Royalty-free Play Script for Schools-The Lemunion Tree

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7+ characters; Flexible cast. 12 pages in length. Approximately 10-15 minutes running time. A drama for children ages 10 and older written by Cynthia Morrison.

In The Lemunion Tree, two children arrive early to an Easter egg hunt in hopes of finding the prize egg before the others arrive. When they find it, the tree where the eggs were hidden begins to speak to them. Sharing the lesson learned with friends, others seek guidance from the tree, who gently advises them to start thinking for themselves. This play presents valuable lessons in personal integrity and is a wonderful story for all ages!

Cynthia Morrison, B.A. lives within the Bermuda Triangle. Her academic degrees major in law and theology. She is a writer and an award-winning playwright with theatrical works featured Off-Broadway in New York City. She is also a graduate of the Burt Reynolds Institute. Her stage play “Words with a Mummy” is published inside “21st Century Literature from the Philippines and the World” as a textbook lesson in “adaptation of a play from literature”. Her fictional works have earned literary awards from Pinnacle, Florida Book Festival, Royal Dragonfly and Finalist from the William Faulkner Society (New Orleans).  

Excerpt from the play:


LILLIAN: UNISEX – or Male Wizard named LUKE) A White Witch that practices white magic for good, NOT evil. Typically dressed in white.
ROBIN: UNISEX M/F) a young person hunting for Easter eggs early before the other young people.
BUNNY: (UNISEX M/F) (any age) Can be played by wearing simple Bunny ears or elaborate Bunny costume.
LEMUNION TREE: (UNISEX M/F) (any age) The Voice from behind the Tree. Voice may be from off stage. Voice may also be of the White Witch (Wizard)
TURKEY: (UNISEX M/F) Sandy’s older brother/sister
EXTRAS: Playing Jacks or some other game on stage. Director may chose number of extras.

SETTING: OUTSIDE – An Area where a Tree would grow.



(LILLIAN the white Witch enters the stage. She chooses a place at center stage to act as though she is planting a seed. Once planted she begins to chant her white magic spell upon the seed. She may sprinkle dust as she chants. She may also pretend to sprinkle water on the seed.)

Grow my little one. Grow and share the voice of wisdom to all those needy. To all those led astray. Teach them what they ignore. Teach them of Good. Teach them of virtue. (beat) Grow my little one so that others may find the right way through your voice. But share your wisdom only with those in need and those who seek. You are now The LeMunion Tree. So it shall be, so it shall be, so it shall be. (LILLIAN exits the stage.)



SETTING: Outside

(The LeMunion Tree stands at center stage.) (MUSIC optional)

(The Easter BUNNY enters the stage and places colored Eggs either in or around the Tree. BUNNY places the SILVER EGG behind the Tree to hide it extra specially.)

(BUNNY Exits.)

(When the stage is clear of the BUNNY then ROBIN & CHRIS arrive on stage carrying baskets or sacks.)

I just love Easter.

Me, too. The Easter Bunny is more loveable than Santa Claus.

Are you serious? Easter only brings us chocolate bunnies, boiled eggs and marshmallow chicks. But Christmas brings us the big-time stuff.

Sure. But Santa Claus is scary to me. Besides, did you ever get close enough to smell his beard? Yuck!

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