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Drama Notebook
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Oct 21, 2020
by Anneli Thompson on Drama Notebook

I found several versions of A Christmas Carol that would work during this time of digital performances and didn't have to write them myself! Anything that helps make teaching and performing easier is a PLUS for me always. Definitely a great theatre resource!

Oct 21, 2020
by Lisa Boswell on Drama Notebook

An excellent resource for the Shakespeare unit I am teaching and the adaptation of Julius Caesar was an asset for my students.

Oct 20, 2020
by Natalie Hawkins on Drama Notebook

This website offers some great play adaptations that I was able to use with my struggling readers and still focus on the same content and themes as the original scripts.

Oct 20, 2020
by Julie on Drama Notebook

I'd been struggling with how to teach drama virtually, and after reading through this amazing collection of resources I got the 3 month membership to get enough material I can use for a long time to come! I look forward to the fun we will have!

Oct 16, 2020
by Debjani Sengupta on Drama Notebook

I think this is a phenomenal site! Thank you so much for organizing this site. I think you are doing a wonderful job for us drama teachers teaching in school. Lots of heart-felt regards, Debjani. Calcutta, India.

Oct 16, 2020
by Nanci-Lyn Lockwood on Drama Notebook

As the manager of a performing arts studio, I am always on the hunt for good short plays for kids. Drama Notebook has a great selection. We've used their resources many times and plan to use them many more times in the future.

Oct 15, 2020
by Dini on Drama Notebook

This is an excellent site with a wide range of resources. I had to be flexible in my teaching and drama notebook has been a really good support when doing drama activities. I really appreciate the work that is done to keep it going. Thanks.

Oct 15, 2020
by Kevin Goddard on Drama Notebook

I had a monthly subscription for a couple of months. I am an orchestra teacher that is new to teaching High School drama. This site provided me with great lessons plans in order to get my feet wet teaching drama. I will be back for more materials and might try to get my school district to pay for a yearly subscription. I highly recommend this site for extra materials.

Oct 14, 2020
by Taylor on Drama Notebook

I subscribed to this site to have access to a play for our junior class production. I teach year 2-3 children and it was absolutely perfect. We chose Jack and the Beanstalk Rap. The children loved the play and it was easy enough for them to learn too. Would definitely recommend!

Oct 14, 2020
by Samantha Kaundinya on Drama Notebook

Drama Notebook has been an excellent resource for me as a new drama teacher. Everything I have used thus far has been fantastic and so very helpful.

Oct 14, 2020
by Corey C on Drama Notebook

I use Drama Notebook year to year and it's always an invaluable source and wealth of information, games, topics, and scripts. So grateful for this service when I don't have any new ideas!

Oct 11, 2020
by Emma on Drama Notebook

Excellent resource for elementary scripts and ideas. I downloaded many items to use in the future. I would do a long-term subscription if we weren't a tiny school with a tiny budget!

Oct 11, 2020
by Madame on Drama Notebook

I subscribed after needing a few activities for the new virtual way we have to teach. After seeing all that the site has to offer, I subscribed. I have been able to use so much from the site; it has made my curriculum writing easier and has allowed me to fill in some of the gaps. I recommend Drama Notebook for anyone who needs just a bit more.

Oct 11, 2020
by Playhouse 395 on Drama Notebook

We signed up for a subscription for our small community theatre company so find short plays for a radio show. It was easy to find just what we were looking for. We are in the process of casting our second show for the radio. Thanks, Drama Notebook. Wish we were back in school so I could use it there. Awesome!

Oct 11, 2020
by Rebecca on Drama Notebook

Super easy, nothing tricky about this business! I just needed a quick script for a home-school club I help lead and this was perfect. I paid for one month, downloaded the script, and was able to cancel. BUT I liked it so much that I'll definitely come back here when/if we ever do another play! Made it super simple and they had a great collection.

Oct 8, 2020
by Michele on Drama Notebook

Had the monthly subscription to try out the site, it has proven to be very popular so upgraded to the annual subscription.

Oct 7, 2020
by Pam on Drama Notebook

This site is a FABULOUS resource for elementary drama! Well organized, wide variety of subjects and plays available for all age groups. Thank you, Drama Notebook!

