Royalty-free Christmas Play Script for Schools-Celebrity Christmas Capers

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4 characters; 2M, 1F, 1 Either; 7 pages in length. Approximately 5-10 minutes running time. A Christmas comedy for children written by Janice Scully.

Celebrity Christmas Capers is a short comedy for children and the perfect addition to your next holiday performance! It’s Christmas Eve and everyone is stealing the spotlight from poor Santa. Rudolph has become famous for lighting the way on Christmas with his nose and Mrs. Claus has developed a popular new fruitcake. It seems that even the newspaper elf wants to photograph everyone except Santa! But when Rudolph’s nose fails him before their Christmas Eve run, only Santa (and a little humility) can save Christmas for everyone! This play for children teaches that everyone is important in their own way.

Janice Scully loves to write stories and poems for children. She also loves to write plays including comedies about Christmas. She is a member of the Armory Square Playwrights in Syracuse New York. Each Christmas they have a public reading of holiday plays to raise money for Friends of Dorothy, a local charity. Her stories for children have been published in Highlights Magazine for Children.

Excerpt from the play:


SANTA CLAUS – Jolly man in red pants, t-shirt, and suspenders
RUDOLPH – A reindeer distinguished with reindeer antlers and a flashy red cape.
EFFIE – One of Santa’s elves
MRS. CLAUS – Wife of Santa

SANTA is alone in his office. The door is closed.

Christmas Eve Afternoon

(RUDOLPH bursts in.)

Did you want to see me Santa?

Did you ever hear of knocking?

Sorry, but I’m in a hurry. My fans are waiting!

Sit Rudolph!

But my fans!

I said sit!

Well, if you put it that way… Is something the matter? (RUDOLPH sits) The matter? Ho, Ho, Ho! Don’t we always talk the afternoon before a Christmas expedition?

But we’ve done it so many times.

Just humor me, your Highness. I would like to review our route.

(SANTA picks up a map. There is a knock at the door and EFFIE the elf enters)

Hey Santa! I need some photos for the North Pole Daily Times.

Ho, Ho, Ho! Of Course.

(SANTA poses while EFFIE points the camera at RUDOLPH)

Which side is my best do you think?

Oh, I’ll get a shot of you later, Santa. Rudolph is our lead story.

(RUDOLPH poses and Effie snaps pictures.)

These will be perfect! Could you… would you give me an autograph for my sister?

I’d be delighted!

(SANTA readies his pen but Effie hands Rudolph her hat and a pen and he signs.)
What is going on here?

Don’t worry. I’ll be out of your hair in a minute. (to Rudolph) Thanks, Ruddy!

Don’t mention it.

Are you sure you don’t want my picture? After all, I run Christmas!

Later, I promise. Sorry for interrupting. Good luck tonight! (EFFIE leaves)

Now, Rudolph, let’s review our procedures. (A cell phone rings. Santa checks his pockets.)

It’s mine, Santa. (into phone) Yes… yes… tell the Girl Scouts I will be there soon. (hangs up. To Santa) Now… You were saying?

Forget it! There’s something more urgent to discuss. You’re young, inexperienced. Fame can go to your head like bubbles in a glass of Cold Duck.

I’ve tried to be humble. But last year, without me there would have been no Christmas.

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