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Drama Notebook
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Donna Gordon
Feb 4, 2023
 by Donna Gordon

I am a playwright and I received a prompt and kind response. I'm so glad they're doing this for the kids.

Feb 4, 2023
 by Sabrina

As a first time drama teacher, this website was super helpful! I used many of the resources on here to help me develop my lessons. The mysteries were especially fun!

Jessica Keogh
Feb 3, 2023
 by Jessica Keogh

This is just a first impression review after browsing for a few days and beginning to collect and read through lesson plans and scripts. I'd just like to say I'm so so very grateful this resource exists and I cannot wait to implement these incredible tools into my classes. I will also leave a more thorough review once I have used the material, I just wanted you to be aware of the fantastic first impression you make. Thank you for existing!!

Vitlena Vasileva
Feb 1, 2023
 by Vitlena Vasileva

It helps me to support my son for preparing for drama lessons. The materials are very interesting and useful.

Jan 31, 2023
 by Shira

What an incredible site. I love teaching but one of my struggles is finding content and decent material. I am always hesitant when it comes to spending money because we all prefer the "free stuff" but I decided to take the plunge and start investing more in better material. Since doing so I am so much less stressed before a lesson and my classes seem to run a lot smoother, the kids really enjoy the material and I am a stronger and more confident teacher because of it. I remember coming home after my first "Drama Notebook infused lesson," specifically, 20 Practice Scenes for Pairs and Two Lines Game and saying to my husband, "Wow! I think that was my best class yet!" So thank you to all the amazing content creators, this material is amazing and worth every cent! Can't wait to teach my next class!

Kaz Qutab
Jan 30, 2023
 by Kaz Qutab

I'll admit I was a little skeptical when I first heard of Drama Notebook a few years ago. I very wrongly assumed that it was some kind of watered-down, elementary-teacher-with-no-actual-theatre-training type of site. While it CAN help these types of teachers, the exercises, tips, and scripts are fantastic for even seasoned drama folks. For me, it helps create a structure to a lot of the abstract techniques I've been taught myself, it sparks my imagination further, and reveals so many games I've never heard of before. The sheer volume of resources is impressive. I also attended a free workshop, and Janea and Jennifer were so warm and genuine. I definitely recommend D.N. to anyone teaching drama to kids and teens!

Jan 30, 2023
 by Elle

This website is a lifesaver. It's jammed packed with wonderful programs and lesson ideas. I am no longer teaching drama this year so I don't need my subscription but I will certainly be back once I get back into the drama classroom. Thank you so much for creating this website.

Jan 29, 2023
 by Leanne

Amazing website and resources. I used these when getting back into drama teaching after a long break and they saved me so much time and really helped make my classes fun and exciting.

Jan 28, 2023
 by Jessica

Best site for drama clubs for short skits or full length plays! Love all the plays I've ever used and so many different options for length, number of cast members, themes, etc. Highly recommend Drama Notebook!

Romy Bellamy
Jan 28, 2023
 by Romy Bellamy

Drama Notebook is brilliant and I cannot recommend it highly enough! So many choices of exercises, improvs, scenes and speeches, that have helped me construct acting lessons for my class of kids aged 5-12. They've loved them and so have I!
A very reasonable price for having such an inspirational tool at my fingertips. Thank you DN!

Jan 28, 2023
 by Pam

This is a fabulous resource site for anyone using drama in their classroom! I am no longer teaching drama, but I highly recommend it for all ages. Everything you need in your curriculum for a drama setting is right here, I highly recommend it!

Scot Walker
Jan 26, 2023
 by Scot Walker

Janea is the best and one of the easiest, sweetest publishers I've dealt with in my 60 years as a published author. Kudos to Drama Notebook and to the brilliant, kind and easy going Janea.

Jan 20, 2023
 by Neana

I have found the resources in dramanotebook most helpful. My students love the murder mysteries and the monologues. I have used many of the drama games as well. Thank for such an easy-to-use site.

Jan 20, 2023
 by Mary

For a non profit group like us with zero budget, Drama Notebook is a lifesaver. There are so many options to choose from. Varying cast size and run times make it easy to find something that fit our needs. The credits system make it possible for us to share the world of performance with our students who may not otherwise have the ability to learn.

Jan 19, 2023
 by Cyndi

Mothers are busy people, and homeschooling moms are busier than most. Drama Notebook has been a valuable resource.It has been a wonderful, easy to use resource for both my speech club and for theater warm ups. The resources I have used have been high quality, age-appropriate, and of interest to the students. I hope Drama Notebook continues to produce great content. The two person dialogues were my favorite and my students LOVED them!

