The Wishing Pond

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6 characters, 1F, 5 any gender. Approximately 10 minutes running time. Short play based on an African American folk tale.

A beautiful little bunny does not see his/her own beauty and wishes to look like everyone else. Will a magical wish make everything better?

This script includes discussion questions and director’s notes on casting and set design.

Debra A. Cole is a celebrated humanities teacher, youth theatre director, and children’s playwright with degrees in journalism, art history, and elementary education. She understands the needs of young performers and their directors and creates pieces that encourage engaging discussion, creative thought, and quirky playfulness. Her goal is that young performers discover the power and delight that theatre brings to actors and audiences alike.

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Excerpt from the play:


LITTLE BUNNY — (M/F) a beautiful bunny with pink and white ears
MAMA RABBIT — (F) a patient mother who wishes Little Bunny would understand his/her worth
BUSHYTAIL — (M/F) a squirrel with a fabulous gray tail
PUDDLE — (M/F) a duck with perfect webbed feat
SPECS— (M/F) a wise owl who studies all day
RED ROBIN — (M/F) a bird who just wants a drink of cold water

(The action takes place in any time in a village, near a pond, and outside doors of a cottage.)

(Lights come up in a quaint village where a Mama Rabbit and her Little Bunny are coming home from buying groceries stage right. Mama carries a basket full of carrots. Little Bunny is kicking a ball down the lane and lagging behind.)


Come along, Little Bunny. These carrots need to be peeled and put in the pot before dinner time.

(Stops kicking the ball and catches up with Mama Rabbit) Yes, Mama. I am SOOOO hungry! I could eat that WHOLE basket of carrots!

You could, huh? Well, let’s get home, and we’ll see how fast dinner can be ready. You will help, won’t you?

(excited) Will I? I will peel every last one!

(Bushytail, enters stage left. He/she is dressed in a gray vest and gray driving cap and has a sack full of nuts slung over his/her shoulder. As he/she walks past, Little Bunny stops in his/her tracks in awe.)

Good day, Bushytail.

(noticing the bunnies) Well hello, Little Bunny. (Tips his/her hat) And greetings to you, Mama Rabbit.

Wow, Mama! Look at his/her tail! (points) IT IS BEAUTIFUL! I wish I had a tail like that!

Hush, Little Bunny. Where are your manners? We do not point. I’m sorry, Bushytail, I don’t know where his/her manners are today.

No, worries, Mama Rabbit. Good day to both of you.

(Bushytail exits stage right with bag of nuts.)

What on Earth came over you?

But mama, I LOVE THAT PERFECT TAIL! It’s so round…and furry…and… PERFECT! Look at me. I am just a plain old bunny. There is nothing special about me. But if I had a bushy tail, I would be BEAUTIFUL!

Nonsense, Little Bunny. You are perfect. Look at your soft fur, your pink ears and nose, and those sweet whiskers. Why, you are beautiful just the way you are.

But Mama…

Don’t “but Mama” me. We have carrot soup to make.

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