Royalty-free Play Script for Schools-The Pirates and the Monster

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8 characters, flexible cast, 7 minutes long. Best for ages 7-10. A monster tries to outsmart a band of pirates.

In this short play, a band of pirates sets out to defeat a clever sea monster once and for all. However, they underestimate his intelligence, and the Captain is saved by a bright young child. The message in this story is to make sure to always…always stay in school!

Excerpt from the play:


Pirate 1
Pirate 2
Pirate 3
Pirate 4

At rise: We can see a boat on the stage and a few boxes, the pirates are scattered around sleeping, there are some bottles and swords near them too. Music can be heard (“Yo ho a Pirates’ life for me”).

SPEAKER: Once upon a time, a brave and famous captain sailed the seas together with his courageous crew. They were not afraid of anything. They fought in many battles and defeated a great number of sea and other monsters. One day, they heard about the five-headed monster which destroyed a lot of ships and killed a lot of sailors only because it was CLEVER. Of course, they decided to find the monster and take its heads off. And that is where their problems start, and our story begins…

CAPTAIN: Wake up, my friends! Wake up! (goes around shaking and waking up the pirates) I’ve had enough of those monster talks! Let’s see how we are going to defeat that hideous creature that terrorizes and frightens our fellow pirates!

PIRATE 1: Don’t worry, captain. That five-headed, overgrown snake doesn’t scare me. I have a sharp sword, I’ll easily cut its heads off! (shows the sword)

PIRATE 2: My knives are sharper than your sword! I’ll take its heads off! (shows the knives)

PIRATE 3: I’m stronger than the two of you, I’ll do it! (pushes around the other pirates)

CAPTAIN: Easy, friends, easy. The monster has got five heads, enough for all of you! (tries to count the pirates on the stage, but eventually gives up looking confused)

PIRATE 4: (looking confused, tries to count using the fingers) Five heads! (shows 4 fingers) Is that enough for all of us?!

CAPTAIN: (hits him on the head) You, fools! Of course, five is enough for us! (shows 4, then 5 fingers, eventually gives up) However, there is another problem – we can only take its heads off if we are smarter than it. So, I ask you – do we have this…this…(snaps his fingers trying to remember) what’s it called …. (pirates whisper “intelligence”) …. Yes, this INTELLIGENCE that everybody is talking about, do we have it?

PIRATE 1: Intelligence?! (goes through his pockets) I’m not sure… I think I’ve lost it somewhere.

PIRATE 2: Hmmm…intelligence you say…hmmm, I think I had something like that when I was in primary school, but now …. (shakes his head)

PIRATE 3: Yes, yes, I remember now, my mother used to say, “If only you had some intelligence, I would have something to hope for.” (sighs as his mother probably used to do) Does this mean that I have it, this intelligence?

PIRATE 4: No, you fools, we are pirates, we don’t need intelligence, we need strength and weapons! (pushes around the other pirates, wants to fight, shows weapons)


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