Stephanie Taylor
Jan 18, 2023
 by Stephanie Taylor

Thank you, Drama Notebook! What an incredible resource for drama teachers new and experienced! Highly recommend the lessons, activities, tips, and worksheets! I look forward to implementing these in my summer drama camps. Also highly recommend checking out the scripts. I have downloaded a few and found them delightful and well written!

Michele Stevens
Jan 18, 2023
 by Michele Stevens

The resources available are well categorized, well laid out, and amazing! I found so much useful info as I stepped back into teaching drama after directing musical theater for many years. Thank you, Drama Notebook!

Jan 14, 2023
 by Leiloni

We used the One Hour Twelfth Night script for our Shakespeare class play last year for our homeschool co-op. We loved it so much that we are using the One Hour Tempest play this year. Drama Notebook has very useful information, and has great costumer service. When I would ask a question through email, I got a reply back quickly.

Swan Lake
Jan 13, 2023
 by Swan Lake

Thank you for creating such an amazing source for drama. The materials are to die for. I have been using these resources for the past months and am now going to subscribe annually.

Denise Singleton
Jan 10, 2023
 by Denise Singleton

We just finished presenting "Three Ghosts and a Jock" this past December. It was a lot of fun for our students as well as being easy on our small school budget. I think we will re-activate our subscription for our spring drama this year. I am excited to plan a joint project between our ELA teacher and our drama teacher with one of the many resources that are available for writing our own script. I can't wait. The only thing that I would like to see to improve the whole site would be the ability to purchase items without having to pay a monthly subscription.

Hi Denise, I'm so glad you've been enjoying Drama Notebook. We keep the price very low for everyone, and our lowest price option is our monthly membership at $9.95 per month. You're always welcome to subscribe for one month and quickly cancel.

Abby Kean
Jan 9, 2023
 by Abby Kean

It's such a blessing to have these resources for k-12 theatre educators at such a reasonable price. I've found multiple scripts appropriate for competition, performance and classroom use that meet the flexible needs of my new and experienced high school students. The collaborative nature with writers who are excited to engage with directors is also great.
I've been a director/theatre educator for over 15 years and recommend this group to many, especially my new colleagues.

Anthony Persico
Jan 9, 2023
 by Anthony Persico

Incredibly helpful and thorough site. I can't thank you enough for all the help you offer here. As a former theatre student and now theatre teacher, I can attest that you will run out of time to utilize all of the information here long before you run out of information to utilize.

Jan 7, 2023
 by McKale

After teaching drama for many years to elementary and middle school aged students, I found the resources on this site incredibly helpful as I venture into teaching preschool & pre-K students. The downloads are reasonably priced and very creative. Also a great way to refresh my tools for older kiddos and keep things exciting. Thank you!!

J Madison
Jan 6, 2023
 by J Madison

I love the variety of pieces and appreciate the easy-to-read descriptions. It was so helpful in finding plays that were short and had flexible casting. This was just the resource I needed to be able to quickly find some plays for a new acting clinic that our organization held for upper elementary and middle school students!

Jan 5, 2023
 by Ryan

The resources from Drama Notebook were fantastic and easy to understand. As a first time, 18 year old drama teacher, the website eased my nerves entirely, and my young students loved the various games and exercises.

Jan 5, 2023
 by Cathy

I found this site to be super helpful in finding a range of ready to go activities for students in grades 4-7. We practiced improve, drama games, and a variety of fairy tale scripts. The students loved the humour in the fairy tale scripts and were always keen to share what they had practiced each class even though it was not always a requirement! Students say that this is their favourite class. A great way to build self-confidence and self-esteem. Thank you for providing these resources!

Jan 2, 2023
 by Charlene

Drama Notebook was immensely helpful to me while structuring the curriculum for a theatre arts course. There is a solid mix of materials for varying skill sets and program types. I found the website to be easy to navigate and I could always locate the kind of material I was looking for. While our tiny program is still growing, I appreciate how clear the licensing and copyright information is for any group that is preparing to perform any of the pieces.

Jan 2, 2023
 by Tara

The Drama Notebook is a great resource to make engaging and challenging Drama lessons. If you need support to make your program more dynamic, I highly recommend.

Mark Wall
Jan 2, 2023
 by Mark Wall

Thank you, Drama Notebook! Excellent materials for various age drama classes and clubs.

Jan 2, 2023
 by Michael

My school is about to do a production of The Missing Medallion. I do like this site and wish I could still get scripts from it. However, I’m not finding many scripts that I would be able to do with my students. I would like to see a filter feature on the site. That would be beneficial. I appreciate all the work you all do though!

Hi Michael, Thank you for your feedback. We are working on a search feature. In the meantime, you are welcome to join our Facebook Sharing Group and receive personal recommendations from our staff and members.

Dec 29, 2022
 by Dawn

Excellent resource. I highly recommend Drama notebook! I have used it for my exploratory drama class as well as my drama club.

