Remembrance Day Monologues

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Remembrance Day is Canada’s day to celebrate veterans. Here are 26 monologues written by students!

Drama Notebook teamed up with the Canadian Educational Theatre Association and ran a monologue contest for students. Here are 26 fantastic monologues honoring the men and women who served their country. While some monologues refer to specific Canadian traditions, most can be used to memorialize veterans in any country.

Example of a Monologue:

“Death No More”
By: Lauren Mohr, Age 14
From: Manitoba, Canada
Description: A soldier finds out they have died in battle.
Genre: Dramatic

The last thing I remember is trying to duck from the horrific sounds coming from the other end of the field. I felt pain and then…black nothingness. I woke up in a familiar place. I couldn’t remember but then it came to me…I was home. Finally, no more feelings of fear and terror. No more death. No more loss. No more depression. I made my way out to the kitchen and then I saw her. The beautiful woman I was going to marry one day standing there just in her beauty alone. We are only sixteen, so Mom thinks we’re too young, but one day it’ll happen. I just know. The feeling of excitement came up inside of me and I ran to her, to comfort her from feeling alone. But then I realized that tears were overflowing from her eyes. She fell to the ground. Sadness filled the room when I saw it. The paper she was holding with my name and the time of death. William Jones 15/05/1942.

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