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Drama Notebook
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May 16, 2022
 by Alison

A fantastic website with so many excellent, time saving, user friendly 'ready to go' resources. I teach Drama to grades 3-7 in Australia and have found resources on Drama Notebook to be perfectly pitched across all these year groups. A fabulous resource for new and 'old'/experienced ;-) teachers alike!

Bob Olsen
May 16, 2022
 by Bob Olsen

This website was an incredible gift of a find. I was able to find some plays to perform for my first and second graders. Highly recommend!!

S Tribe
May 14, 2022
 by S Tribe

Wonderful site for teachers and homeschoolers but also for those of you who hold summer camp for your grandbabies!! Great material, go check it out!!

May 13, 2022
 by Bobby

Awesome resource and easy to use!

Leah Armstrong
May 13, 2022
 by Leah Armstrong

I was trained in high school theatre, so I did not have a lot for a 9 week middle school course. This was a wonderful resource.

May 12, 2022
 by Rebekah

This site was so helpful for our homeschool group as we sought short skits to perform . Thank you!

May 12, 2022
 by Brittney

This was my first year teaching elementary theatre and Drama Notebook was extremely helpful! I found many fun games, exercises, lessons and scenes to incorporate into my classes. I also teach middle school and there were a lot of great resources for those classes too. I am glad I subscribed to Drama Notebook for the year.

Sonia Garber
May 12, 2022
 by Sonia Garber

I have used the materials provided in Drama Notebook extensively and will continue to do so. Wonderful Resource!

May 12, 2022
 by Chloe

When I was asked to create a run a middle school drama club this website was an awesome resource. I enjoyed looking through the plays and lessons. How wonderful that these short plays and lessons were available at a reasonable cost. Thank you Drama Notebook!

May 11, 2022
 by Jenni

I am a first time middle school drama teacher and the resources on Drama Notebook have been super helpful, fun, and invaluable.

Melissa Moya
May 11, 2022
 by Melissa Moya

I find this site a blessing. The resources are just great!! I had been looking at many different sites and many resources and these ones have been my favorites and most helpful. Thank you for doing this. Is awesome!!!

May 11, 2022
 by Shira

What an incredible site. I love teaching but one of my struggles is finding content and decent material. I am always hesitant when it comes to spending money because we all prefer the "free stuff" but I decided to take the plunge and start investing more in better material. Since doing so I am so much less stressed before a lesson and my classes seem to run a lot smoother, the kids really enjoy the material and I am a stronger and more confident teacher because of it. I remember coming home after my first "Drama Notebook infused lesson," specifically, 20 Practice Scenes for Pairs and Two Lines Game and saying to my husband, "Wow! I think that was my best class yet!" So thank you to all the amazing content creators, this material is amazing and worth every cent! Can't wait to teach my next class!

Samantha Smith
May 9, 2022
 by Samantha Smith

I have previously left a review, so this is really an update. Janea Dahl reached out and offered suggestions after reading my original post. I am actually having students work on the 2-person scripts. The scripts themselves are GREAT! Serious, funny, sarcastic... one to fit every personality and need!

Now, I just wanted to share I used the Actor's Nightmare with the RILEY scripts, and it was a HUGE success. My super shy, needs 15 minutes of encouragement student to stand in front of anyone was out in the front of the room in character, forgetting the world around existed. She was GOOD! I mean REAL GOOD!

Thank you for providing the vehicle through which she was able to actually really get a taste of being someone else, showing their feeling and actions.

May 9, 2022
 by Kathleen

I consider myself well-versed in teaching drama. Plays, drama games, technical, historical. Theatre is a passion. Discovering Drama Notebook and the well organized resources within was a gift for this pandemic exhausted theatre guru and classroom teacher.

Maggie Peters
May 8, 2022
 by Maggie Peters

This site has been extremely useful to me. As a new theater teacher in my home town I had no resources. I came across this website and it has helped me tremendously with everything I could ever ask for. It is very easy to use and helped me a lot with managing my time. Thank you so much for this amazing resource!

