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Drama Notebook
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Peggy Canale
Sep 27, 2022
 by Peggy Canale

I needed activities I could use for our summer session that would not take me hours to make and this site fit the bill for me. The resources are great. The students loved them and have asked for more. I was a little hesitant at first, but the free resources were good and the investment was well worth it. I am using this in my combined classroom (K-5) this year and it's a real win! Thank you!

Nicky Nicholls
Sep 27, 2022
 by Nicky Nicholls

The resources on this site have been so valuable - fresh and exciting ideas to keep the drama lessons inspiring.

Sep 26, 2022
 by Tami

Thanks for all the resources! I teach technical theater group for grades 3-5 and was having a hard time finding material for that age bracket, the products on your site definitely made my job easier!

Sep 24, 2022
 by Shira

What an incredible site. I love teaching but one of my struggles is finding content and decent material. I am always hesitant when it comes to spending money because we all prefer the "free stuff" but I decided to take the plunge and start investing more in better material. Since doing so I am so much less stressed before a lesson and my classes seem to run a lot smoother, the kids really enjoy the material and I am a stronger and more confident teacher because of it. I remember coming home after my first "Drama Notebook infused lesson," specifically, 20 Practice Scenes for Pairs and Two Lines Game and saying to my husband, "Wow! I think that was my best class yet!" So thank you to all the amazing content creators, this material is amazing and worth every cent! Can't wait to teach my next class!

Amy Cahill
Sep 21, 2022
 by Amy Cahill

I found this site while looking for a short Greek play for my homeschool co-op. I subscribed to get the script and was amazed at the amount of plays available and the variety of types. I also checked out a few of the tutorials even though I'm not a drama teacher. Great stuff, will come back if I need something in the future.

Jessica Emblen
Sep 20, 2022
 by Jessica Emblen

I really enjoyed this site. I am a beginner drama teacher and these resources ae very helpful. :)

L. May
Sep 18, 2022
 by L. May

Fantastic resources! I particularly liked the scope and sequence documents which have been a huge help for long-term planning. It was after attending the brilliant planning workshop that I signed up and the resources did not disappoint. Thank you to the Drama Notebook team.

Matthew Derby
Sep 18, 2022
 by Matthew Derby

I teach a drama course for students in grades 9-12. It is a mix of beginners and "seasoned pros", some of whom have taken the course four years in a row. The resources in Drama Notebook really serve our needs. They are accessible for my new students, while equally engaging for my seniors. The site is easy to navigate, and I anticipate being a subscriber for the long foreseeable future.

Alicia Stevens
Sep 14, 2022
 by Alicia Stevens

This website is not just a website. I joined because I was at my wit's end trying to figure out how to put on a holiday show with 6-10 year-olds. Not only did the site creator write me back personally with helpful suggestions, she sent me a link to a free workshop they recently gave on planning a whole year of drama. All of my fears disappeared after listening to the workshop. The people behind this site are experts who are really inspiring. Thank you from the bottom of my heart!

Alice Clark
Sep 14, 2022
 by Alice Clark

I'm a former substitute teacher, now retired, and a grandmother. Knowing how fun drama can be for kids I wanted some good scripts for my grandkids. Before finding Drama Notebook I looked at many scripts in books and other online sources. Many from those other sources were boring or smart-aleck-y and disrespectful. In contrast, the scripts on Drama Notebook are clever, have substance, and are satisfying and pleasurable to perform. Thank you, Drama Notebook.

Zoe Weiner
Sep 13, 2022
 by Zoe Weiner

Fabulous resources for primary and middle school. Easy to use, age appropriate and perfect for specialists and non-specialists alike. Get your school to make this a renewable subscription and it will save you hours of searching for or creating lesson resources or scripts for clubs and classes.

Robyn G.
Sep 13, 2022
 by Robyn G.

Drama Notebook has been the resource I really needed as a teacher new to teaching Theater. I teach Music and Theater to Kindergarten through 8th grade and teaching drama was something I had no experience in and wasn't very comfortable doing. I didn't know where to go for good resources until I found Drama Notebook. I have started the school year with the 9 week lesson plan for beginning acting and each lesson has gone so well and the students are engaged and enjoying themselves. I feel like I actually have a direction and know what to teach now! I'm looking forward to using all of the resources I have collected and knowing that there is always more content coming out makes me confident that I will have a successful year of teaching drama.

