Socioeconomic Diversity Drama Activities

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A collection of drama activities designed to help students of all socioeconomic backgrounds accept and understand one another.

Drama class offers an excellent opportunity for young people to appreciate one another’s differences, and to recognize the ways we are alike. Drama class is a place for inclusion, not exclusion, and therefore can offer a refuge for differently abled students to find a sense of belonging. These activities are designed to help students develop empathy for people whose bodies and minds function differently from what is considered to be the norm.

Use this material at your own discretion, and in keeping with your school’s policies.

IMPORTANT: Before doing any diversity activity, it is important to have already developed trust among your group. This means that the members of your class/group already know one another and there is an atmosphere of mutual support among the students. Do not lead diversity lessons or any other lesson that could be sensitive for some students at the beginning of the year/semester or with a new group.

Here is a link to our series of activities for building ensemble.

Included in this 16-page tutorial are:
  • Ten diversity warm-ups and activities.
  • A list of socioeconomic diversity storybooks to use in drama class.
  • A drama activity to use with the storybooks.
  • A list of socioeconomic diversity plays on Drama Notebook and discussion questions.

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