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by Mr D for Drama on Drama Notebook

Wonderful site with fantastic material. Would definitely recommend!

by Leeann Frank on Drama Notebook

Wonderful source for teaching drama. Highly engaging activities.

by Phil Bettison on Drama Notebook

Excellent resources. And our computer accidentally downloaded some materials twice and Drama Notebook gladly gave us the downloads back.

by Ryan on Drama Notebook

I've really enjoyed using the different games, scripts, teaching aids over the years. The lessons are written in way that always gets the kids involved and having fun. I've even used these same aids with our adult theatre groups and had the same success. There's something here for the beginning teacher to the experienced stage hand.

by Patti on Drama Notebook

I was looking for a mystery unit for grade 4/5 drama and I stumbled upon this site! Thank you so much for all of the resources!

by Jill Shapiro on Drama Notebook

I was given a drama class to teach this last year for which I was in no way qualified or prepared. I would never have been able to do it without the great resources, courses and activities I found on this wonderful site. Thank you so much!

by Nan Nawrocki on Drama Notebook

Our community theater has just finished our annual Youth Theater Workshop. The lessons and plays you offer were invaluable. We plan to keep up our subscription and continue to enjoy Drama Notebook in the future!

by David Riordan on Drama Notebook

I have taught drama class for several years, and it has been tough (painful) at times. Since having the use of Drama Notebook, the class has been incredibly more successful, less stressful, and much more fun. Thanks a ton!!

by B. P. on Drama Notebook

A great resource to have when teaching. I didn't end up using a lot of the material but it definitely gave me the push I needed to get started.

by Ashlea on Drama Notebook

Fabulous resource for busy Drama Teachers. All resources are carefully created and thorough to meet the needs of the lesson. My 'go to' when I need inspiration 🙂

by Amy Stephen on Drama Notebook

Drama Notebook is a fantastic resource! They provided me with so many entertaining lessons that I was able to use successfully with my elementary music/drama students ages 8 - 12. I really appreciate how they provide warm-ups, exercises, and games as well as skits and plays. A full spectrum of highly usable material - thanks!

by Michelle Martinez on Drama Notebook

After being out of the classroom for ten years, I found myself teaching drama to middle schoolers! This website was a blessing! Lesson plan ideas, warmups, games, and even the plays that we are performing next week. One stop shopping for all of my drama needs!Everything on this website is user friendly and easy to incorporate into a class of any level. I really appreciate the ease of finding things and would recommend this site to anyone.

by Eilish Murray on Drama Notebook

Brilliant ideas to use with all age groups!

by Shenise on Drama Notebook

I love this site! It has been very helpful as a supplemental resource for my curriculum.

by Sheena on Drama Notebook

This has been my go-to guide since I began teaching drama courses. I like the variety the site provides with content. The monologue contest submissions have been fun and inspiring to read! I found that the students were able to relate easier to monologues written by their peers. Thanks Janea for providing this service!

Hi Sheena,
I'm glad that your students are resonating with the monologues written by other kids. I hope that you consider teaching a unit on monologues and submitting your student's work to the site!

by Penelope Power on Drama Notebook

An awesome resource. I use it every day!

by Jill on Drama Notebook

Some really great resources that make drama really fun for students and easy for teachers. I teach grade 8 drama and they loved the 'Crime Scenes' activity and the 'Talking Objects.'

by Marilyn Russell on Drama Notebook

I highly recommend this site for all theater arts teachers. I had a drama class thrown into my visual arts classes at the last minute and this site was a life saver. I especially enjoyed the videos that showed many of the drama activities. My classes were huge-up to 42 seventh graders, and I couldn't have made it through the year without this site.

by Jenny on Drama Notebook

For four months leading up to the school play, I offered a drama club in my middle school. Drama Notebook has been phenomenal at providing me with materials to encourage student engagement and love for all things drama! I have even entered student work in the contests. Without Drama Notebook, I would have run out of ideas for my club long ago!

by Grama Jean on Drama Notebook

My students really enjoyed using the monologues for our Drama Recital. I appreciate the accessibility of the many short plays and monologues. Thank you kindly for your efforts to help keep the 'Art of Acting' alive and well.

by Sunny Gao on Drama Notebook

The website is very helpful especially for new drama teachers. I plan on using the materials I found on this site to open my own drama school.

by Paul Cooke on Drama Notebook

I have found this site so helpful over the last year. The resources are helpful to the point of being a godsend. Thanks folks, keep up the good work!

by Christine on Drama Notebook

So organized and helpful!!!!

by Kelly Gonzalez on Drama Notebook

This is my go-to site for planning rehearsals, from the very start of the Drama Club season, through the end. The games are so much fun for the kids! Helps make 90 minute rehearsals full and keeps their attention.

