Adjectives and Adverbs Drama Activity

Adjectives and Adverbs
Four printable pages of adjectives and adverbs categorized by ‘easy’ and ‘difficult.’ Includes five drama games to use with the lists

Drama Lesson Plan-Animals List

List of 50 different animals ready to print out, cut apart and put in a hat.

List of Characters to use in Drama Class

List of Characters
List of over 100 different types of characters for you to use with your improv or drama activities.

Drama Lesson Plan-Colors List

Printable list of 39 colors and six ways to use them in drama class.

Drama Lesson Plan-Emotions List

List of 45 distinct emotions ready to print and cut apart, plus five drama activities using emotions and a bonus activity that encourage students to use emotions authentically.

Drama Lesson Plan-Motivations List

Here is a bonus list of 32 character motivations or needs and three ways to use them to teach actors this concept.

Drama Lesson Plan-Objects List

Three different lists of props and objects and seven ways to use them.

List of Party Quirks for Drama Class

Obstacles and Party Quirks
Do you love the game Party Quirks? Here are over 80 fun party quirks that are ready to print out, cut apart and put into a hat!

Drama Lesson Plan-Occupations List

Here are two lists of occupations or jobs: regular and advanced—over one hundred occupations in all!

Drama Lesson Plan-Places and Environments List

Places and Environments
Fantastic list of places and environments to use with improv games or to teach students how to create the illusion of space using movement and imagination. Almost 100 places on three printable pages.

Drama Lesson Plan-Props and Costumes List

Props and Costumes
Want to create a starter-kit for your drama room? Here are two great lists of basic items every drama teacher should have on hand!

Role Play Cards
Want more easy lists? Check out the Role Play Cards section that includes six fantastic sets of cards that are ready to be printed and laminated!