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Drama Notebook
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by Cath Breadner on Drama Notebook

Having taught drama for years I love the fact that I have a diverse range of resources at my finger tips..... so much so that I have just upgraded my membership to a yearly subscription from a monthly one. Thank you Drama Notebook!!! 💖🎭

by Mary Kay Welch on Drama Notebook

4 plays, 4 families will entertain us this Christmas with these fun scripts. Thanks for making this so easy!

by Leyla Moazeni on Drama Notebook

I love the site, it was very helpful especially for me who started to have her own drama class in a preschool. Without your site I almost was lost! Thank you guys!

by Jeanette Boynton on Drama Notebook

I'm on my 14th year teaching drama and theatre classes and JUST NOW JOINED "Drama Notebook". Good heavens, WHAT was I waiting for? I've created my own curriculum for years and have some dandy material, but sometimes I just sit and shake my head in fatigue and need fresh stuff. Enter ... "Drama Notebook". Whee HA! Their pieces are great and their suggestions are practical and fun. JOIN, JOIN, JOIN!!!

~ Jeanette (Johnson) Boynton, CA

by Greg Allen on Drama Notebook

I've never taught a theater class of any kind. I've never taken a theater class of any kind. So when I was informed that I was teaching theater this year to both HS and MS students my blood pressure may have spiked. Drama Notebook has saved my life this semester. One of my students-- one of those teenagers who is too cool for everything-- told the counselor that Theater is his favorite class. I'd love to take credit but almost all the material I'm using comes from Drama Notebook.

Thanks, Janea and team, for creating a comprehensive resource that allows me to start and end class with engaging, fun activities. My kids are becoming comfortable expressing themselves and learning how to do that in dramatic ways. Our little school hasn't had theater classes for a number of years, but suddenly there's a tremendous amount of positive energy about theater. Go ahead and spring for the 1 year membership... there's plenty here to keep your kids busy being AWESOME for a whole year. Totally worth it.

by manicam on Drama Notebook

I love this site, because there is a lot of material for teenagers and it is usually difficult to find plays for that age. However, I find it a bit difficult to find what I need on the site, maybe it could be better organized.

Thanks for your feedback! We do our best to make searching fun and easy. Please bear in mind that most of the plays are $1 with no royalties. We don't ask that you fill out forms and wait for a quote to use our scripts. We are also working on a couple of new features that can help simplify the process!

by K. A. on Drama Notebook

Using this site made my time planning for a home-school co-op so much more efficient! And the material for high schoolers was spot on. My class always had a great time and the students enjoyed the variety of activities.

by carole on Drama Notebook

You will always find what you need (and then some) at Drama Notebook. They have an endless variety of quality resources. Well worth the price for anyone who teaches drama to kids.

by Sam on Drama Notebook

I love the site and how it makes it easy for teachers who have never taught drama. The lessons are approachable for students and very engaging!

by Patrina Cole on Drama Notebook

I would be absolutely lost without this site; it is a godsend! The resources are amazing - so detailed and innovative. Can't thank you enough for this wonderful resource 🙂

by Pete Driedger on Drama Notebook

I have Drama Notebook now for a couple of years. It has given me many ideas for teaching drama to primary students. However, I would have liked to see more of a selection of short skits and plays to choose from and that students would relate too. It has given me a good start in teaching drama though.

by Brett Hilberg on Drama Notebook

This is my first year teaching a drama class and I've been scrambling to find resources. There are tons of websites with free material, but they're generally just ideas, like 'have students create tableaus', but they don't give suggestions, and for someone in my position that made them almost useless. This site has it all. I purchased the one month subscription and was able to download weeks worth of awesome materials, it has decreased my stress and increased my confidence in my lesson planning. Also, I had a question, sent an email and received a very kind reply in 10 minutes. Couldn't be happier.

by Angela Armiger on Drama Notebook

This is a great resource. I teach drama to special needs secondary students and have found some great ideas and downloads from this site.

by A. Gentle on Drama Notebook

I am thrilled with my Drama Notebook purchase. I originally purchased the $9.95 package. After realizing how helpful the website is, I quickly upgraded to the yearly package.

I am also impressed with the level of customer service provided. I called, left a message and my call was returned within 10 minutes.

