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Drama Notebook
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Gina Lee
Jan 25, 2022
 by Gina Lee

Drama Notebook has amazing scripts for young actors! Every time we perform one, there is such great audience response. I'm so thankful for the huge resource library Drama Notebook is. It's easy to use and the affordability makes it possible for us to use our funds wisely (so important for a non-profit!).

Jordan Biggers
Jan 25, 2022
 by Jordan Biggers

Drama Notebook has saved my life as a teacher many times. It has provided refreshing lesson plans, sparked so much creativity, and been a resource I truly cannot go without. I teach 3rd-7th graders and I’ve found many of these lessons work for all ages. My favorite part of Drama Notebook is how convenient the lesson catalog is. Everything is organized based on subject material and objectives are clearly stated. I use these resources to help supplement my own curriculum, but they also work wonders for sub plans as they have easy to follow instructions. Drama Notebook is worth every penny!

Ms. Sanchez
Jan 24, 2022
 by Ms. Sanchez

I'm an ESL teacher in a low-income area, and this site has been a life-saver. There are so many lessons and scripts here that I can use with my students, and best of all, it's extremely affordable. Thank you for creating this resource!

Eatonville Leadership Academy
Jan 24, 2022
 by Eatonville Leadership Academy

This site was a great source for a Shakespeare script for our spring production at our homeschool co-op. It was edited just the right amount for a young crowd as well as young actors. I wish that I would have seen some of these fun acting activities in other classes that I have taught.

Jan 24, 2022
 by Livia

A huge collection to choose from, classic, contemporary, political about current issues - terrific! I also like the categorization in playing time and number of players needed, that‘s so helpful.

Elizabeth Fitch
Jan 20, 2022
 by Elizabeth Fitch

I found several acting scenes that could be helpful. And the previews were relatively helpful. Also, I found the quick response time to my questions delightful.

Noreen Hussain
Jan 19, 2022
 by Noreen Hussain

Thank you Drama Notebook! I am a supply teacher and covered Performing Arts in a secondary school for six months.
Your resources were brilliant. I used a lot of lessons and ideas and adapted some too.
My classes of yr 7's ,8's and 9's really enjoyed my lessons. We had a lot of fun reading the plays and so many resources. I was spoiled for choice.

Cara Doxsee
Jan 17, 2022
 by Cara Doxsee

I like this resource. I only needed it briefly, but will re-subscribe when I need it again!

I would like to have more digital activities for at home learning.

Jan 17, 2022
 by Emma

Amazing resources, clearly laid out with age ranges and abilities. A treasure trove of ideas for the classroom!

Melissa Bogaert
Jan 15, 2022
 by Melissa Bogaert

An overwhelming and very impressive collection of everything you would ever need for teaching Drama! From no-prep plans to scripts to learn how to supportive cards, this incredible resource has so many options from preschool to high school! Love this website so much! My personal favourite are the cards, where the students can take inspiration from, and surprise you with where their drama knowledge goes!

Sarah Otero
Jan 14, 2022
 by Sarah Otero

I love this website! It has amazing content that has helped me many a time when it comes to planning my lessons and having interactive materials for my students.

Marla Wood
Jan 13, 2022
 by Marla Wood

When my administration asked me to teach an adaptive drama class, I panicked. After 35 years of teaching drama I had no idea where to find material that I could adapt for students with special needs. I bought a couple of books that were useless before a friend recommended Drama Notebook. Now I recommend it to all drama teachers in our area. I have found resources that benefited all levels of drama students and enjoyed the monologue writing competitions and the lessons for 4 years. Drama Notebook is a MUST have for all adaptive classrooms and new drama teachers! It will make life easier.

Hillary P.
Jan 12, 2022
 by Hillary P.

I have only just begun using this resource and I couldn't be happier! There are so many wonderful lessons to choose from. Many are ready to go with little to no prep. So happy to have this resource for my middle school theater classes!

Valencia Wright-Walton
Jan 12, 2022
 by Valencia Wright-Walton

Drama Notebook has been one of the best resources to help me these past two years of teaching. When I need something new and exciting or I've hit a wall and have no fresh or new ideas, I can ALWAYS find something here.

Sherrilee Walsh
Jan 12, 2022
 by Sherrilee Walsh

Really loved the content & lesson plans! An absolute treasure of a resource!

