DN The Snow Queen’s Revenge on Hercules

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14+ characters. 5 minutes running time. Fairy tale and Greek mythology characters face off in this comedy!

Hercules has stolen the Snow Queen’s magical ice horses and she wants revenge. She teams up with Hera and they hatch an evil plot. They trick Hercules into going on a date with his girlfriend. Only his girlfriend is now a bewitching ice sculpture that will freeze Hercules until the end of time!

Students will love playing fairy tale characters, mythological figures and animals in this delightful mixed-up fairy tale!

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About the Author…

Hayley Cotton is a full-time performing arts instructor for The Homeschool Connection, a homeschool enrichment program in the Greater Denver Area. She holds a BA in Theatre Arts from the University of Wisconsin-Parkside and will obtain her MA in Theatre Education from the University of Northern Colorado in the Winter of 2018. She has been an actor since elementary school and a writer for as long as she can remember. In her free time, she is an avid rock climber and hiker!

Excerpt from the play…


Snow Queen
Woogle, the Wizard Version of Google
Robber Girl
Gerta Sculpture
Villager 1
Villager 2
Villager 3
Other Horses (as many as desired)

Settings: Snow Queen’s Ice Castle, Hera’s Castle on Mount Olympus, Gerta’s apartment

NARRATOR: Once upon a time, in an ice palace far away, the famous Snow Queen was quite angry.

SNOW QUEEN: UGH! He’s just…just…SO RUDE!

NARRATOR: But I bet you can’t guess who she’s so angry about. You couldn’t possibly know, because the story we are about to tell you has never been told before. It’s the story all about how the Snow Queen tried to exact her revenge on…


NARRATOR: I bet you didn’t see that one coming!

SNOW QUEEN: How dare he steal my magical ice horses! I don’t care who told him to do it, I don’t care if it was all part of his life plan to become this ridiculous strong man……he had no right!

The WOOGLE peeks his head out, curious about all the noise.


The WOOGLE enters quickly, tripping over himself in his shock and excitement.

NARRATOR: In case you didn’t know, a woogle is like the fairytale version of Google. Except, it’s a wizard, not a website on the internet.

WOOGLE: Hello, your frozenness. You must need to know stuff!

SNOW QUEEN: Yes, Woogle I do.

WOOGLE: What do you search for?

SNOW QUEEN: I would like to know who else in this Universe holds a grudge against Hercules. I would love to find someone who despises him half as much as I do.

WOOGLE: One moment, your frozenness. Searching feeling histories of all humans and creatures. *pause* Ah-ha! Here’s one. Hera of Mount Olympus.

SNOW QUEEN: Perfect! I’ll write to her at once. Please go give my reindeer her address.

WOOGLE: Of course, your frozenness.

The WOOGLE exits. While the SNOW QUEEN starts furiously writing. During the next narration, the REINDEER and HERA enter. HERA stands on the opposite side of the stage from the SNOW QUEEN reading a letter.

NARRATOR: So, the Snow Queen wrote to Hera at once. When Hera received the letter, she was beyond pleased with what it contained.

HERA: So, someone else in this Universe sees through Hercules’ perfect image? This is wonderful!

NARRATOR: Hera and the Snow Queen exchanged letters for quite some time. Exchanging stories about their lives and the many reasons they had to want revenge against Hercules.

The REINDEER runs back and forth between to the two as if delivering their letters.

SNOW QUEEN: (writing) Can you believe he just broke into my stables and stole my ice horses? He didn’t even come to palace to introduce himself?

HERA: (writing) That’s Hercules’ for you! He strangled my two pet snakes when he was less than a year old. He’s never been very thoughtful about other peoples’ pets.

SNOW QUEEN: (writing) That’s terrible! We have to do something about this!

HERA: I have the perfect plan!

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