I intend to refer this website to others.

by Geoff Whitesell on Drama Notebook

Great resource for everything from Classroom Management and Culture to Improv games to Vocabulary all the way to no hassle lesson plans and unit structure. Well worth the $10 subscription. I went from the University system to Middle School (yikes) so a lot of my content automatically doesn't translate. This site came to my rescue and has been a constant go to. Everything is easily downloadable and the content is legit. Don't think twice. Definitely worth it!

by karen on Drama Notebook

Such a fantastic resource . I would recommend this site to anyone teaching drama or anyone working with children.

by Carina Carter on Drama Notebook

I have been using this site to teach drama at a homeschool co-op. It is awesome! The lesson plans are easy to follow and the variety makes it easy to find skits, monologues, and plays to suit any needs. I will continue to come back again and again.

by shelly lawrence on Drama Notebook

I subscribed to Drama Notebook for several months and downloaded several skits, reader's theater, lesson plans, etc. I have used many of the pieces, as well as lesson plans this year. I plan to subscribe again when I need more material. Thank you!

by Charmaine Pinto on Drama Notebook

Thanks to Janea and team for such an invaluable drama resource.The activities are really engaging and fun and the kids love it!

by JW on Drama Notebook

I subscribed for more materials and found them to be excellent.

I don't need any new materials at the moment but will come back if I need more.

It would be nice to be able to preview before downloading (in full).

by Renae Evans on Drama Notebook

This site is invaluable to me as a teacher of an after school theatre program for grades K-12! I am grateful I stumbled upon it! I utilize the resources each week to find activities that appeal to all my students, from my youngest to my oldest! Thank you!

by Lia on Drama Notebook

I have found these script resources and theme ideas to be really helpful in building lessons and in putting together a show. The scripts for short scenes, the ideas for monologues, the improv cues and more were all valuable in helping build a great drama class. Thank you!

by Wendy on Drama Notebook

I teach drama to kids in grade 1 to grade 8. I found the lessons were able to reach all levels. There were so many great games and lessons that I implemented in my classes. The students loved it and couldn't wait for drama class again. This is my first time being an Arts teacher so Drama Notebook saved me a LOT of planning time. I will definitely subscribe again when I have exhausted all the great material I already downloaded. Thanks again.

by L Kullmann on Drama Notebook

Because I teach student ages 6-14, I found that Drama Notebook provides something for all ages. This resource site has become a large part of my curriculum.

by Megan Hughes on Drama Notebook

I love the variety of lessons and the ability to tweak them for different age groups as well as different groups of kids. And - if you are teaching class and directing shows, creativity sometimes runs a bit dry - Drama Notebook has saved the day many times and kick starts creativity. Great resource!

by Lisa on Drama Notebook

I subscribed for more materials and found them to be excellent.

I don't need any new materials at the moment, but will return in the future.

I was disappointed to discover that my credits did not roll over once I had cancelled. With other resource sites, it is possible to redeem your credits because you have in effect paid for them. This would be a great addition to Drama Notebook if this could be taken into consideration.

by Jamie Kiihnl on Drama Notebook

I subscribed to get fresh material. I found really good stuff on the site. I will probably buy another month but feel I have a good set of plans for now. I would suggest more options to buy lessons individually.

by Salome on Drama Notebook

What I love about Drama Notebook, Janea and the team is that, there is a personal touch to it. A very helpful and friendly community besides having a brilliant resource for people teaching drama. The children loved all the games that I played and are eagerly waiting for more. This is one of the best drama sites that I have come across and will definitely recommend it to my friends. Thanks for all the help, support and making drama so much fun 🙂

by Cindi Strobel on Drama Notebook

I have been using the Drama Notebook for many years and I just love it! There are lesson plans, scripts, activities, and drama games galore. It is WELL worth the cost of the annual subscription.

by Fiona Mair on Drama Notebook

Drama Notebook has given me fantastic ideas to use with a wide range of classes. From games to lessons to getting to know you ideas, Drama notebook has given perfect ideas for my classes - and all the children have all absolutely loved it. They are still begging to play some of the games again!

by Penelope Power on Drama Notebook

I teach Drama to Stage 3 students and DRAMA NOTEBOOK is my bible for Drama. The resources are of such a high quality, the videos are awesome and my students LOVE coming to DRAMA! Parents have told me that even when their children are not well, they don't want to stay home if its their Drama Day! DRAMA NOTEBOOK is so easy to use and the quality of the content is exceptional. Thank you, Drama Notebook. I get excited when I'm notified of new content being released. I can't wait to see the 50 new Skits!

by Christy Bindhardt on Drama Notebook

How do you teach Shakespeare to a 5 yr old? You use the resources at Drama Notebook and end up with an amazing 6 yr old Mercutio and a trio of 11 yr old witches. Thank you.

by Linda on Drama Notebook

I coach 3 of our school's Destination Imagination teams, and these resources are invaluable for all the last-minute planning (is that an oxymoron?) of warm-up activities and work on drama skills. Very grateful for Drama Notebook! (I only wish I could copy/paste the game instructions into my meeting agendas. I understand why it's protected, but that would make this even better for me!)