by Erin on Drama Notebook

Drama Notebook is an incredible reference for all teachers - whether you specialize in theatre or have zero experience! 10/10 recommend to all drama teachers!

by Paula Laundrie on Drama Notebook

I am most thankful for "finding" this group. Drama Notebook assisted me with wonderful ideas and activities as I embarked on my first drama teaching experience with young minds during the 2017 summer school experience. I look forward to new curriculum for 2018 summer school. Shout out to DRAMA NOTEBOOK.

by Zuzi on Drama Notebook

Simply the best.... Better than all the rest.... A lifesaver!!!

by Aishling on Drama Notebook

This is just amazing like OMG. No words can’s so good and the staff are really really helpful and nice!

by Tracy on Drama Notebook

Awesome site to use. This is a great site for teaching Drama in the classroom. I love the short plays and drama games.

by Monica Sabbatani on Drama Notebook

It's a really wonderful site, with plenty of ideas and suggestions... My only regret is that I can't have a proper drama class and organising a group of 27 is quite demanding... But thank you so much!

by Andi Piaggio on Drama Notebook

Although I haven't been able to use your plays because they are meant for larger classes, my students and I love your resources, which have always been very useful and great fun. Thanks a lot for sharing your creativity!

by Rebecca on Drama Notebook

This was the first year to have a Jr. High drama class. I was able to use Drama Notebook to teach the class, we played games, used the little plays to hone our skills. Great Resource, Must have for all Drama classes.

by Bill Gabrielson on Drama Notebook

Plain and simple: just some great stuff.Much appreciated.

by alicia harvey on Drama Notebook

This website makes for easy access for lessons for my theatre classes.The students have loved all the lessons I have used off this site!

by Vivienne on Drama Notebook

I love this site - it is so good for creative experiences, children learn so much and they enjoy all the resources too!! Thank you very much Drama Notebook

by Katherine on Drama Notebook

A wonderful resource. I particularly appreciated the notes on how to structure a class, and the improv guidelines.

by Janice King on Drama Notebook

I regularly use the activities shared and find that the children enjoy the games and not always realising that they are learning specific skills.

by Joanna on Drama Notebook

Drama Notebook has saved me so many times! It is so easy to find exactly what I need or what I think will work in a pinch! Thank you so much for this amazing resource, Janea (and team!)!

by Liz morse on Drama Notebook

Love this resource! I use it regularly. Fabulous freebies, my students really engage with them. The books are also very useful. Highly recommended!

by Tana Marie Jitaru on Drama Notebook

So useful. My kids love the games and activities and I can always find inspiration for my planning. The organisation of the activities by theme is really helpful too. Thank you!

by Jodie Bartlett on Drama Notebook

I love it. I have learned so much and my students are now learning skills rather than just playing games. Everything is catered for. Thank you!

by Jeanne Rae on Drama Notebook

Best resources you can find! Great for student engagement and teacher prep/ideas! Thanks!

by Emer on Drama Notebook

Great site for fun, interactive and creative experiences for all learners. A wonderful resource for teachers, parents, community groups etc. User friendly and rich with valuable resources.

by Jasmine on Drama Notebook

Drama Notebook is a lifesaver! Such a fabulous resources that gives you creative, fresh ideas when your imagination tank is running low! Thank you so much, Drama Notebook!

by Kelly Thompson on Drama Notebook

I am a drama teacher. This is a great resource for getting inspiration and ideas. Thank goodness I found it!

by Jodie Irwin on Drama Notebook

I love it!! I am a after-school teacher for third through sixth graders. They love doing skits, mini plays, and story telling. Drama Notebook has always been my go-to site for ideas and help. Thank you for everything!! 😊

by Jan Balistreri on Drama Notebook

Thanks so much. I will come back often. I am a beginner puppeteer and your site has been very helpful.

by Ruth Ratcliffe on Drama Notebook

Drama Notebook is an absolutely fantastic support to my work. I run drama classes for different age groups and settings such as youth clubs and prisons, so to be able to source activities, lesson plans, scripts at the touch of a button assists in keeping me calm when things get hectic. Thank you so much 🙂 ...

by Tanya Mock on Drama Notebook

As a Performing Arts teacher who wants to stay fresh and keep learning opportunities engaging for a variety of ages, "Drama Notebook" has become my first "go to". Preparation time is always so limited, so you need a reliable resource that can provide the goods and fast. THANK-YOU!

by Michael Harrop on Drama Notebook

Great resource. We run a program from K-12 and the material allows us easy access a variety of age groups. We are still going through all the material; however, what we have used so far is excellent.

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