Eric Brooks
Sep 11, 2022
 by Eric Brooks

Drama Notebook has been instrumental in my Middle School Drama program. Everything from affordable scripts, to lesson plans, to helpful guides have shaped my class and made it not only possible, but a great experience overall. Would highly recommend.

Sep 11, 2022
 by Lu

What a fantastic resource! We used one of the plays for our church camp - The Ugly Duckling was not only a lot of fun for our multigenerational group but it had a great message about identity and belonging. I look forward to using many of the other plays I downloaded for my kids' group at the church! Thank you for the simple presentation and discussion notes at the end of some of the plays. I'm sure I will be re-subscribing when I need more ideas!

Nikki Pearman
Sep 10, 2022
 by Nikki Pearman

I am a Grade 6 and 7 drama teacher. I absolutely love the resources on Drama Notebook. My only concern is that I expected to get 10 downloads for my Monthly subscription but was told my credits had run out after only one download? Please assist.

Hi Nikki, Almost everything on Drama Notebook is one credit. There are a handful of full-length scripts that are ten credits, and you downloaded one of those. We will give you extra credits this month. If a script does not mention credits, it's only one. If you are looking at a full-length script, make sure to read the short description at the top.

Sep 10, 2022
 by Liu

Amazing collection! I use it regularly with my colleagues for team building sessions. A lot of fun!

Sep 8, 2022
 by Shawnetta

Drama Notebook is a gem! I found it because I kept seeing it referenced on Pinterest. The membership fee is so reasonable and the quality of the materials is excellent and easy to understand. My first class is tomorrow and I am confident and excited to begin. Finding Drama Notebook took me from having no idea what I would do, to feeling well-prepared. I even had a snag with something I downloaded and they remedied the situation quickly and courteously.

Elizabeth McCormick
Sep 8, 2022
 by Elizabeth McCormick

I want to echo what everyone else said, but also applaud this site's customer service. Twice now, I have had to reach out (my own fault for not saving my username and password), and I received kind and helpful replies within minutes. I like knowing that there are real people behind this amazing resource.

Sep 6, 2022
 by Rosalie

Thank you Drama Notebook for all these wonderful resources.

I am using one of your plays and I have contacted the author as well who was so lovely and friendly. I think this is a wonderful idea to share resources at a low cost.

I will come back to use them again as I found them excellent resources for all kinds of age groups.

Sep 6, 2022
 by Jamie

Really great resource to get the ball rolling. The scripts are great for my middle schoolers. My only complaint is that I wish there was MORE of everything.

Sep 4, 2022
 by Christina

Fabulous resource, thank you. Got me through my semester of filling in as a drama teacher for the first time :)

Shanda Bonn
Sep 2, 2022
 by Shanda Bonn

I love not having to reinvent the wheel. The lesson plans are very well laid out and it's clear that the creators have a solid background in theatre in general and educational theatre specifically.

Sep 2, 2022
 by SAE

I love how the scripts are arranged by the number of characters needed! Humorous scripts are excellent for middle school students in particular.

Sep 2, 2022
 by Elise

Great resource for folk tales from around the world. I used them primarily as reader's theatre scripts, and my students liked them. They particularly enjoyed the Snow White and Jack and the Beanstalk raps.

Stacey Atwell-Keister
Sep 2, 2022
 by Stacey Atwell-Keister

Fantastic for new teachers, experienced teachers, and everyone in between. Great sub plans for emergencies too!!! I love the games and monologues. Excellent resource.

Aug 31, 2022
 by MJ

Wonderful resource. There's something you can find for any situation in the classroom. The plays are well thought out and provide opportunities for students of all levels.

Jesse Bourne
Aug 30, 2022
 by Jesse Bourne

I subscribed to Drama Notebook when I took over teaching middle school Drama. It was a lifesaver for me. I have a theatre background and training, but I didn't have access to large amounts of age-appropriate resources and lesson plans. I would definitely subscribe again if I was back teaching drama.

Aug 29, 2022
 by Kate

What a fantastic resource! I was really struggling to find material for teens and this has been hugely beneficial!!!

Sandra Holder
Aug 29, 2022
 by Sandra Holder

Fantastic resource. I took over as the director of a children's theatre school and introduced some of my teachers to this site and they love it.

Aug 29, 2022
 by Diane

I just love Drama Notebook. There is such a wealth of tools to use for my drama classes. It's always my #1 place to look for new material. Thanks for putting this brilliant site together!

