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14 characters. Flexible cast; 6 pages in length. Approximately 5-10 minutes running time. A twisted version of the classic fairy tale for children and teens written by Rhonwen McCormack.

The Bremen Town Rock Musicians is an adaptation of the classic fairy tale. When various farm animals get fired from their jobs, they do the most logical thing – they set off to Bremen to become rock stars! Tired and hungry from the journey, they come upon a cozy house and decide to play some music in hopes of gaining food and shelter from the owners. As it turn out, the owners are actually bank robbers and when they hear the caterwauling outside, they fear it’s the police and it’ quickly becomes pandemonium! This is a charming fairy tale adaptation for all ages!

This play calls for characters to play simple instruments, such as a guitar, a bongo, and a tambourine.

Rhonwen McCormack is a professional playwright, theatre director, and short story writer based in Manchester, United Kingdom. When she’s not running her own theatre company for adults, Blue Masque Theatre, she enjoys working with children, including directing youth theatre, running schools workshops, and raising her own three children. Her other interests include comedy, history and science fiction.

Excerpt from the play:



(SCENE ONE: A village near a big dark wood.)

(Enter MILLER and DONKEY. DONKEY is carrying two sacks, and walking very slowly.)

MILLER: Hurry up, Donkey! We have lots of sacks of grain to carry to the mill today, and you are going far too slowly.

DONKEY: Could I have a little rest, please?

(DONKEY sits wearily down.)

MILLER: This is not good enough! My sacks aren’t going to walk to the mill by themselves!

DONKEY: I have been doing this job a very long time, and I am getting old. One little rest.

MILLER: No more rests. You’re fired!

(MILLER picks up the sacks, and storms off in a temper.)

DONKEY: I’ve lost my job! What am I going to do now? I know! I’ll take my guitar to Bremen Town, and become a ROCK STAR!

(DONKEY picks up an electric guitar and does some playing, braying noisily to the music.)

DONKEY: Bremen Town is…. (whirls around a few times, not quite sure)…. That way!

(DONKEY starts travelling towards Bremen. RABBIT enters, and jogs slowly past. DOG enters, and jogs slowly after RABBIT. RABBIT goes slower. DOG goes slower. RABBIT stops. DOG stops, and pants. RABBIT blows a raspberry at DOG, and runs quickly away. Enter HUNTER.)

HUNTER: What was that, Dog?

DOG: Me chasing a rabbit. (DOG sits down and tries to get breath back.)

HUNTER: Did you catch the rabbit?

DOG: No, it was going too fast.

HUNTER: It was standing still.

DOG: Yes. Yes, it was….. And it blew a raspberry at me. It was a very rude rabbit. I’m really sorry. I’m getting old, and I’m not as fast as I was.

HUNTER: This is not good enough. You’re fired!

(HUNTER storms off.)

DOG: Oh, no! What do I do now?

DONKEY: I’m going to Bremen Town to form a rock band. Do you want to join?

DOG: Yes! I’ll get my drums!

(DOG picks up bongo drums, and plays them while barking. DONKEY and DOG start travelling.)

(Enter CHEESEMAKER, carrying a large cheese. CHEESEMAKER puts it down. Enter a group of MICE, who run over to the cheese and start squabbling over it.)

CHEESEMAKER: Shoo! Shoo! Get away from my cheese, you greedy mice! Cat! Cat! Come away from that fireplace, and chase away these mice!

(CAT strolls on slowly, and yawns, then walks slowly towards the cheese. The MICE pick up the cheese, blow a big raspberry at CAT, and run off with it.)

CHEESEMAKER: My CHEESE! It took me all day to make that! And now I can’t sell it in my cheese shop. This is not good enough!

CAT: I’m sorry I fell asleep. I’m getting old, and…. (stops, and yawns) … I’m needing more and more little naps.

CHEESEMAKER: No naps! You’re fired!

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