Jan 11, 2022
 by Beatrice

This has some amazing resources for drama teachers! Fun, easy to implement, and in all sorts of different styles and genres.

Adrienne Cherry
Jan 10, 2022
 by Adrienne Cherry

Drama Notebook was extremely helpful this fall. I was the advisor for a small start up of 9th and 10th graders wanting to have an after school club. I do have some theatre experience, and I did direct a few children's plays at a summer camp, but this has been years now. After DOZENS of hours researching online, perusing old theatre books, notes from workshops, I was feeling at a loss for this group of students. Then I found Drama Notebook. The variety of material for every configuration, age group, and theme was awesome. I loved I was able to share the scripts with students who "forgot" theirs and could read from their phones!
The students truly enjoyed the materials. We started with some monologues, and finished the semester with a couple of 10 minute plays. Nice to watch how much more effort students give something when they like the content. Thank you so much Drama Notebook. I'll be back!

Jan 10, 2022
 by Janet

Last year, I was the Learning Support Teacher for a student with a Gifted designation whose passion is acting. Trying to do something he would enjoy, and connect him with other students, I started a lunch time drama club. I have no drama training or formal experience, and when I stumbled upon this site, I was pleasantly surprised to find ready-to-go drama games and activities that I could use right away. This year, I am also using the skits and short plays with a Grade 3/4 class, and they love it. Thank you!

Jan 9, 2022
 by Anne

A great resource for educators who are looking for dramas to use in their classes!

Jan 8, 2022
 by Brina

My teaching partner and I used "The Gingerbread Boy" with our very busy Grade 3/4 class and the kids were so invested and so proud of their performance. Thank you!

Lawrence Rosenthal
Jan 5, 2022
 by Lawrence Rosenthal

For the last year, our group of seniors has met online biweekly to read various plays aloud. Drama Notebook's professionally condensed Shakespeare plays, retaining the original language, have been a joy to perform together.

Jan 5, 2022
 by Ruth

A very resourceful website that allows young students to have an easy access and understanding of authors such as Shakespeare or Mark Twain.

Stephen B. Cefalu
Jan 4, 2022
 by Stephen B. Cefalu

I love Drama Notebook. I use their material for my classes and the students love it. We performed "The Santa Interviews" as part of the community's holiday celebration. Everyone loved it! We have been invited back for next year's holiday celebration! It was a great experience for the students performing outdoors for the community.

Jan 4, 2022
 by jen

Drama notebook was a life saver over the past year when I was required to teach drama at short notice to a range of ages. The resources are really well designed and the students loved them So many thanks to the Drama notebook team!

Jan 4, 2022
 by Nicole

I used The Year Santa Got Mixed Up for Christmas play for grade 7-8. It worked very well. The kids had a lot of fun with it. Thank you!

Jan 3, 2022
 by Lynda

This helped me put on our new tradition of a Zoom play involving all our cousins since Covid started. Great site.

Jan 2, 2022

I used 'The Elves and the Shoemaker' as a Christmas play at an orphanage in Tanzania. The actors were all 18-20 year-olds, but English is their second language, and the Swahili culture is to talk quietly and lower your eyes. By showtime on Christmas morning, they were belting it out and actually emoting. This play taught them not to be afraid when it is your turn or to hide behind a podium when addressing an audience.

Dec 30, 2021
 by Brittany

I love that this site encourages kids to write! The monologues that kids have written are really good, and I have used them with my English language learners.

Dec 29, 2021
 by Maribel

Excellent site with wonderful resources!

Dec 28, 2021
 by Megan

This website is a life saver!! I am a vocal teacher and when I was told I was going to be teaching 6th grade theatre I was not okay. Then someone told me about this website and it was exactly what I needed to help me get started. Thank you for making this website!!

Dec 28, 2021
 by Christine

Thank you for this great resource!

Dec 28, 2021
 by G

A great resource for our homeschool co-op!

Thank You!!!

Dec 26, 2021
 by Kim

I subscribed to Drama Notebook because a theatre teacher introduced it to me. I’m a language teacher actually, and I benefit greatly from the Literacy section. I also love the materials from other sections because they help me be creative in my lesson planning. Also, i highly appreciate the Diversity section! This world needs it! I unsubscribe to absorb the materials slowly, 10 materials per month is plenty! I will subscribe again for more later. Love everything!

