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Drama Notebook
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 by Rosa

I ran a small (free) 1-week summer drama camp for girls in our neighborhood and I have loved and enjoyed all the resources. I used the drama games, the list of books to turn into plays and just reading all the positive comments gave me the confidence to do it. We presented a 5 minute play the first year and 10 minute play the second year, and they have been a great confidence builder for the kids. LOVE DRAMA NOTEBOOK

 by Jeanne Jorash

I have enjoyed Drama Notebook so much! I recommend it to teachers starting out and for veterans as well. We Drama teachers often feel like we're "thrown" into the classroom and given nothing, so this is great for ideas and fun projects! The personal customer service is wonderful as well. We need the kindred spirits---we are a rare breed!

 by Susan Wright

Love this resource! I'm so grateful to Drama Notebook! Being a first year middle school theatre teacher, with no curriculum given to me, I appreciated the variety of units to choose from and the straightforward lesson plans. The engaging games and well thought-out strategies for teaching were very helpful and the students loved them. I especially liked the Shakespeare lessons- I used Macbeth, Romeo and Juliet, and Hamlet. The beginning acting lessons and Voice lessons are great to start with! If you are thinking of buying, do not hesitate! Get Drama Notebook today! It's worth it!!!

 by Jen Venette

I love Drama Notebook because the materials are collected into appropriate age groups. I know that if I search for something for middle school, I will find something that will work for my students. They also are written in a kid friendly way, as opposed to something that I will be able to use, but only after I have re-written it in a more accessible reading level.

I belonged to two different sites when I started teaching drama in my school, as I am a choir teacher and needed direction. After using both, this is my choice.

Thanks for making a new curriculum easy on me and fun for my students!

 by Leo

Every year for summer school we do two or three short plays. Every year Drama Notebook is right there with a selection of plays that meet our needs. Great value!

 by helena simcic

Wonderful site with lots of fun games, skits and lessons for junior high students. Loved all the resources!

 by Daniel Smith

Outstanding Resource for Drama Enthusiasts!

I recently discovered Drama Notebook, and I am thoroughly impressed with the quality and variety of scripts available. As a drama teacher, finding well-crafted scripts that engage and challenge my students can be a daunting task. This website has exceeded my expectations in every way.

The collection is diverse, offering everything from classic plays to contemporary works, ensuring there’s something for every taste and educational need. The search functionality is intuitive, allowing me to quickly find scripts that fit my lesson plans and objectives. Additionally, the detailed descriptions and user reviews for each script help me make informed decisions on which ones to choose.

One feature I particularly appreciate is the ease of access. Scripts are available for immediate download, and the formatting is professional and easy to follow, which is crucial when working with young actors. The website also provides helpful tips and resources for staging and performance, which have been invaluable for my class.

Overall, Drama Notebook is a fantastic resource for anyone involved in drama education or theatre production. It has become my go-to site for high-quality scripts, and I highly recommend it to fellow educators and theatre practitioners. Kudos to the team behind this excellent platform! Thanks

 by Larry Moss

Great site. I currently teach a one-day Theatre Day Camp, and I don't need LOTS of resources, but I can find appropriate and affordable scripts/scenarios at a reasonable price. Thanks for a valuable site.

 by Joey

Great website with lots of resources. I teach a summer school acting class and the students got so much out of materials from this site.

 by Daniel Smith

Super website. So clear, friendly and easy to get around. I will be using this for a long time. Thank you for everything.

 by Melisa

Drama Notebook has been a great resource for my drama classes. They have easy to access resources that are super helpful for beginning teachers and beginning students.

 by Amanda D.

