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Drama Notebook
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Mar 5, 2021
by LaKendra Thomas on Drama Notebook

I absolutely love this website! I am a middle school drama teacher, and this site is a one stop shop! Literally, everything that I need to run my classroom can be found here. There are all sorts of scripts, and lesson plans. I would definitely recommend for any K-12 drama teacher!

Mar 4, 2021
by D Plug on Drama Notebook

This is an excellent site. I only need it in short bursts so I join for a month or two a year. Its good for beginning drama teachers, incidental drama teachers like me and I'm sure any drama teacher at all. The range of material is huge - just check the alphabetic list! And the material is very person friendly. This is my first stop for any drama info or ideas I need. Thanks for doing this.

Mar 4, 2021
by Jamie Arias on Drama Notebook

This is a great site and the products are perfect for drama and theater teachers, but also for ELA teachers as well. We always need ideas to help engage our students, and this is a great and different way to do it.

Mar 3, 2021
by Sarah Julianelle on Drama Notebook

We are homeschooling with another family this year and for Christmas we put on the Christmas Carol. The kids loved their parts. The play was very well written and so funny and clever. I really appreciated that each child had a good amount of lines. There weren't just a couple lead roles and then roles with little to no lines. It was easy for the kids to memorize and we have ages 5-11, grades kinder to sixth grade represented. When we put on the play the parents and older siblings really enjoyed it. They all commented on well it was written. They weren't just surviving another school program (we came from a school with lots of school programs) but they found themselves genuinely enjoying it. I would highly recommend this site to other educators. It was definitely a highlight for all of us from this school year! I am grateful for this resource and how affordable it is!

Mar 3, 2021
by Rosie on Drama Notebook

Drama Notebook has a huge database of original, tried and tested ideas so that I never run dry of inspiration! The lesson plans were a huge lifesaver for me when I was finding my feet as a drama teacher, and I’ve continued to use it as a resource for scripts, games, warmups, themes etc. Everything I’ve tried from here has been a hit with my students!

Mar 2, 2021
by Bonnie on Drama Notebook

The plays look fantastic 😍. I originally was looking for an easy American language Shakespeare play for 5th grade. I didn’t find what I was looking for, but found several others that look great. I teach 5th grade at a homeschool co-op. There are only 13 kids in my class and we meet only 3 days a week, so time is limited. Also, I’m heavy on girls this year (not very Shakespeare friendly)😉.

Feb 28, 2021
by ABW on Drama Notebook

A wide variety of resources that I found helpful for getting a new theatre teacher I have on staff up and running. I'm in the odd position of needing scripts, primarily for groups of 3-4 students with flexible gender casting, so options are understandably limited. I really appreciated being able to do a short duration subscription since that met our needs quite well and plan on re-subscribing next season to update our class material. I do wish there was a way, besides going to the download log and counting, to see how many credits are remaining on our account at any time - like perhaps when you download an item you see something that says 5 credits remaining etc.

Feb 27, 2021
by AK on Drama Notebook

A very useful site that caters to a huge range of students and their varied needs! The activities are really fun and interesting. The website is also updated regularly to include new plays and drama activities for online learning. Will definitely sign up for another year soon.

Feb 26, 2021
by Róisín Kavanagh on Drama Notebook

I subscribed to Drama Notebook to get inspiration for online teaching. Heading back to the classroom next week, and have changed to 3 month subscription.

Feb 25, 2021
by Michele on Drama Notebook

A super resource for ideas, examples, etc. and very easy to adapt to online teaching.

Feb 25, 2021
by Angela Mills on Drama Notebook

I am an English teacher, and this year an elective drama class was given to me at the last minute. I was struggling to plan lessons each day, as it has been many years since I've worked on a play and I was feeling pretty rusty! I signed up for Drama Notebook thinking it would be similar to other subscription services and places that a person can buy lesson plans, but I was completely blown away by how incredible all the materials are. Everything is practical and original. I never once had an issue with purchasing something that was plagiarized, which I also appreciate, as it shows that they prize original material and payment for artists and writers. I will most definitely be back for more material!

Feb 24, 2021
by Madison on Drama Notebook

This website has been an incredible resource for me as I start my first semester of teaching a middle school drama elective! So many creative games and activities that my students have loved!!

Feb 22, 2021
by Colleen on Drama Notebook

Love this site! So many resources that are just ready to use! Awesome and so well put together in terms of categories to search and download from. Games, Scripts, Lessons plans - it's all here!

Feb 17, 2021
by Katie on Drama Notebook

Wonderful website and teachers resource for skits and plays. Our school was having a skit competition and found this the easiest website for our needs. Loved how they had skits for large groups and had classic fairy tales. One small improvement I would suggest is that I wish you could search for plays by the time and how many players. Great site.