Lynne Kimball-Johnson
Dec 23, 2021
 by Lynne Kimball-Johnson

Everything the other reviews say is true, but I want to talk about their customer service. I had an issue with a double-billing error (my fault), and I received a swift reply and resolution to the problem. It comforts me knowing that there are real people, at-the-ready if I have a question or concern with my membership. TOP NOTCH site.

Dec 22, 2021
 by Margo

Drama Notebook was there when I needed to find a manageable version of Midsummer's Night Dream for a group for 6-13 year olds. I had no experience directing a play and the drama games other resources were beyond helpful. Thank you Drama Notebook!!

Mary Bourke, Sligo, Ireland
Dec 21, 2021
 by Mary Bourke, Sligo, Ireland

This was a great find just when I needed it. I found exactly what I wanted to put on a Winter Show for the parents of my pupils. A wide variety of plays available suitable for all age groups.... humorous ones were perfect!

Dean Carter
Dec 21, 2021
 by Dean Carter

Excellent site of fantastic plays and activities, to warm up a middle school class and to perform for audiences.

Sue Ellen Turscak
Dec 21, 2021
 by Sue Ellen Turscak

Excellent resource, especially for a small, online drama club like ours. I will definitely be coming back to it!

Emily Lauterbach
Dec 20, 2021
 by Emily Lauterbach

This site is truly a find! My elementary students absolutely love the scripts I find on Drama Notebook. I have purchased books with scripts in them, but the quality here is so much better. Best of all, I can pick and choose which ones I want to download. I've found my home for all things drama. Thank you!

Romana Wendenon
Dec 20, 2021
 by Romana Wendenon

Such a wonderful resource! My summer camp students loved acting out The Three Little Pigs Rap! I wish I had more time to use this amazing resource during the school year!

Magdalena Szymanska
Dec 19, 2021
 by Magdalena Szymanska

What a wonderful site! Lots of ressources for students all ages. The material is well written. I found a short version of A Christmas Carol, which I am very happy about. I am glad I subscribed.

Ruth Greenfield
Dec 19, 2021
 by Ruth Greenfield

What I'm loving about Drama Notebook is HOW MUCH my students love these scripts! Every time I show them one they just can't believe how great they are. I find them discussing the nuances of the stories at their lunch time, dreaming up creative ideas to stage the scenes, and memorizing things before their deadlines because they are so into them. The writers that contribute must really have their finger on the pulse of what makes kids tick. Great work!
p.s. It's also so affordable!!

Katelyn Lawrence
Dec 18, 2021
 by Katelyn Lawrence

I really love the Gingerbread Man Play and will use it this Christmas with my classroom. Great scripts! So well-written!

Wilann Spiccia
Dec 18, 2021
 by Wilann Spiccia

Drama Notebook is a fabulous resource! With its vast amount of inclusive, diverse materials, teaching drama is absolutely doable for novices as well as highly skilled drama teachers.

Dec 17, 2021
 by Tim

I hadn't planned to be teaching drama this semester but we all know how the world of teaching works! This resource helped me get through the Christmas season and the students loved the improv activities! Thanks so much!

Temis Perez
Dec 16, 2021
 by Temis Perez

I couldn't be happier with the resources I got from your site. Thank you!!

Dec 15, 2021
 by aurora

Used one of the 5 min shows for a theatre short in class and loved every minute of the dialogue!!

Dec 14, 2021
 by Dulce

I’m really pleased with al the resources I’ve found. It’s been really helpful especially now that I am teaching on-line and in-person sessions.

Thank you very much 🥰

Jaclyn Loewenstein
Dec 13, 2021
 by Jaclyn Loewenstein

I performed "The Not So Mysterious Disappearance of Cinderella" with an 8th grade class this fall. They had a lot of fun with it. I've also used some of the short scenes with online acting classes. Looking forward to exploring further.

Dec 12, 2021
 by Karen

I found the general drama resources to be very helpful to add to my toolkit as an experienced theater person, but all the scripts I looked at were disappointing; they were ok, but not very well-written. And I understand why you can't make the whole script viewable, as people would just use them without paying, but several that I thought looked promising from the first section didn't turn out to be something I wanted to use after I accessed the whole script. I have yet to find a source of high-quality kid-friendly theater scripts...

Hi Karen, I'm sorry that our scripts did not resonate with you. It looks like you joined for one month and downloaded 4 plays. We will refund your payment. We hope that you find what you are looking for.

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