This past year was the first time I have ever taught drama in the classrooms I have never been so nervous! Drama Notebook had so many wonderful lesson plans that were easy to follow, and I could adapt them to my needs. I really appreciated the creative drama lessons for the younger students, kindergarten and first grade. For second through fifth, we really loved the monologues, short SEL scenes, the suitcase of possibility, drama, games, party, quirks, and obstacles, scene starters, books to act out, and so many more! The criminal cards were so much fun!

 by HAr Simran Kaur

It was a life saver. Excellent content!

 by Rhonda

Such a useful and practical resource. Far superseded my expectations!

 by Pam Podolner

Subscribing to Drama Notebook was a quick and easy way to build out my curriculum and add to my script library. It makes lesson planning and teaching so much easier.

 by Eve Romand

Thank you so much for your excellent website! The resources are amazing. I've been too busy to exploit the scripts properly, that's a shame. Thanks again!

 by Hubbard County DAC

We've been using Drama Notebook since the beginning of COVID isolation. Being able to connect our developmentally disabled participants through a virtual format with play readings was life changing! We've continued to do weekly play reading groups in person ever since we returned. The scripts fit the variety of reading abilities in our group, and everyone gets a chance to have a part.

 by Kate

This is an awesome site. It is constantly updating and adding to its resources. I have subscribed to many educational sites over the years, this is the best one by far! You won't regret subscribing. It is worth it!

 by Sidney K.

This was exactly what I needed to run a small theater workshop with my students at the end of the school year. What's more, I got much more than what we could possibly do in our workshop time, and so I was able to download other resources that I am already looking forward to using in future years as well. I teach English Language Arts from upper elementary through high school, and the range of resources available on this site for both theater and poetry is wide. Thank you!!

 by Micah

So helpful in my first year of teaching!! I loved using the open scenes in particular.

 by CG

Fantastic resources that are easy to use, search, and access!!!

 by Kaz Qutab

I'll admit I was a little skeptical when I first heard of Drama Notebook a few years ago. I very wrongly assumed that it was some kind of watered-down, elementary-teacher-with-no-actual-theatre-training type of site. While it CAN help these types of teachers, the exercises, tips, and scripts are fantastic for even seasoned drama folks. For me, it helps create a structure to a lot of the abstract techniques I've been taught myself, it sparks my imagination further, and reveals so many games I've never heard of before. The sheer volume of resources is impressive. I also attended a free workshop, and Janea and Jennifer were so warm and genuine. I definitely recommend D.N. to anyone teaching drama to kids and teens!

 by Susan Musser

Drama Notebook is a very comprehensive website with many things that can help drama teachers can use to assist in the classroom. Love it!

 by Michael

Amazing website I found everything I needed for my class in a short notice.

 by Lisa

Drama Notebook is an amazing website. It is full of lots of inspirational materials and great tips for putting on plays with children. Website is very easy to navigate.

 by CH

Very helpful collection, huge variety of interesting plays and activities, easy to navigate

 by Nancy Halterman

The plays were very fun and interesting. They gave me incentive to write a play of my own for my 4-H group. I am not a school teacher, but I know that drama teachers would greatly benefit from Drama Notebook.

 by Casey Herseim

Very helpful & great variety of materials for all ages.

 by Diana Driver

I have been teaching Drama for almost thirty years and am always on the lookout for new ideas to keep students engaged. The Drama Notebook has given me new ideas and fresh scripts for scene study and exploration! Thank you for offering this service!

 by Laura

An amazing resource I will turn to again for the ELA classroom. So much fun and so engaging for students at the grade 6 level. Also good as a cross-curricular resource for subjects such as Health with the SEL based scripts.

 by Kelley

Drama Notebook was just what I was looking for, for my homeschool co-op. The variety was wonderful and I liked that I could easily find something in the length that I wanted, that was age appropriate.

 by Coleen Healy

We are a K-8 progressive school and we have found Drama Notebook to be invaluable to us when we are creating our all school December and June plays. We have used the tools in the classroom which have developed individual confidence, social emotional growth and a community mindset. I highly recommend the tools even if you are not planning a performance.

