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Drama Notebook
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by Jennifer on Drama Notebook

I teach Drama in mainstream and to students with autism. This resource has been invaluable, such a variety of activities, games and scripts - a real life saver.

by Diane Raikis on Drama Notebook

I am a Special Education teacher and have taken on being the music and drama teacher because of my music ministry and community theater background. This has been a great resource for these students with the voice games and the role playing games. The range of emotions they have learned from Drama Notebook is wonderful to see. I even use these cards in other classes.

by Mallory V on Drama Notebook

I really appreciate this resource. I teach a fall and a spring acting class, and I needed a script for my students. I found Drama Notebook last fall, and loved spending only $10 to get a script AND a bunch of activities! I came back from the spring for new resources and a new script. I'm sure I will come back again in the future!

by Barbara on Drama Notebook

Amazing materials not available anywhere else! I am not a “drama person” but was asked to teach drama! I wanted the class to be fun and engaging and not cheesy. ALL of the activities from this site were a hit. Thank you for making teaching drama fun!

by Melissa Reeves on Drama Notebook

As an Instructional Assistant who has always been a drama fanatic and director at church, I was given the honor of starting a Theater Club for 3rd, 4th, and 5th graders at the school I work in (recently have to resign to take care of grandbabies). Drama Notebook was a lifesaver! I have been able to get exercises, game ideas, skits, everything I have needed. I love it and am so very thankful!

by Daniel Shheridan on Drama Notebook

 Absolutely fantastic! Davenport Junior Theatre is a program that has been around for 67 years. We have so many amazing resources at our disposal, but Drama Notebook is far above the rest. An absolute gem for any individual teaching artist or large organization!

by Cathy on Drama Notebook

As a new drama teacher I have relied on Drama Notebook for appropriate plays, particularly for my 12 year-olds. I found a wide range of plays for various sized groups, such an invaluable resource. A vast supply of well organised warm ups, drama games and lesson plans.

by Paula Davis on Drama Notebook

Everything the folks have said about the resources is true! However, I want to talk about the customer service! I had some difficulty because of the browser I was using and even though I am subscribed, I was hitting the pay wall every time I wanted to download. The folks made sure I did not get double billed and helped me solve the browser issue.

by Marie-Jo Thum on Drama Notebook

I have never offered a review on any product or service but I am making an exception for an exceptional and excellent site. The resources and personal service enhanced my own life as well as the lives of young artists in my community. I was asked to reinstate the Community Children’s Theater in a small town in the heart of Appalachia. Drama Notebook Has been a “go-to” resource with games, skits, plays and videos-all worth every penny. Highly recommended!


This review makes my heart sing. Thank you for all you do for kids and teens, Marie-Jo!


by Greg Allen on Drama Notebook

I've never taught a theater class of any kind. I've never taken a theater class of any kind. So when I was informed that I was teaching theater this year to both HS and MS students my blood pressure may have spiked. Drama Notebook has saved my life this semester. One of my students-- one of those teenagers who is too cool for everything-- told the counselor that Theater is his favorite class. I'd love to take credit but almost all the material I'm using comes from Drama Notebook.

Thanks, Janea and team, for creating a comprehensive resource that allows me to start and end class with engaging, fun activities. My kids are becoming comfortable expressing themselves and learning how to do that in dramatic ways. Our little school hasn't had theater classes for a number of years, but suddenly there's a tremendous amount of positive energy about theater. Go ahead and spring for the 1 year membership... there's plenty here to keep your kids busy being AWESOME for a whole year. Totally worth it.

by Lisa Maliszewski on Drama Notebook

I love all the resources! Our school put on our first play last year and we used one from Drama Notebook. It was fun to make the characters come to life with plenty of ad-libbing and physical comedy thrown in! Where did they learn that? Working in class on skits and games that helped develop these skills. My students were able to showcase their skills. This year we are looking at some other plays by Drama Notebook for play number two! I could never pull all this together myself-no time! Also my limited budget prevents us from performing the musicals other schools do. We’ve decided to put on comedies and find the joy in life!

by Laura on Drama Notebook

As a first time teacher I found the website so useful and creative! I got so many great ideas to create my classes and to develop my own. I will definitely come back to you at some point!

by Queen's Academy on Drama Notebook

Good site! Very clear, and so many scripts and styles to choose from. Suggestion: have it clear how many credits each script/download each product costs/uses.

