Alice in Wonderland Seussic

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Flexible casting for 10+ characters. Approximately 10 minutes running time. Narration and rhyming make it perfect for elementary and middle school. Suggestions for adding more Lewis Carroll poetry to your performance.

Follow Alice to Wonderland where she encounters curious creatures like the White Rabbit, Cheshire Cat, and Queen of Hearts. Leading narration and Dr. Suess-style rhymes make this ten-minute play easy and fun to memorize. A perfect introduction to Lewis Carroll’s famous story and fun for elementary or middle school students.

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About the Playwright:

Jennifer Reif has been teaching, directing, and performing around the Pacific Northwest for decades. Her shelves are lined with children’s books and her happy place is in the woods. She loves devising creative theatre projects with kids and sharing ideas with teachers. Jennifer holds her BA in Theatre from Morningside College and also studied at Oxford University in England.

Excerpt from the play:

White Rabbit
Cheshire Cat
Queen of Hearts
Mad Hatter
March Hare

  • All characters can be played by any gender
  • Need more characters? Consider double casting and allowing two actors to share lines. For instance, there could be 2 White Rabbits or 2 Cheshire Cats. The Narrator can be the teacher or the role can be given to one or more students. If you need even more roles feel free to write other traditional Alice in Wonderland characters.
Early this morning, under a bright yellow sun
A child named Alice was ready for fun.
She laid out a blanket and sat down for tea
Hoping adventure would find her you see.
*Alice sits on picnic blanket.
No tea set is necessary.

My name is Alice and I’m here to say
That I’ve no one to play with on such a nice day.

Alice began to mope and to worry
When along came a rabbit in quite a big hurry.

Oh dear, oh dear, I’m in such a hurry!
I cannot be late! I’ve got to scurry!

A Rabbit that talks! Oh, golly gee!
Come here little bunny, come play with me.

I’ve no time to chat. Oh dear, oh dread!
If I’m late to the party, I might lose my head.

And just like that, the rabbit slipped down
Down a deep hole, way down in the ground.
*Consider using the picnic blanket to transition into Wonderland. Billow, spin, twirl, then it disappears.

Come back little bunny, don’t run away!
I’ll follow you down so that we can play.

And so, Alice followed, sliding down under.
To a curious land-a land full of wonder.

What is this place? Where have I dropped?
I fell down the hole, I flipped, and I flopped.

Just then out of nowhere, something appeared
A big smiling grin, that stretched ear to ear.

Hello little child, do you know where you are?
This place is Wonderland, you’ve come very far.

A land full of wonder? That sounds like fun.
Will you be my friend, can we play in the sun?

Be careful of creatures and hear what is said.
If you make the wrong move, you might lose your head.

Without a sound, the cat slipped away
Leaving Alice alone, full of dismay.

I think I’ll return and go back to my house.
Should I run like a rabbit or sneak like a mouse?

But Alice didn’t know which way to turn
She was lost in this place, with so much to learn.

A talking rabbit and a cat with a grin
Which way is out? Which way is in?

As Alice began to look for a door
She saw the White Rabbit, the one from before.

I see you’re still here, but you’re really quite tardy.
You better go quick, to the Mad Hatter’s Tea Party.

A tea party? Yes! That sounds quite nice.
I’ll follow you there, you don’t have to ask twice.

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