Thanksgiving Play for Schools-A Very Odd Harvest Play

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10 characters. 5F, 3M, 2 Either; 22 pages in length. Approximately 15-20 minutes running time. A mythological/intergalactic comedy for teens by playwright Elizabeth Rapoza.

A Very Odd Harvest Play is a comedy about two intergalactic tourists, Man and Woman. When they land on a blue-green planet for a nice picnic, they find themselves stranded with no way home and no supplies. Venturing on a quest for food and a decent cup of coffee, they must enlist the aid of the planet’s unusual inhabitants. Mythologies collide in comic fashion in this wonderful play for teens!

Elizabeth Rapoza first began writing plays for and with children over 30 years ago. All of Liz Rapoza’s plays are kid and audience tested, some many times over. Her youth play, “Perstephanie Goes Underground” won the Boston Public Schools Short Play Development Award. Her adult radio comedy “The Amazing Adventures of Pajamazon” was a winner in Mae West Fest of Seattle’s search for the Ultimate Female Protagonist. Her plays have also been performed at such venues as SlamBoston and the Factory Theater Boston. In addition, Liz is also a professional actor, dancer, musician, vocalist, puppeteer/puppet constructor, and costumer. She has taught college theater courses since 2003. Liz currently teaches at Cape Cod Community College and the Zeiterion Theater in New Bedford, Ma.

Excerpt from the play:


NARRATOR: (m or f) 50’s radio melodrama-like
MAN: (m) A hungry humanoid alien
WOMAN: (f) Ditto
RENARD: (m or f) A fastidious fox
RAVEN: (M or f) A sage squawker
CORN MAIDEN: One of the three sisters of Native American Folklore
BEAN MAIDEN: One of the three sisters of Native American Folklore
SQUASH MAIDEN: One of the three sisters of Native American Folklore
SUN GUY: (m) Personification of the sun who surfs the sky
EARTH MOTHER: Personification of the Earth

(Pastoral music plays. The NARRATOR enters and stands downstage right)

Once upon a time, hurtling from the distant reaches of space, (pause, music) a bright light flashed across the night sky and came to rest over an unsuspecting blue-green planet. (Pause) A long silver thread fell from the sky.

(Rope falls and dangles from above the stage area)

Down the thread… down, down, down derry down the thread came two mysterious figures.

(MAN and WOMAN mime climbing down a rope, then look around, taking photos like tourists)

Whew! I told you we should have taken the elevator.

This looks like a nice spot. Set up the picnic things over there in the shade and then let’s go explore and look for food…

Sure. Where’d you put the basket?

Where did I put the basket!? Didn’t you bring it?

Um… well, I thought you had it.

Oh, Man! Guess you’ll have to climb back up and get it. Make sure you grab the tent too.

(Looks up the rope in dismay. Tugs on the cord morosely. The cord falls)

You did that on purpose! Now we’re stuck here with no shelter and no supplies. What are we going to do without our coffee? (Starts to cry) and… and our new instant hot espresso drink device with the lactose steamer! (Sobs)

(Patting her shoulder) Do not despair, Woman. We’ll think of something.

(He looks around as if searching for something)

Look! (Points) The sun is coming up! You can work on your tan.

(Still pouting) Pooh! Only one sun? How lame is that?

Seems bright enough to make all this green stuff grow. C’mon… (nudges her playfully) Let’s go for a walk and see if there are any intelligent life forms. You know that always cheers you up.

(Reluctantly) Okay. Okay.

(They mime walking and follow the NARRATOR’S cues on actions to mime)

And so they traveled through field and forest, over wide plains of grass and through thorny thickets of thistle and rose briar. They encountered many birds and beasts and bugs, but found these, for the most part, to be timid and uncommunicative.

Look! Over in that field. (Pointing) See? That large four-legged creature with one horn on the side of its head?

(Excited) I see it! I wonder if it’s edible. Go ask it for directions and if it won’t talk let’s eat it. I’m so sick of berries.

(MAN runs off. He mimes talking to someone as if asking directions. WOMAN taps her foot impatiently. MAN runs back)


Well, I asked him the way to the nearest resort spa or civilization of some sort…

(Impatient) What did they say?

Moooooooove away from my field. This is my field. Mooove…

Restaurant? Deli? Convenience store? Anything! (Getting hysterical) As long as they serve coffee! (Suppresses a sob)

I think we’ve come at a bad time. They’re still in the primitive stage here. Nothing but beasts and bugs and plants and stuff. I’m… I’m sorry.

(Wiping her eyes) Don’t blame yourself. I was navigator.

Old One-horn over there did point the way to a stream (points) that way. Let’s take a swim and then do some fishing.

(MAN and WOMAN mime walking again)

And so on they went, following the path of the big bright yellowish thingie past lots of green leafy thingies until they came to the stream. There they saw a strange creature…

(RENARD enters and mimes bathing)

What a strange creature.

(Gives WOMAN a dirty look) Swimming serenely in the stream…

Did you ask One-horn if we could eat it? You know, just in case there’s no fish…

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