Hi Linda,

I can send you individual lessons that you can cut and paste from if you like!


by Dawn Stamper on Drama Notebook

I subscribed to Drama Notebook looking for a quick fix for a new class I was teaching of 5-9 year olds. This is an age group I do not usually work with and wanted to make sure I had something at their level. DN did not disappoint! Not only did I find a lesson for that day, but found several to use after and many for my older students as well. It was also nice to have the lists of improv starters to save time and brain power! The site was very easy to use and navigate and the newsletters keep you up to date on all new offerings. It is a great supplemental for any beginning acting class at any level.

by Linda on Drama Notebook

As someone just starting out teaching drama, I found the lesson plans and activities easy to follow and the students really enjoyed the activities. Thank you for this wonderful resource!

by Brenda on Drama Notebook

Excellent source for community drama programs for all ages. It's been a life saver for many years. Thanks, Drama Notebook!

by Mark Sankoff on Drama Notebook

Drama Notebook is a brilliant resource for someone who is new to teaching Drama. Well worth the subscription as there is a treasure trove of resources. My students have thoroughly enjoyed the resources supplied here.

by Mary D on Drama Notebook

So excited to use these ideas and scripts on my Mission trip to the Mayan villages in Belize. Love that some plays have small amount of characters and others involve lots of kids. Aesop's tales are universal lessons and I imagine good discussion to come from these as I work with kiddos. Thanks for the opportunity to open the lives of children internationally.

by Silvia on Drama Notebook

Well worth the money! The site is easy to browse, rich in contents and interesting tricks and tips. Well done!

by Gord on Drama Notebook

This resource is valuable, unbelievably thorough and well done. Looking for a resource for your drama students, this is well worth it.

by Kristina Cheffins on Drama Notebook

Fantastic resources!! I have been teaching for 10 years but it's my first year teaching Drama. Drama Notebook has been a fantastic find. Especially when teaching younger students. There is so much useful stuff on this website! Thank you!!!!

by AF Moore on Drama Notebook

I am now retired, but Drama Notebook was INVALUABLE in my drama classroom. I love the resources and the value, and my students always enjoyed the material! Keep up the good work!

by Emily-Belle on Drama Notebook

This is an amazing resource for teachers just starting out as well as experienced teachers. It is always growing and evolving with activities and lesson plans so I never need to worry about my lessons getting stale. The site itself if user-friendly, and the subscription costs are very reasonable. I have recommended this to so many of my colleagues.

by M. Salem on Drama Notebook

Drama Notebook has been such a lifesaver! This is my 5th year teaching, but my 1st year teaching drama. I did theater in high school and college, but only as a hobby, so I was not sure where to even go for curriculum, plans, and activities. This resource has been invaluable! I am so glad I found it when I was frantically googling for drama curricula. I 100% recommend this! Anyone can teach drama if they have Drama Notebook!

by Sarah on Drama Notebook

I got A LOT out of this site, the most helpful being How to Run a Drama Camp. I knew almost next to nothing, but it's almost idiot proof with tons of helpful ideas. Plus How to Teach Your First Drama Class was a lifesaver. As a result our troupe's Children's Theater Workshop was hit, and on the last day the kids were already talking about next year! Thanks Drama Notebook!
(The only reason I didn't give 5 stars is because it would be nice to just pay per lesson as opposed to a monthly subscription... but can't complain about the material, excellent stuff!)

Hi Sarah, you are welcome to cancel at any time, or purchase $10 in credits without a monthly subscription here:

Script credits may be used in the Lesson Library as well.

by Janna Rosenkranz on Drama Notebook

I teach Theatre 101 at a local community college (with lots of early and dual enrollment) and Drama Notebook is my go-to for games, activities, and lesson plans! The head of my department even considers it part of my PD!

by Mary Baker on Drama Notebook

You've made finding plays so straightforward and I LOVE the fun layout. Thanks for making play-searching so easy on the brain!

by Holly on Drama Notebook

I have a theatre background and work for a nonprofit cultural organization. I was recently assigned to develop early childhood programming for 0-5 year-olds and have been ever grateful to Drama Notebook for it's endless resources. I'm glad I went with the yearly subscription for unlimited downloads as I use this site a lot for themed classes. I would LOVE to see some more toddler-preK activities and exercises in the near future. I do and will continue to recommend this website to my fellow theatre educators! Thanks!

Hi Holly, we are working on adding more for very young students!

by Penelope Gonzales on Drama Notebook

I have gotten a ton of good stuff for my theater camps. The only reason it isn't 5 star is because it seems like the site doesn't remember that I paid my fee for a year . . . sometimes it keeps telling me to sign up . . . and won't give me access that I need to make sure it is what I want. Thanks!

Hi Penelope, we have written to you to resolve your issue!

by Denise on Drama Notebook

This site is my go to for acting games and activities for my drama club!

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