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You now have access to a wealth of original plays and scenes for children and teens!

You may view/browse all of the titles and descriptions for the plays. Once you click ‘download,’ depending on your computer’s settings, the play will open in a new window or download automatically to your machine. Ten script credits means that you may download ten $1 scripts, or one $10 script. Titles are one script credit unless otherwise noted. You must use all of your script credits within thirty days.

Technical Problems

There is a button on the left that leads to the script library. Before you purchased script credits, the download button beneath each script cover would only lead to the registration page. Now that you have purchased script credits, the download button will allow you to actually download the play(s). If this does not work immediately, you may want to try accessing the site from another browser, or clearing your recent history, as your computer may have stored cookies. When you download scripts, be sure to SAVE them in a folder on your computer where you can easily find them again. If you experience any other technical problems, or are still having trouble opening the materials, please contact customer support at alex@dramanotebook.com.

PayPal Delay

IMPORTANT-If you paid via PayPal, there may be a delay of about two hours before your payment is processed and you may view the materials.

Drama Notebook Mission

My mission is to help drama teachers feel supported while inspiring young hearts and creative minds.

I always welcome feedback on the site, and am here if you need something specific.

Helping kids put on a play requires a lot of energy, enthusiasm, patience and creativity. But this work can be life-transforming for your young actors!

Thank you for all you do.



Janea Dahl
Author, Creator
Drama Notebook

Note: If you paid via Paypal, it may take an hour or two to process. Wait a while and then come back and enjoy the materials!