Royalty-free Play Script for Schools-Almost Fairy Time

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4 characters. Flexible cast. 8 pages in length. Approximately 10-15 minutes running time. A Shakespearean fairy play for children and teens written by Diana Burbano.

Almost Fairy Time is a play about four little fairies that are tired of rhyming words for their friend, “Billiam.” Fed up with him stealing their stories for his plays and taking all the credit, they concoct a plan to star in their own play in the hopes that they will be freed and able to walk among the humans. This creative prequel to Shakepeare’s Midsummer Night’s Dream, explains just how old “Billiam” came up with his story! A perfect addition to your Shakespeare curriculum and next performance!

Diana Burbano, a Colombian immigrant, is an Equity actor, a playwright, and a teaching artist at South Coast Repertory and Breath of Fire Latina Theatre Ensemble. Her written work has earned her Honorable Mention, Jane Chambers Award 2017, Festival51 2016 winner, and Caliban’s Island winner 2017 Headwaters New Play Festival at Creede Repertory. She manages Sleep Till Noon Productions and The Gourmet Detective. Diana is one of the original members of the writers circle for Latino Theatre Association/ Los Angeles. She is also a member of The Dramatists Guild and The Alliance of Los Angeles Playwrights.

Excerpt from the play:


Mab: A Person Of The Fairy Persuasion, tiny.
Ariel: Another POTFP, dainty
Moth: Ditto, words get caught in its mouth, sometimes
Caliban: Not quite a POTFP but magical nevertheless, gruff

A Clearing in an Enchanted Forest


(Four little magical creatures appear in a forest glen.)

Thus we four meet, once more!

Here in the glen, no adults to offend.

Now is the bewitching time!

For Puck’s sake, can we not rhyme?

But we love to rhyme! All the time!

It’s part of our… our…


Clime, Lime, Dime… (Thinks, gets it.) Ah… We do it on a dime.

That. Is really lame.

UGH! (Whumps on the floor) MUST you be so boring?!

Your attitude is worth exploring.

I hate this whole rhyming couplet thing, if you’re good at it, (indicates Mab who smiles snottily.)
you’re a show-off. If you’re bad at it… (They all look at Moth.)

I’m not bad at it! It just takes me a while to figure it out! (Thinks a bit too long.) Maybe your nose I oughta clout!

We only do it because the old dude makes us do it, so he can copy our words down. Maybe we should tell him to quit, or no more stories.

I like telling him stories!

Yeah, and he takes ALL the credit.

That’s true. I was in his hat the other day and he told the Earl of Sandwich…

MMMMMM… Sandwich!

…That he didn’t know WHERE he got such good ideas, that he got them from the “Insubstantial air.”

Keep eating those sandwiches, and you won’t be so insubstantial, Ariel.

I give him some great stories, I looove the romantic ones… but he turns them all weird and creepy.

Oh yeah, like those two cute kids in Verona?

TOTES! He ends up poisoning him, and having her stab herself! That’s NOT what happened.

Remember when I told him about that nice Jewish guy who owned the butcher shop? How that became a pound of human flesh… Bleah.

Humans are gross. Remember Titus Andronicus?

AAAAHHH. too creepy, too creepy!!!!

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