like. I AM SO GLAMOROUS!

Well… I have spots! I AM UNIQUE!
(Shiny Brown, Smooth White, and Sparkly Blue lean once again and look at Ugly Spotted. All three shake their shells “no” from side to side.)

Spots? I don’t get it. Where is your shine? Your gloss? Clearly, you don’t have what I have.

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