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by Cindy on Drama Notebook

I love this website and all the great ideas there are for running a drama class. The games, lesson and activities are hits with all 3 grades I teach. (6-8) This site really helped me create this class which I started 4 years ago.

by Steve Black on Drama Notebook

This is a great site. I have used many of the poems, improvs and scripts to great effect. In the summer I am running an eight day drama club and I will be heavily utilizing aspects of this site. The wide variety of choice is welcome, especially to a new teacher starting out.

by Despoina on Drama Notebook

Great resource, easy for my programming really fun for my students!

by Kerry White on Drama Notebook

Great resource!!

by Anna Telford on Drama Notebook

Thank you so much for providing such a wonderful array of material. I have used them in the class and in after-school drama club. Easy to follow instructions with the necessary resources.

by Teresa Polk on Drama Notebook

I am a Drama teacher at an International secondary school and Drama Notebook has been an excellent resource for me. Fun, creative exercises and lessons for a variety of age groups. I also appreciate the ideas for body and vocal warm-ups and class discussion and reflection time. A MUST HAVE for drama teachers!

by Ilze Tulleken on Drama Notebook

A wonderful resource to assist with guidance and inspiration for drama teachers. This site has changed the way I teach classes and allows me to adapt lessons for small classes to large groups.

by Penelope Haskew on Drama Notebook

Drama Notebook is a great resource and it's awesome to have some fresh ideas on hand now and then. I'm really finding inspiration for new lessons and courses that I haven't offered before too.

by Emmajean Evans on Drama Notebook

Drama Notebook has been my "go to place", when I need something right away. Excellent resource and life saver. Thank you for being there when I need you.

by Karleen Hayden on Drama Notebook

Thanks to Drama Notebook, I now have a play included among the wonderful scripts offered here. This is an outstanding resource for teachers, and I wish it had been available when I was teaching elementary school!

by Cal Bray on Drama Notebook

Great Ideas - lovely games and activities across subjects. Would love you to add more ideas for the older kids i.e. 14 - 17 year olds. Although I am aware that you focus on Junior Drama.

by Marianna Penna on Drama Notebook

My experience with Drama Notebook was exactly as I anticipated it; extremely interesting material, helpful, with an enjoyable approach. A real Drama whiz! I am an ESL teacher at a Junior High School in Athens, Greece, and I am also in charge of the school drama club. Although my students-members of the drama club are older than the Drama Notebook main target group, I have used a lot of your material and we had some awesome moments. I have used some material during my English classes as well. The students found it funny and exciting. It was really motivating!

by Carolina Ferguson on Drama Notebook

Drama Notebook is one of the most impressive resources I have come across whilst teaching Drama. I am a Secondary trained teacher but currently teaching Drama in a Primary school from P-6. The variety in lesson ideas, themes and general content is very wide. My students love some of the ideas I’ve adapted through Drama notebook and I never tire of trying to re-invent the Drama curriculum in our school thanks to having Drama Notebook as a handy resource. You guys have the edge, thank you for all your efforts.

by Katie on Drama Notebook

Drama Notebook has been an excellent resource for my middle school drama classes. I know I can turn to the site for both a last-minute pinch and for more deliberate lesson planning. Also, fantastic customer service - every email I've sent has been responded to immediately. Worth every penny!

by Lindsey on Drama Notebook

This has been a lifesaver! I use the curriculum in class and on the weekends for some extended learning classes that I teach, there is something here for everyone!

by Corrina Bryant on Drama Notebook

I am a scriptwriter from London and have written for Drama Notebook. I think this is an excellent resource for teaching staff and their students and the team are helpful, friendly and efficient.

by Angela on Drama Notebook

Drama Notebook has been a lifesaver for my K-5 Drama Classes! With games that support drama concepts and lesson ideas I can keep my students excited and engaged. My colleagues and I love Drama Notebook! Thank you Janea!!!

by Diana on Drama Notebook has been invaluable in providing different—- and very creative—- ways to teach theatre to young people. After working with children for over forty years, I can solidly and enthusiastically endorse this website. We LOVE it!!!!! Thank you, Janea!!

by Bríd on Drama Notebook

This has been an invaluable resource for me. Janea cares about children’s education and about their teachers. Thank You Drama Notebook!