 by Alma Morales

I love Drama Notebook and highly suggest it, not only to theatre teachers but to any educator dealing with young pupils, for having at hand a variety of tools to apply in class. I sincerely appreciate you sharing this fantastic website.

 by Emily

Very helpful resource for finding lessons and inspiration!!!

 by Laura

My students really enjoyed the activities and the scripts. I used some of the SEL scripts for both my grade 6 ELA and Health classes. Students were very engaged and I look forward to using more activities with them.

 by James McCulloch

Drama Notebook has LONG been a wonderful resource for theater camps and, now, my middle school theater class. A wide variety of fun and silly scripts and GREAT activities to stretch and grow skills needed for the stage. I love that they KEEP MAKING RESOURCES. Highly recommend to anyone working with K-8 and even high school theater students. LOTS of wonderful resources.

 by Stacy Stockton

My Junior High student's loved the modern version of Midsummer Night's Dream: A Midsummer Camp's Dream. It made Shakespeare welcoming, funny, and accessible to them and I know they'll be eager to learn Shakespeare in the future! Thank you so much for the great resource and enjoyable work!

 by Val Meade

I cannot recommend Drama Notebook enough. The materials were invaluable as I navigated teaching Theatre (with 10 days notice before school started last year!).

Not only are the materials great, but the staff is lovely. When I've had any questions or issues they have been kind and responsive.

 by Sue Newitt

This website is marvelous for helping teachers get resources quickly and easily. There are plenty of free ideas that can be printed off for those unexpected occasions. I would like to see more Australian content, but perhaps more Aussie teachers contributing is what is needed.
I would definitely recommend Drama Notebook to all Drama teachers. I've been in the game 27 years and I needed refreshing ideas which I got in abundance from Drama Notebook.

Thanks for your review! We'd love to receive submissions from Australian teachers. To submit to Drama Notebook, follow this link: So glad the site is so helpful! --Julia, member support

 by Deb

I am so glad I found Drama Notebook!! I would not have made it through my contract teaching drama for the first time ever without this help!! Incredible ideas, lessons, skits, scripts and organization!! Wow, thank you for making my first experience with Drama go so smoothly!! Now I can't wait to teach it again.

 by Pauline

I love the site. I just do not need it in the summer months so I canceled by subscription.

 by Seth D

Amazing site. Wonderful resource for Theater Teachers everywhere!

 by Tonya

Plenty of great ideas to choose from, and site is easy to navigate. For some activities, it would be helpful if there were more suggestions for implementation as I found some of the activities quite open-ended and could have benefited from this. Thank you for this resource!

Hi Tonya, thanks so much for leaving a review. If you decide to come back to Drama Notebook in the future, you're always welcome to email me at [email protected] to inquire about resources with more suggestions for implementation. I would be more than happy to guide you toward lesson plans and activities on the site that suit your needs. --Julia, member support

 by Carina

Such a great resource, thank you so much for sharing! Our team works with a wide range of youth from all different backgrounds and experience, and we love the huge number of warm ups and scripts available. We'll definitely come back to the site again!

 by Lucy Needle

A fantastic website full of resources. Would highly recommend!

 by Tabitha

What a great spot to find short scripts for a little play we could do with our homeschool co-op for much less than we’d pay for the rights normally. If we have the need for another script in the future, we would definitely come back and get it here.

 by Becca

This resource was amazing when I had to be the drama teacher for two terms this year. Easy to use and fun.

 by Valerie Shaw

Drama Notebook is an excellent resource, and I will definitely use again! DN has a huge selection of plays, skits, monologues, exercises, lesson plans, and so much more, and all adapted to your available time, grade levels, and differentiation needs.

 by Sarah Cummings

Loved the resources I found here! Students were engaged and enjoying so many different activities I found on here!! Bravo!

 by Diana Driver

This website was a great resource for me as I charted elementary waters as a high school drama teacher! Found great things to use and everything was super user-friendly!
Thank you!

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