How Chipmunk Got His Stripes

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4 characters, 3 minutes long. Native American Legend about how the chipmunk got his stripes.

How Chipmunk Got His Stripes is a Native American folk tale about a bear and a chipmunk. When Chipmunk overhears Bear bragging about his power, Chipmunk challenges him. Can he stop the Sun from rising in the morning? Bear accepts the challenge, but when he finds a limit to his power the following morning, Chipmunk gets a whole lot more than a laugh out of it!

Excerpt from the Play:


Sun (optional)

SETTING – The forest.

A chipmunk crouches down in a little ball near the center of the stage. The Sun stands upstage, shining.

Long ago, when animals could talk, Bear was foraging in the forest for food.

Bear enters, lumbers about, and pantomimes turning over a log looking for food.

Bear thought very highly of himself!

There is nothing I cannot do!

Suddenly, Chipmunk popped up from his hole in the ground.

Chipmunk pops up.

Is that so?

Yes, Chipmunk. Look at how easily I can roll over this huge log with my paw. I am the strongest of animals. I can do anything!

Can you stop the Sun from rising in the morning?

I’ve never tried that, but I’m sure I could stop the Sun from rising.

You are sure?

I am sure. Tomorrow morning the Sun will not rise.

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