by Jacqueline on Drama Notebook

Loving this site!!!!! It is so helpful and its always so refreshing to get new ideas!!!!!! Thank you for creating this and sharing it with us!!!!!!

by Jennifer Geist on Drama Notebook

I have been using these resources since 2010 in my Spanish language classes as well as youth leadership club! They are THAT adaptable! In fact- Drama Notebook materials are excellent for building group identity and self confidence in students- both are key factors for success in my classes. I am so grateful to Janea for all these years of good stuff to keep my teaching interesting and to help me see the big picture of how drama skills are life skills.

by Sancia on Drama Notebook

I would give it 50 stars out of 5 if I could - this is a joyous, comprehensive, informed, creative, fun, comprehensive, mature, researched, inspired and inspiring essential resource for any acting/drama teacher- highly crazily recommend it!!

by Hannah Garnier on Drama Notebook

Drama Notebook is a life saver! Teaching high school drama for the first time, these go-to lessons were easy, fun, and effective! My students loved coming to drama class and it helped us develop the skills needed to put on a musical later in the year. I highly recommend Drama Notebook!

by Jeni on Drama Notebook

I have been using drama notebook for about 3 years now. It has been a total blessing to me and the young people I teach. Some of my classes are very small, some large, with an age range of ages 6-18;yet, I have been able to find valuable resources on the Drama Notebook website for every group! I highly recommend it!! The illustrations are fabulous as well😊!!

by Kathleen on Drama Notebook

I am a solid director in the theatre, but I am always looking for new ideas and activities to present to middle school and elementary school drama club students. This website is a lifesaver, and I don't know what I'd do without it! So much work is already done for me. I just have to browse, click, save or print and I am good to go! My drama club students (grades 3-5) presented DEAR SANTA... for our holiday skit. It went amazingly well and the audience loved it! Thanks so much, JANEA!

by Stacey on Drama Notebook

Love this fantastic resource. It’s a great site to find new ideas- games, scenarios and lesson ideas. Thank you for creating this!!

by Nicki on Drama Notebook

This resource has been my go to for my first year of teaching Performing Arts (Drama). My Year 4-6 students won their Eisteddfod music festival entry with play written by Janea Dahl. The games are extensive, relevant and the plays are engaging. I would love to see if possible, in the future, a way to map the Western Australian curriculum to the content on this site so I can pinpoint activities relevant to the achievement standards I need to cover. Thank you to all the team for their work in putting this website together. It teaches me as well as the students - awesome!

by R. Perry on Drama Notebook

I have given 5 stars because I love what I see! But honestly I have not used the material yet. I am excited about trying! It looks well organized and lots of activities included with the scripts.Middle School Theater Arts

by Jessica Gaylor on Drama Notebook

I absolutely love using Drama Notebook! I have taught Drama classes for 12 years and it's so refreshing to have a resource like Drama Notebook to turn to for new ideas. The website is so well organized and there are constantly new lessons. A truly great asset to every theatre teachers laundry list of exercises!

by Jane Eagling on Drama Notebook

Love Drama Notebook. Started teaching drama last year, Year 5, 6. This year teaching whole school primary drama and only use Drama Notebook. Be lost without it. Thank you so much!

by Jessica L. Whitford on Drama Notebook

I’m a Performing Arts teacher for a Middle School. I have my degree in theatre arts with an emphasis in Drama Education. I’ve also been a performer for many years. A few years ago I was getting a bit burnt out from teaching and was running low on creative ideas. That’s when I found and it reignited my dwindling flame and creative spark! I’ve used it often and am grateful to all the hard work that goes into it! Thank you Drama Notebook for making my life easier and more creative!

by Raelee on Drama Notebook

We are two television actors in Sydney, Australia who have started venturing down the colourful path of teaching screen acting. With no formal history of teaching, Drama Notebook has saved us many a time. No kidding. Especially so with our younger students. Thank you Drama Notebook for ideas and inspiration.

by Tracy Schempp on Drama Notebook

Not only can I give this site a 5 stars, but so can my students. Our school does 4-5 exploratory groups per year with 4 weeks (one hour a week) that goes to each round of exploratories. I used content from this website and we had so much fun with it. The students, loved the skits and the comedy that came from them. I recommend this website and will be back again next year, when I plan to run this exploratory again. I don't usually do the same exploratory in one school year, but if I did, I would do this one again.