Carey Sanders
Aug 29, 2022
 by Carey Sanders

This is the best site for new drama teachers or theater teachers to go to. They provide so many different types of resources besides scripts for plays. The scripts are also wonderful and easy to put on. I have used MANY of the resources and scripts and that alone makes my yearly fee for downloads sooooooo worth it! Little money lots of information at your fingertips!!

kara Goodie
Aug 28, 2022
 by kara Goodie

I love Drama Notebook. Every year I come back to get professionally edited Shakespeare plays that our young homeschool group can do. They really are great!

Ken Monty
Aug 27, 2022
 by Ken Monty

This is a treasure-trove of resources. We have some friends that we meet with regularly and our kids love performing these plays. Adults and kids have a grand time together.

Claudia Neuhauser
Aug 24, 2022
 by Claudia Neuhauser

My first year of teaching drama and this was a great resource. It covered all the bases. Thank you!

Aug 22, 2022
 by Elizabeth

I loved this site. It's full of inspirational ideas for an engaging and dynamic drama classroom for both online experiences and face-to-face experiences.

Aug 19, 2022
 by Kristie

Great resources for small groups to large groups of all sizes! This was extremely helpful in planning a camp this summer for ages 4-10!

Eileen Harris
Aug 19, 2022
 by Eileen Harris

Not a drama teacher but homeschool mom leading a coop of 8-16 year olds through Shakespeare. What better way then to act out the many plays we are reading. Scripts so easy to download and well laid out for even the most basic of instructors. Thank you for this amazing resource at such an affordable price!

Aug 19, 2022
 by J

I have come back and forth to this site over the years and I am never left without a myriad of great choices. Thanks to the site curators for creating a space to get inspiration!

Nancy Olls
Aug 19, 2022
 by Nancy Olls

Wonderful resource for a new and completely inexperienced Theatre teacher who got "volun-told" to teach the class. Admin has finally found someone more qualified to teach the course and I have shared this resource with them.

LOVE the phrase 'volun-told!' So many teachers are in your situation!

Aug 19, 2022
 by Cyndi

A wonderful resource to find fun plays for beginners to learn!

Aug 17, 2022
 by Paula

Excellent Resource. Drama Notebook came in so hand for my middle school classess last year. I had a new section of kids every 9 weeks and each eas different. Drama Notebook has a great variety to meet the needs of so many different types of students and groups. I also appreciated the lesson plans that are simple and ready to go for subsitute teachers. One sub commented how it was so much fun because it was so easy to follow and the kids loved it. It's somethiing that if you are sick, and need something last minute, you can download and send and be ready to go!

Aug 16, 2022
 by Sam

Leading a four-week summer enrichment program and stumbled upon this site while lesson planning. WOW. THANK YOU. I absolutely love this site. I have a lot of background in theatre, with an undergraduate degree in acting and directing. And I am currently working towards my teaching certification in English. So this is my first time creating lesson plans for any sort of theatre class. This has really helped add to my foundation. I am so excited to try some of these new activities and games with my students!

Aug 16, 2022
 by Nathan

An amazing selection of resources to support any drama class. Great opportunities for students to experiment with scripts!

Aug 14, 2022
 by Amore

This site was a real life safer when I had to organize a week-long drama camp. Resources are well organized and extremely helpful and might I add fun. I am thankful that I discovered Drama Notebook. I find it helpful as I teach upper elementary drama. I am also impressed with the free resources. I have learned a lot. This site makes me excited to teach drama and explore new options for students.

Aug 14, 2022
 by Spencer

Great site full of useful stuff. I would appreciate more previews of materials, tho, to help inform download choices.

Aug 12, 2022
 by Amy

Drama Notebook had a wonderful range of resources and perfectly suited my needs at the time.

Aug 12, 2022
 by Julia

Great resource! I used this a lot for my acting classes. Having everything compiled into one space makes planning for classes quick and easy.

Katy Radiske
Aug 10, 2022
 by Katy Radiske

This tool has been so helpful in my past 5 years of teaching summer drama classes. This year in particular, I was able to use scripts and exercises on this website to help students engage with the material and to make bold character choices on stage.

Melissa Noll
Aug 9, 2022
 by Melissa Noll

Great resource, and such a wide variety. Can't wait to use the plays I downloaded and the actors are very excited too!

Aug 9, 2022
 by Carly

Can be a really good resource, some of it may be easy to have made yourself, but the compiled downloads are really good.

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