May 8, 2022
 by Emily

I found many great plays to download. I used a really fun play for our school Christmas concert this year and the kids thought it was hilarious.

May 8, 2022
 by Kiera

Great quality with a lot of variety. I'll definitely keep coming back to some of these resources.

J Johnson
May 8, 2022
 by J Johnson

Excellent, fun, easy to use resource! Makes me want to be a full time drama teacher.

May 6, 2022
 by Christina

Great ideas for my grade 8 students to use. Printer friendly and nice variety.

Karin Hawkins
May 4, 2022
 by Karin Hawkins

Excellent site for those wanting to start a drama club!

Michelle Butler
May 2, 2022
 by Michelle Butler

This website has been a life saver! I was asked to teach a middle school drama elective with no background experience. The lessons and scripts have been a great fit for my group and make planning easy.

Kimberlee Easton
May 2, 2022
 by Kimberlee Easton

I love this site. It can save HOURS of time for camps, and class activities. I have taught theater for over 15 years and this site is something I have looked for. It does seem to have most material for young actors. A lot of the material I feel is to young for HS, but I think it would depend on your program. I think the year subscription is totally worth it. Thank you for creating this amazing resource.

Michelle Riggle
May 2, 2022
 by Michelle Riggle

This site is easy to use and packed full of wonderful ideas and lessons. I have been using it for years, on and off, as I instructed an after school drama fun club. I occasionally use it in my class with my 4th graders, and I will continue to branch out for new ideas, always using Drama Notebook as my main source for imaginative and collaborative ideas.

Leticia Sauter
May 1, 2022
 by Leticia Sauter

It has been very helpful. Easy to use, great ideas for the classroom. The students love it and me too. I'm a Drama teacher in Barcelona and we teach Drama in English for year 8 and 9. Thanks and hope to use you again in the future.

Apr 30, 2022
 by Pavaki

I had a great experience with the site! I really liked the scripts I found. They had great variety in term of the genre and the age groups they are meant for. The process to subscribe and download them was also easy.

joan green
Apr 29, 2022
 by joan green

Drama Notebook is easy to use and has very good ideas and plays. I enjoyed using it. Turns out I'm moving away and won't be in the play group any longer. Once settled in our new location, I may be able to resubscribe. It would be worth it!!!

Apr 27, 2022
 by Tracey

Fantastic, accessible scripts and teaching ideas. I needed a quick production on Ancient Greece, found just what I needed, the year five class got stuck in and presented the two productions in three days - all thanks to the scripts from here!

Mrs. Williamson
Apr 27, 2022
 by Mrs. Williamson

This is an amazing resource for all teachers. We have used this site for both collaborative activities and our annual school play. I love all of the unique resources and fun activities. The subscription options are excellent as well.

Kris Holsen
Apr 24, 2022
 by Kris Holsen

So much good stuff here! A lot of good ideas and a lot of scripts for the little people I teach. One request - I'd love a "remaining credits" button or window somewhere as I browse or even in my member account window.

Apr 23, 2022
 by Tarryn

This was so helpful. I am not a drama teacher and needed resources urgently and this site saved me.

samantha smith
Apr 22, 2022
 by samantha smith

I am a first-time Digital tech teacher who started teaching drama by way of "By the way, Monday your 6th period is going to be drama," I thought, ok. Then I flat-lined. Then my boyfriend found you. And I did not believe him right away. Then I clicked here, clicked there... all I can say is I am learning a lot and have been having an absolute blast going through these lessons with the kids. I bought the 3 month/25 downloads plan, blew through that in less than 2 months, and decided to purchase the year with no regrets. What I don't know is easy to learn because of this site. I can't wait to try the next lesson on my class. The only drawback is there are these GREAT story outline sheets I am having a heck of a time getting the kids to use. Not because of the lesson. Definitely not because of Drama Notebook. I can sum up why in one word. TEENAGERS. Need I say more?

Apr 20, 2022
 by Eleanor

This site has saved me time and time again, thank you Drama Notebook.

