Royalty-free Play Script for Schools-Boomerang

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3 characters; Flexible cast. 2 pages in length. Approximately 1-5 minutes running time. An Australian folk tale adaptation written by Janea Dahl.

Boomerang is an old Australian myth that explains why lizards are spiky and why cockatoos have a crown of feathers that stick up on their head. Oolah the Lizard needs to practice throwing the boomerang for a contest but Galah needs to sit on her eggs without getting clocked in the head! Tempers flare and curses are cast in this entertaining play for young performers!

Janea Dahl is the creator and author of Drama Notebook. She has a BA in theatre and spent twelve years working in professional theatre. She was the founder of The Young Players, the largest drama outreach program in her state. For nearly a decade, The Young Players served over a hundred schools and employed over thirty teaching artists each year. Thousands of public school children and teens participated in her award-winning workshops. In 2012, Janea sold Young Players to Northwest Children’s Theatre and School to serve teachers full-time on Drama Notebook. Janea originally created the material in Drama Notebook to support The Young Players teaching artists. She was aware that most drama teachers could easily teach children’s theater workshops without any additional curriculum, but that having access to a vast amount of new material could greatly improve the quality of the classes while keeping things exciting and fresh for her teachers. Janea also develops custom curriculum for Kaplan Early Learning and for Destination Imagination.

Excerpt from the play:



SETTING –A little grove in the Australian outback.

It was a very hot day. Oolah the young lizard was practicing with his boomerang, throwing it as far as possible. He had entered a contest and wanted to be sure to win.

Be careful! You almost hit me!

Galah, a cockatoo was sitting nearby in the branches of a eucalyptus tree.

It’s not my fault that you decided to sit up there old lady! Why don’t you go take a nap somewhere else?

Young creatures these days! No respect! I’m not an old lady. I’m sitting on my eggs like a good mother should.

Well, I need to practice for the contest on Saturday!

Oolah threw his boomerang again and this time it passed so close to Galah that it shaved the feathers clean off of the top of her head. Only a few remained, sticking up like reeds in the river.

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