Feb 17, 2021
by Mario Nseir on Drama Notebook

A very useful site for drama theatre and courses and workshops.

Feb 15, 2021
by Jana F on Drama Notebook

Great site for drama class resources! I have used several of the scripts as read-alouds in class with my virtual Middle Schoolers. Great activities and scenes, too. You won't be sorry!

Feb 14, 2021
by Marlene Chalmers on Drama Notebook

If you are teaching drama in any capacity, online, hybrid, in person, I highly recommend this site. The materials are user-friendly, the scripts are top-notch, and the people behind this endeavor are super helpful. Yesterday, I had a chance to speak with Janea, and she is the real deal. She cares about drama teachers, and pretty much anyone who is helping kids exercise their creativity. I feel lucky to have stumbled onto Drama Notebook.

Feb 13, 2021
by Katie on Drama Notebook

As a tech theater professional walking into a K-12 drama program, this has been a total game changer. Not only has it helped me to successfully deliver quality lessons, it greatly reduced the stress of developing a K-6 curriculum from scratch. The lessons are fun to teach and user friendly (the clowning unit was a HUGE success with my 3rd graders.) Absolutely worth the subscription!

Feb 11, 2021
by Carrie Ray on Drama Notebook

I especially love this site for the short scene collection. It's great for beginning acting classes.

Feb 9, 2021
by S. Allington on Drama Notebook

Vancouver Parks and Recreation started offering homeschool programs last year and Drama Notebook was an excellent resource for our drama course teacher to access scripts, lessons and drills to do with the students. I would highly recommend this resource!

Feb 8, 2021
by Deborah on Drama Notebook

I am a K-12 music teacher. This school year has been anything but normal. No concerts. No audiences. No singing. My students & I still wanted to have a performance so I searched for ideas & ran across Drama Notebook & the flexible plays that are can be used in various age groups. They are great! The kids are having fun & I am too. 😊

Feb 6, 2021
by Candice on Drama Notebook

I am a special needs instructor, and I was looking for a Christmas play to do with my students. Drama Notebook had just what I was looking for. I like the resources on this site.

Feb 3, 2021
by Tracy on Drama Notebook

I needed fresh ideas for my Musical Theatre classes. Drama Notebook allowed access to so many varied and fun ideas for my students! I was nothing but impressed.

Jan 30, 2021
by Marie Amey on Drama Notebook

Drama Notebook has been an invaluable resource for us during the pandemic, with so many resources adaptable for digital sessions. We have particularly enjoyed creating the radio plays!

Jan 28, 2021
by Smaranda on Drama Notebook

I found the resources on this website wonderful - extremely useful and very well constructed, with a lot of care and understanding for teachers. Especially enjoyed the one act plays, radio plays were a great resource for 2020 :) Great website! Thank you!

Jan 27, 2021
by Wendy Moorland on Drama Notebook

I am a middle school drama teacher, and I was looking for some things to do with my students online when I ran across Drama Notebook. I am blown away by the resources on this site. SO much here, and everything I have used with my students has been a huge success. If you have to teach drama in any capacity, you NEED to be a member of this site.

Jan 27, 2021
by Karan on Drama Notebook

Hi, I teach theatre to kids in the age group 6-9 in Bangalore, India. I was looking for a short online play with a cast of about 10 characters to do with them as an annual show and I found the perfect one here. Thank you!

Jan 27, 2021
by Leland Williams on Drama Notebook

I am Director I of Drama at a performing arts school in Connecticut. Drama Notebook was and will be a constant source for me and my teachers. The lesson plans are well thought out, use precise language and well rounded and engaging exercises even when I have 13 students online! And If you are looking for substitute teacher material, the plans are brilliant and easy! Thank you Drama Notebook!

Jan 26, 2021
by Cynthia Hardeman on Drama Notebook

Drama Notebook has been an excellent resource during the pandemic.

Jan 25, 2021
by Greg Nelson on Drama Notebook

I adopted a few bright elementary home-school-ees. Although they can read at or above their grade level, we needed something that got them all ACTIVE in their reading. These resources did the trick and ended up being a regular part of reading and creative writing! Thank-you!

Jan 24, 2021
by Julia on Drama Notebook

Great site with a wide variety of material. I cancelled my subscription because my drama unit ended, but my kids loved the skits that we performed.

Jan 24, 2021
by Heidi Ross on Drama Notebook

The best site for very usable drama activities! I've used many of Drama Notebook resources, but when I had to move to online teaching, I was so excited to see all the online and socially distanced activities! I opted for the one month subscription and got my ten credits worth of stuff. I only cancelled because I don't think I'll be doing drama next year; but if I do, I will be re-subscribing FOR SURE!

Jan 24, 2021
by Polly Brasher on Drama Notebook

We found material here that is good and clean. Love that the monologues we found for students were written by other students. Thank you for providing this resource.