Apr 20, 2022
 by Sarah

Lots and lots of great info here. And constantly adding more stuff. Clever ideas and helpful.

Amy Donohue
Apr 20, 2022
 by Amy Donohue

This is an absolute life-saver! Having these resources in my back pocket have allowed me to be way less stressed and be able to focus on teaching the content instead of working on creating resources myself!

Andrea White
Apr 20, 2022
 by Andrea White

I like the content on the website, but as a Director, it is difficult to pick a show based off of one paragraph. 10 credits a month goes by very quickly if you are downloading multiple scripts to peruse before deciding on.

Hi Andrea, if you download a script you cannot use, we are happy to replace the credit for you.

Linda Armstrong
Apr 18, 2022
 by Linda Armstrong

This site has been an amazing resource for lesson plans, activities, and teaching and performing resources. This site is especially helpful for small schools with limited budgets -- the content here is easily used in low-budget, small-cast situations.

Jennifer Von Behren
Apr 18, 2022
 by Jennifer Von Behren

This website is a FANTASTIC resource for teaching drama. I love that it is affordable and great content for a wide age range. The website is also easy to navigate. Thank you!

Jessica Petty
Apr 17, 2022
 by Jessica Petty

This website definitely helped me out when it came to finding skits for our students. When it came to teaching the students it was very helpful and I would definitely recommend it to other people.

Apr 17, 2022
 by Emily

Great material. Definitely recommend.

Apr 14, 2022
 by Taunia

I use a lot of these ideas and scripts and activities for teaching drama online. It’s one of the few activities that I’ve found really engage the students and they always want more. It also allows for precious social interaction and group work/problem-solving. I am very grateful for these resources as are my students.

Apr 13, 2022
 by Michael

I teach elementary Drama at a fine arts academy. I use resources from Drama Notebook all of the time. This site has made teaching much easier.

Melanie Christenson
Apr 13, 2022
 by Melanie Christenson

I taught drama to a homeschool co-op class having never taught drama before. Your resources were perfect for me to learn everything I needed to know and have plenty of activities to run the class. Thank you so much for your comprehensive resources!

Apr 13, 2022
 by Alicia

Drama Notebook is a fantastic web where you can find anything you need for your classes. As we have had online classes, I have found the radio materials quite appropriate for my groups. Thank you for existing!

Apr 12, 2022
 by Rebecca

Drama Notebook has been THE most useful website for teaching Drama over the past 3 years. There are so many resources to download. I appreciate the simplicity of the materials. I would recommend it to any teacher of theater.

Shelley Sindrey
Apr 12, 2022
 by Shelley Sindrey

This site has so many fantastic resources for creating engaging drama lessons! My students were left in a fit of giggles after playing "Experts" and they loved the "Murder Mystery Games". I am so grateful I found this site. It took the planning and scouring for resources out of teaching drama and made it one of the most enjoyable subjects to teach!

Apr 12, 2022
 by Meg

Such a fantastic resource to have access to! This website has helped me significantly in planning engaging activities for students.

Kedisha Allen
Apr 10, 2022
 by Kedisha Allen

I am really grateful that I came across this site. I now have a wealth of resources to share with my students.

Barbara Berneron
Apr 8, 2022
 by Barbara Berneron

I am French and I teach English as a second langage in France. As I also teach drama, I wanted to teach some drama in English, for 12-year-old pupils but it was challenging. Drama Notebook has been perfect to guide me with ideas and the proper langage to use. There are so many resources, it has saved me a lot of work. Thank you, Drama Notebook !

Apr 7, 2022
 by Laura

Drama Notebook is filled with so many great resources. Whatever you need for drama class it is there! I used the parts with monologues both creating and presenting. Students loved this! My only wish is that some of the resources could be combined into one just for ease of downloading files.

Gina Lee
Apr 6, 2022
 by Gina Lee

Drama Notebook has amazing scripts for young actors! Every time we perform one, there is such great audience response. I'm so thankful for the huge resource library Drama Notebook is. It's easy to use and the affordability makes it possible for us to use our funds wisely (so important for a non-profit!).

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