Jennifer Geist
Dec 27, 2022
 by Jennifer Geist

I have been using these resources since 2010 in my Spanish language classes as well as youth leadership club! They are THAT adaptable! In fact- Drama Notebook materials are excellent for building group identity and self confidence in students- both are key factors for success in my classes. I am so grateful to Janea for all these years of good stuff to keep my teaching interesting and to help me see the big picture of how drama skills are life skills.

Alice G
Dec 24, 2022
 by Alice G

Fantastic resource for those teachers that don’t need to re-invent the wheel. Everything you might need is here at Drama notebook. It’s been great for short skits and plays for the teenagers that I’ve been teaching at a homeschool collective. Thank you, thank you to those that have contributed to this site.

Lesley Howe
Dec 23, 2022
 by Lesley Howe

I am starting a drama club at my elementary school and this site has been very helpful! I have downloaded drama games to use with my students and have found a fantastic play that we will be performing as well. My assistant principal was gushing about how much she loved the script, after she read it, and couldn't believe how simple and inexpensive it was to be able to use the script and produce the play. I will definitely be back for more scripts in the future.

Christy Munch
Dec 23, 2022
 by Christy Munch

I love this site. As a former drama teacher, and a current middle school ELA teacher, having access to a variety of materials and inspiration is priceless. Thank you!

Kathleen Holen
Dec 20, 2022
 by Kathleen Holen

As an author, I appreciate having my work published by Drama Notebook. Not only do my plays get produced, I receive feedback.

Dec 20, 2022
 by Michael

As a longtime drama teacher, I have been pleasantly surprised by the variety and original take on tried and true drama games provided in the Drama Notebook. Your themed activities, scenes, monologues, and larger scripts have enhanced the learning experience for my students and have given me the opportunity to revisit some of my favourite drama strategies. Thank you for always making these resources so user-friendly and accessible to all learners.

Dec 18, 2022
 by Kenny

A true gift to theatre teachers! The variety of resources available with just a few clicks is amazing. The site is well organized. I feel so much more prepared to teach than I did before I subscribed to this site.

Mr. Dotz
Dec 18, 2022
 by Mr. Dotz

This service is easy to use and very convenient. I highly recommend it to any teachers of drama or ELA. I especially appreciate the ease with which I was able to cancel my subscription when I moved on from teaching the classes for which I was using this resource. This is a very considerate and highly appreciated feature of this website. It is run by good people who truly want to help.

Dec 18, 2022
 by Darya

Drama Notebook has a variety of resources for both young learners and high school students. I found this incredible site in 2019 and the lesson plans ans scripts helped me plan both online and offline classes. Many thanks to Drama Notebook for the fresh ideas and valuable content.

Dec 18, 2022
 by Stephanie

An excellent resource. Students had a blast with the interactive mysteries!

Zach Blain
Dec 16, 2022
 by Zach Blain

The resources at Drama Notebook are outstanding!!! The variety of play lengths, cast sizes, and themes makes it easy to find anything that you are looking for. What a wonderful website!!

Mel Markward
Dec 16, 2022
 by Mel Markward

I am thrilled with this resource, and the test of the product is also in the customer service. Not only does Drama Notebook have scripts but also teaching and assessment resources plus troubleshooting! I was amazed to have three options for Shakespeare's Macbeth. I contacted Janea with a problem, and she responded right away. The only thing I missed was help with musicals, but that is a tricky area! Thank you for this service for hard working teachers.

Veronica Wiseman
Dec 14, 2022
 by Veronica Wiseman

I create my lesson plans directly from the wealth of resources at Drama Notebook which saves time and stress. And I love the class videos too!

Victoria Scoles
Dec 12, 2022
 by Victoria Scoles

Really useful stuff for younger students, which is hard to find. Very reasonably priced too.

Dec 12, 2022
 by Sinead

I love this site! Not only does it have excellent scripts that are so much better value than on other sites, it has a wealth of really great lessons and activities that have saved me so much time, and have been very much enjoyed by my students!

Thank you so much for making your site so affordable and of such high quality.

Dec 10, 2022
 by Sarah

Excellent resources for drama lessons.

Very helpful and big variety of plays. We used one for our end of year school performance.

Colegio Los Nogales
Dec 9, 2022
 by Colegio Los Nogales

Excelente. Buenos recursos.

margaret maceachern
Dec 9, 2022
 by margaret maceachern

This is an amazing site. I found many helpful resources all contained in one area. There was a lot of variety for multiple age groups and drama club types. Thank you

Dec 8, 2022
 by Leo

A fantastic resource for practical drama work. I didn't have everything I needed to support a substitute and a new drama teacher but it has enough to get someone started and to build their skills.

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