Thank you! Everything in our Lesson Library is one credit. Scripts in the royalty-free Script Library are mostly one credit, but longer scripts and scripts that include additional teaching materials run 3-10 credits and are noted in the description.

by Paula on Drama Notebook

Drama Notebook & Janea are worth their weight in gold! I would be truly lost without this resource and it’s always my very first go-to when I’m looking for material for my classes. The site is so easy to navigate around with an abundance of wonderful ideas to structure fantastic classes for children of all ages. I would recommend DN before any other resource. Janea is also on hand on a personal level for any one to one advice too. There’s no other website I know which can offer that! Thank you Janea!

Awww. And thank you, Paula, for all you do for kids and teens!

by Karleen Hayden on Drama Notebook

As a playwright, I can't say enough about how wonderful it's been to work with the staff at Drama Notebook! As a retired teacher, I wish I had had this resource 20 years ago! Hours of research during my teaching career led me to become discouraged by the plays being offered for children in elementary school so I began to write my own plays instead. Drama Notebook is an amazing resource and is destined to become even better!

by Kathy Hymel on Drama Notebook

This site is a godsend! As an elementary/middle school librarian who also teaches "drama" classes I was desperate for quick, practical help. This is it!! From lessons on acting to quick, interesting to the kids, and easy to stage scripts this site has it all. Thank you!!

by Bill Lane on Drama Notebook

Drama Notebook is a lifesaver. It provides a variety of affordable, creative and well planned resources that are fun to teach and that kids enjoy. I highly recommend.

by Jennifer Pippin-Montanez on Drama Notebook

This site saved me! As an English teacher who loves acting, but had no formal training, these resources made my first attempts at teaching drama sooooo much easier. The students truly benefited from the high-quality materials!

by Holly on Drama Notebook

Drama Notebook has been an absolute life saver! The lesson plans, unit plans, games, and plays have served me well ever since I joined! These are perfect for teachers who want lessons or activities that are planned out with clear objectives! I recommend Drama Notebook to all my drama teacher friends!

by Shee on Drama Notebook

When I first started teaching children's drama classes, I did what most people would do. I scoured the internet for plays and drama games. Drama Notebook quickly became my reference point because of how organized and detailed their content is. And they are still by far the best resource a drama teacher could have.

by Rosella on Drama Notebook

Drama Notebook was such a valuable resource for me as I taught theatre to our community kids! The programs are laid out so well and were great value for the subscription price. Janea personally responded with advice when I emailed her with some challenges that I was facing with our club. Highly recommended.

by Deb on Drama Notebook

I have had the pleasure of drawing on resources from DRAMA NOTEBOOK for many years! As a Performing Arts teacher across multi year levels (in Australia) I find the variety of material available, whether it be warm-ups, work shopping or presenting a performance, is AMAZING! Thank you to Janea & her great team! 🙂

by Diane on Drama Notebook

When I was starting to teach 2nd graders Drama for the first time a couple of years ago, Drama Notebook, and in particular, Janea, helped me get my footing. Janea was able to answer my questions and point to specific DN resources that were relevant for my specific circumstances and needs. DN was a confidence builder when I needed it most! Facebook posts from this DN group have also been enormously helpful.

by Leanne, React Dance Academy on Drama Notebook

I love this resource. As a small dance school starting our drama classes, its a fabulous collection of ideas, classes, sessions and scripts that means each week I'm struggling with too many ideas as opposed to not enough. We've used the games, the learning activities, scripts and monologues. I'd highly recommend this to anyone!

