The Moon and Her Mother

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5+ characters. Approximately 3 minutes running time. Short play based on an Aesop fable.

Moon asks her mother to make her a coat, but her size keeps changing! This sweet little play is based off of an Aesop fable, and will inspire wonder in young children.

Linda Kohler lives in South Australia, on Kaurna land. She’s worked as a teacher, television scriptwriter, barista and proofreader. She spent many years teaching primary and early childhood arts. Linda’s poetry and stories are published in Australian anthologies and periodicals. She loves nature, cacao, growing her own food, and writing exciting new things. She is particularly excited to write plays for children because she remembers the fun of playing a lead: RAT in her school musical, when she was a child.

Excerpt from the play:


STARS – there can be few, or many.
NARRATOR– (optional) to announce the scenes.

SETTING:  The night sky.


MOON is on stage, in her thin crescent phase. She’s shivering.

MOON: (calls)
Mother! Please can you make me a coat? I’m cold.

MOON’S MOTHER: (enters and inspects MOON)
Hmm. You’re very thin, Moon. No wonder you’re cold. Yes, I will make you a coat.

MOON’S MOTHER begins to sew, either in mime, or with props of thread and cloth.

The STARS enter.

Hello Moon’s Mother. What are you doing?

I’m making a coat for Moon. She’s cold.

What are you making it with?

With ebony cloth and Jupiter sequins, stitched together with strings of starlight.

The STARS look on impressed while MOON’S MOTHER finishes stitching. She presents the coat to MOON.

MOON: (tries on the coat)
Oh, thank you Mother! This coat is perfect, look how it sparkles and shines!

The STARS gasp, admiring MOON’S new coat.

NARRATOR: SCENE TWO, Waxing Gibbous!

MOON grows bigger, in mime. She starts fidgeting with her new coat, and looking annoyed.

MOON: (loudly)
Mother! Please can you stitch me a new coat? This one is too tight.

MOON’S MOTHER: (inspects MOON)
Hmm, yes. You’ve grown bigger. Good for you my healthy daughter. But wait a while will you? Maybe your belly might wane, then your old coat will fit you again.

MOON grows even larger, in mime.

Oh Mother, please will you stitch me a new coat now? My belly hasn’t waned, it’s gotten bigger, and this old coat is now MUCH too tight.

Okay, Moon. I’ll stitch you another new coat, tonight.

MOON’S MOTHER begins to sew. MOON discards her old coat and huddles, shivering.

What are you doing, Moon’s Mother?

I’m making a coat for Moon.

Oh? But she already has a coat. Are you stitching another one for her?

MOON’S MOTHER: (sighs)
Yes, she’s grown bigger. Her old coat is too tight.

STARS: (leaning in to look)
What is this new coat made of?

Of cloud silk and midnight sequins, stitched together with ropes of rainbow.

The STARS watch on, gasping and admiring, while MOON’S MOTHER finishes the coat.

MOON’S MOTHER: (calls)
Moon! I’ve made your coat.

MOON comes up from huddling, and tries on her new coat.

Oh, thank you Mother. This new coat is so handsome! It fits me just right.

The STARS nod and heartily agree.


MOON is annoyed again, and fidgeting with her coat. She takes it off.

MOON: (calls)
Mother! My handsome new coat is too small! Can you please alter it?

MOON’S MOTHER: (Hurriedly measures MOON, and frowns with thought)
It’s because you are full.

MOON: (shivering)
I’m full, and cold too.

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