by Amy on Drama Notebook

Drama Notebook materials have revitalized my theater arts classes. The kids love all the plays we've read. There's more material than I would ever have time to use. Thank you SO much!

by Shama on Drama Notebook

A fab site. My kids really enjoyed the lessons and it took a lot of pressure of me!

by Aniya on Drama Notebook

What a life saver!

by Signe Van Slyke on Drama Notebook

I LOVE Drama Notebook! I was nervous when I was asked to teach a theater course to children ages 7-11. As a drama instructor, the majority of my teaching experience has been with high school and young adults students. I was completely unsure of my ability to create a 10 week lesson plan which would be age appropriate. Drama Notebook to the rescue! Every lesson, game, and acting exercise I have used from this valuable online resource was a huge success with the class. Many activities quickly became favorites that the students pleaded to play again and again. The lesson plans are well structured and build in a perfect sequence that is easy to follow. Janea was also amazingly supportive. She answered all of my questions quickly, allayed all of my fears, and truly helped me to be a better drama teacher. I cannot thank her enough for her personal assistance and for this great resource she and her staff have created to help support the theater educator community. I am so thankful I found this website and look forward to the next chance I will have to apply all of the knowledge I gained from it.

by Elizabeth Brown on Drama Notebook

I absolutely love this site! Helpful and fun!

by Shelly Cox-Robie on Drama Notebook

I LOVE DRAMA NOTEBOOK!!! I'm a performer turned drama teacher so Drama Notebook has become my "go to" for great ideas, lesson plans, games, monologues....all things theatre. I teach 3rd-12th grade, all different levels. Any time I need any new ideas or a quick lesson plan I know where to turn. This is a solid website for anyone in the theatre world who works with kiddos.

by Rob Tieman on Drama Notebook

I teach theater and music for grades P-8. Drama Notebook's Resources are the backbone to many of my greatest lessons and units. There are so many scripts and monologues for my kids to choose from. I use the Crazy Card Scenes almost everyday in my classroom. I like pairing these lessons with some of our new puppets we purchased this year. Most of our students say it's their favorite class 🙂

by Brenda on Drama Notebook

Drama Notebook is a continuing inspiration for me over many years - always something new to try. I teach Drama in community programs to many different ages (3 -19 years) and DN offers something for them all. When I begin planning for each session, I always start with DN. Thank you for saving my life many times! And the kids thank you too!

by Ria Pavia on Drama Notebook

I teach several acting classes for kids and adults every week... This site continually saves me in that I never feel like I’m becoming stale; there are endless creative ideas! THANK YOU!

by Jenni Gaderlund on Drama Notebook

Drama Notebook has been the BEST resource as I have been building my middle school Drama Class. I especially appreciate the clear directions, and wonderful ideas. My students have loved every minute!

by Melissa on Drama Notebook

I love this site! The drama games are awesome-I love that there are cards to print out. My students just used some of the student-written monologues and had a blast. I also find this site helpful for ideas for children's theatre.

by S Mehta on Drama Notebook

I have been teaching drama for the last 18 years. This is the best resource I have ever come across. Kudos to Janea & the team. It’s made my work easier and so much fun!Look forward to learning more and more.

by Sashi Mendis on Drama Notebook

Finding suitable, usable material packaged in a teacher friendly format is the drama teachers eternal quest. Drama Notebook figures very well in this search, by placing at your fingertips, great material to be used. Thanks, Drama Notebook.

by Diane on Drama Notebook

The Drama Notebook resources are detailed and useful. I’ve use these from Pre-primary to year 6. I enjoy having access to the rich variety of material available.

by Jean Paul delaHoussaye on Drama Notebook

Great resource for teaching theatre students, exercises, scripts and much more. Easy to use and new projects added all the time.

by Connie on Drama Notebook

I use this site all the time for my drama class. The materials are easy to access and provide a variety of skits and plays for my students to perform.

by Corinna on Drama Notebook

Drama Notebook has been a wonderful resource both to use both as a K-12 drama educator and a theatre educator in the community. The scripts are great and the classroom resource materials are top notch. I can only sing praises about the materials that Janea has put together and I highly recommend the Notebook to anyone veteran, new drama teacher, or other classroom teacher searching for resources on Drama!

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