by Jennifer on Drama Notebook

Drama Notebook is exactly what we were looking for! They offer a great selection of scripts and the customer service was excellent!

by Monica on Drama Notebook

I’ve only just signed up a yearly membership and can see how many great ideas there are!! Worst thing is going to be deciding exactly what to use!!!! What a predicament😄😄

by Nina on Drama Notebook

This site is a Godsend. There are ample resources. From preschool to secondary school. It has great ideas for warm up activities etc.
Thanks for giving us such great stuff.

by Robin on Drama Notebook

I am so thankful for this site. I am an elementary teacher and I used the material for my acting club. The play Santa’s Interview was hilarious. I am looking forward to only needing to go to one place to find the perfect school play.

by Nicki on Drama Notebook

I have used this site for two years now. I use it from year 3-6 in my primary Drama lessons. The content is varied, age appropriate and fun.

by Jennifer Geist on Drama Notebook

I have been using these resources since 2010 in my Spanish language classes as well as youth leadership club! They are THAT adaptable! In fact- Drama Notebook materials are excellent for building group identity and self confidence in students- both are key factors for success in my classes. I am so grateful to Janea for all these years of good stuff to keep my teaching interesting and to help me see the big picture of how drama skills are life skills.

by Eva Lowe on Drama Notebook

I teach a Special Needs drama class for adults. I am always looking for age appropriate resources and have really appreciated the materials I have found on this site. The resources were able to support me in being a more confident and creative teacher. My students have responded well to the games and activities. I highly recommended Drama Notebook, the site is well organized, they are very reasonably priced and worth every penny!

by Amanda on Drama Notebook

I am so glad I found this site. I teach drama in China and it is very difficult to get hold of play scripts. This site provides me with loads of scripts to use in class and also has some great drama lesson ideas. It is very reasonably priced and the scripts are well written. I would thoroughly recommend it!

by Donna on Drama Notebook

My class used the Antarctic Mystery play during December instead of a traditional 'Christmas' play, to accommodate all students, regardless of religious or cultural beliefs. The kids really enjoyed the script, found it easy to follow, but still could add their own twist or personality to the performance. The audience enjoyed it as well.

I appreciated having something created for me to provide to my class, as I do not have an 'arts' background. I have found other resources here on the Drama Notebook site, that I intend to use as both a Drama and a Literacy resource for my class next term (i.e. Monologues). Teaching 6 subjects to a combined grade 4/5 class, any resource that can span more than one subject is a gem.

by Danielle Tolman on Drama Notebook

I live in Canada and am a teacher new to Drama. I knew that I needed to challenge my Sr. High Drama students more, but wasn't sure how. I bought Drama Notebook, and I was soooo glad I did! Before I had these resources, I was taking way too much time thinking of things to do, and I needed something that would help me spend less time prepping. This was it! I like the lessons it provides, because I was learning as I was teaching too. There are always games and fun ideas whenever you need them as well. And they are fun, quality games that students actually like doing. I would definitely recommend this product!

by Lynne on Drama Notebook

I'm in Australia and I run a performing arts publishing company, talk to a lot of teachers in my job and I'm also a drama teacher. I sell my own products but also recommend Drama Notebook as a fantastic extra resource. Plus I use it myself for classes.

by Claire Raper on Drama Notebook

Drama Notebook is such a valuable resource for activities and plays! A quick search will reveal a lesson plan on short notice and a longer look can come up with a semester's worth of material. The plays are witty and written to be enjoyed by adults and kids alike. I've got the site bookmarked so I don't waste time getting there!

by Rowena Scott on Drama Notebook

As a music + drama teacher in Australia, I cannot thank the team enough for these resources. I use these gifts of gold for my Drama Club, as well as for actual classroom lessons. The variety is huge, the content fun and stimulating, I can pick and choose to make my own plans, and all my age groups from P-6 are all covered in one place. Absolutely love Drama Notebook and am extremely grateful for being a part of such a vibrant community!