Jan 23, 2021
by Zach Davis on Drama Notebook

Great program that offers a ton of material. The only reason I ended the subscription is that I only teach one unit of Drama for my ELAR class, but will be re-opening when I hit back on this material next year!

Jan 23, 2021
by Janet Eitel on Drama Notebook

My grandchildren wanted to perform a Christmas play so I subscribed to get some ideas. We loved looking at the various plays and had fun performing a couple. It is a great program and I will join again if the grandkids ever get the acting bug again.

Jan 21, 2021
by Kerryn on Drama Notebook

If you are looking to put on a play, this is the site for you. It was so easy to find something for my class that was suitable including the right number of characters. Saved me a lot of time and the kids loved it!

Jan 20, 2021
by jackie on Drama Notebook

Great resource as a speech language pathologist to have adult, teen, and adolescent patients practice reading, fluency, intonation, vocal intensity, inferencing, perspective taking... the list goes on. Very easy to search for the material you're looking for and it makes my job so much easier.

Jan 19, 2021
by Edward B. on Drama Notebook

This site has been my savior! I subscribe for credits when I need new material and have successfully gotten monologues, skits and plays for my drama classes to use. The content is right on target for the middle school level and everything is good fun (I've only looked at comedies). Some of the other additional resources for us teachers has been useful in guiding me through as well.

Jan 19, 2021
by Mary M on Drama Notebook

My son and I spent hours online looking for material to use as a humorous interpretation in his high school speech class. We hit on the perfect resource in Our family enjoyed watching him practice his Tom Sawyer presentation of the white washed fence. Thank you, Janea and staff, for making these fabulous and valuable resources available!

Jan 19, 2021
by Stacy Shepherd on Drama Notebook

Drama Notebook was a valuable resource for the drama club in our after school program. Their website is user friendly and they offer short term subscriptions which fit our budget needs. Drama Notebook has a large script library allowing me to pick the perfect play for our students. They loved it! Thanks, Drama Notebook!

Jan 18, 2021
by Pamela Storoschuk on Drama Notebook

With Covid, our usual grade 6 musical for our annual Christmas concert could not happen. Once, looking through the site, I found a lot of Christmas skits that were great for time and set construction. It was perfect to do in the classroom. Thank you for providing a set of resources for busy educators.

Jan 18, 2021
by Teresa Polk on Drama Notebook

Drama Notebook and the Drama Notebook community has been a great source for teaching materials and inspiration for me during the last few years. I'm always impressed at how you also tackle current issues and have shown us a way to address them in our lessons. Thanks and I look forward to more interesting topics and ideas to come!

Jan 13, 2021
by Melissa on Drama Notebook

What an excellent bank of resources with plays for all levels! I teach high school locally developed courses for community class/special needs, and these plays were amazing. The students had fun reading through the scripts together!

Jan 11, 2021
by Anthony on Drama Notebook

I subscribed to get the Print A Model Castle Resources, and ended up downloading several other activities. I loved how the site was organized and laid out. I do wish there were more items in the technical theatre area. The Print A Model and Costume activities were the only true technical theatre lessons.

We have more in the works!

Jan 9, 2021
by Shannon on Drama Notebook

This was a great resource. This is only my second year leading drama club and not only do I not have acting experience, but now I am trying to lead it virtually on Zoom!!! Yikes. I loved the Fairy Tale scripts and found them entertaining for our middle school students and user friendly for an amateur like myself.

Jan 9, 2021
by Lisa Lane on Drama Notebook

The perfect resource for non-drama teachers!

Jan 5, 2021
by Penelope Haskew on Drama Notebook

I have used Drama Notebook as inspiration for many classes and activities. I really enjoyed perusing all the ideas which would often spark ideas or remind me of things I hadn't done in a long time with different groups. It was also really helpful when I'd have a tricky issue with a group, I often found some creative solutions here. I look forward to our theatre re-opening and having need of this resource again!

Jan 5, 2021
by Anna on Drama Notebook

I found Drama Notebook to be incredibly useful and fun for kids. My students learned a lot and loved the content. Unfortunately, our theatre class has been canceled this year. we hope to be back next year!

Jan 5, 2021
by Alina on Drama Notebook

Some of the materials I managed to download might be interesting for those who do have a little experience in teaching drama. However, most of the materials I was interested in trying were not available even though I was paying a monthly subscription.

Hi Alina, I'm sorry you had trouble downloading. As a member, you should have access to everything in the Lesson Library and the Script Library. It may have been that you were not properly logged in. Try logging out and logging in through another browser. We will also send you an email to follow-up.

Jan 4, 2021
by Alexis on Drama Notebook

The subscription is REALLY worth it!!! The materials are fantastic. I’d say you get even more than what you pay for in value! I only wish I had found this site sooner.

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