by Rob on Drama Notebook

Complete and updated often. Excellent resource. I'm a brand new drama teacher and my kids love the lessons from this site!

by Scarnes on Drama Notebook

My students love the drama games and skits!

by Hocks on Drama Notebook

Fantastic resources at a great price. Loads of choice; loads of ideas; really well executed.

by Monica on Drama Notebook

Drama Notebook has been a godsend. I work with high school students with learning disabilities. Getting them to read is difficult and getting them to reread is impossible. Unless its' a play or a skit!. The students love taking on roles, thinking about how something should be said, planning for props, etc. It's easy to find something appropriate for the season, theme, and/or ability level of my students. It's wonderful to have such options in one place. No more searching for hours or rewriting an old play into something suitable for my students. A great resource for building reading and thinking skills.

by Wilson Pinto on Drama Notebook

Drama Notebook has a rich treasure trove of resources which enrich the teaching theatre to children.

by Ruth H on Drama Notebook

Such a wide variety of resources. I have used them and positive responses from the groups I teach. Good response from site and communication. Excellent value for money!

by Joni Jaglowski on Drama Notebook

The selection of material and resources available, from games to scripts was excellent!
I will definitely be subscribing again for this year's summer theater camp!!

by Jenna on Drama Notebook

Teachers you NEED Drama Notebook as a resource! For me it's like a nibble of chocolate in the midst of chaos. As a Drama Teacher for a Homeschool group, and for 2 after school drama programs for public schools, and as a performing artist . . . the resources here are priceless! Though I have a lot of experience in the arts, I was looking for a resource to give me a fresh take on teaching drama in way that would give me everything I would need to plan a drama class from beginning to end for both elementary and secondary students. Drama Notebook's Beginning Acting lesson plans for younger and older students surpassed my expectations. Janea is gifted in providing these lessons in a way that is well organized, clearly communicated, engaging & inspiring for teachers and kids, allows for the teacher to easily modify, full of quality and quantity in current/engaging/age appropriate materials! It really is a delight to have so much quality drama material available to download on the spot. In my classes last semester I also used (with great success) Drama Notebooks amazing selection of student written monologues for my secondary drama class, and the Stone Soup drama for my elementary class. I highly recommend the monthly subscription! And I believe that you will find, as I have, that Janea and her colleagues work to personally help and answer questions about the materials with what may work for your class. Thank you Drama Notebook!

by Lorrie Freilich on Drama Notebook

I have a degree in Theater and have the pleasure of teaching only theater to Middle school students for 7 years now. Many of the other resources are so expensive. I am only one teacher with no budget. I have been able to show that this resource is worth purchasing. To not have to pay hundreds of dollars to attempt to put on a production by myself is really a blessing. I love using the short plays and divide the classes up to perform. We only perform in the classroom. Sometimes they come out so great, I wish I would do the plays in front of a full audience. It is perfect for having different short plays to select from. I have wasted plenty of money buying books for "Plays/scripts for Students/teens" and they are horrible. I get to read the whole script before I choose to use. The one year subscription has been the best use of my own money!!!!

by Ursula on Drama Notebook

These materials are great and save me an enormous amount of time.

by Terri on Drama Notebook

This is an amazing resource! I find myself coming back to this site frequently when I am planning lessons. What I love is that no matter how many times I return, I am always finding something new.

by Karin on Drama Notebook

Good lessons at a great price! A huge variety to pick from and lots of freebies.

by Hannah on Drama Notebook

I just needed a script for a Christmas play, not teaching drama regularly means I can’t make use of the subscription continually but was able to cancel, thank you! Maybe a once off download fee could be added? The script was fabulous though, thank you, my students were able to adapt and add to it to create their own performance.

Hi Hannah,

Our $10 script fee is the lowest option we plan to make available, as it is extremely inexpensive when you consider that you pay no other fees, and can get up to ten scripts! Please come back anytime.


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