Oct 7, 2020
by kelly woods on Drama Notebook

If I am ever stuck for inspiration for my middle schoolers I KNOW I will find something here to engage the students. I have also used material from the Drama Notebook with my adults with learning difficulties, always a hit with those guys too!

Oct 7, 2020
by Meesha Vaibhav Kalia on Drama Notebook

This site was really very helpful. I myself got educated. I strongly recommend everyone who is in theatre to subscribe this.

Oct 7, 2020
by Marilynn on Drama Notebook

I have been really happy with everything I have discovered on Drama Notebook! I would recommend this resource to drama teachers as well as any teacher who would like to add a few ideas to make their virtual class more engaging and fun for students. It is easy to become a member and if you need to cancel, there is no hassle or worry! Thank you Alex for making this process stress free! I plan to rejoin as soon as I can because the list of items are endless!

Oct 5, 2020
by Silvia on Drama Notebook

Rarely I have made use of a website as much as Drama Notebook! Such an incredible resource, especially if you are new to Drama teaching. A huge THANK YOU to all who contribute and work hard to make something like this possible.

Oct 1, 2020
by Mariana M on Drama Notebook

You were a lifesaver during these times. You have very complete (and fun!) resources and I loved the fact that your subscription methods can adapt to your own needs. Thank you very much!

Sep 29, 2020
by Gina Priano-Keyser on Drama Notebook

This is my 22nd year teaching drama and Drama Notebook is by far the most comprehensive, organized, and informative Theater Teaching website I've ever encountered. Oh to have had access to this website my first year of teaching! Bravo to everyone who contributes to this amazing resource. Thank you!

Sep 29, 2020
by Kathleen Butts on Drama Notebook

Drama Notebook provides highly useful and engaging materials for drama students of all ages! As a new drama teacher, it has been an invaluable resource!!!

Sep 28, 2020
by Caroline Stark on Drama Notebook

What a great website with quality activities. I teach seventh and eighth grade beginning drama on the electives wheel, and sometimes it's difficult to get these students engaged, but it's always fun to try the Drama Notebook's activities for older students.

Thank you!

Sep 28, 2020
by Michaelyn on Drama Notebook

Drama Notebook has saved me hours of time and money by providing high quality, engaging, lessons and scripts my students enjoy!

Sep 26, 2020
by Bhavana M on Drama Notebook

We came across Drama Notebook during a random search for scripts for our Radio Play workshops. The scripts and other resources in the Drama Notebook library have been of great help and indeed very insightful. A wonderful platform for drama teachers plus the team has been very accessible to resolve our queries. Thank you!

Sep 25, 2020
by Ryann G. on Drama Notebook

Drama Notebook is an amazing resource! When we first started our hybrid model for school, I was in a panic about what to do with my kiddos, and the resources I found on Drama Notebook were lifesavers!!! I am forever grateful for the resources that I have found and used on this site!

Sep 24, 2020
by John on Drama Notebook

Drama Notebook is a simple way to access scripts that are engaging and accessible to students. I’ve used these plays with elementary students, middle schoolers, and high schoolers. The scripts we chose were useful for student actors and student designers.

Sep 17, 2020
by Melissa on Drama Notebook

This is a wonderful resource for Drama teachers! I have used a range of exercises and warmups from this site, all enjoyed by my students. Thank you!

Sep 16, 2020
by Holly Anderson on Drama Notebook

I stumbled across Drama Notebook in a google search for drama lesson plans for my first drama class and boy did I find an excellent resource! I downloaded "How to Teach Your First Drama Class" and used those lessons to begin my first drama class. It went so well, I have used it in subsequent classes as a staple beginning. I was able to convince the school that it was a valuable enough resource to get a yearly subscription. Since then, I have added monologue lessons, all sorts of games and exercises, and several scripts. Drama Notebook's website is extremely user friendly. I have used it often for last minute additions to class. My favorite exercises: Stage Pictures, Two Lines, and 20 Short Practice Scenes. My student's favorites: Greetings, Stage Pictures, and What Are You Doing? Thank you so much for such a great resource! My drama classes have grown from 7 students to 25 and I could not have done it without you!

Sep 15, 2020
by Suzanne Kockler on Drama Notebook

I want to express my IMMENSE gratitude for this site. I signed up for a year's subscription and I cannot tell you how excited and relieved I am to have so many resources available in one spot! This will be my first year teaching drama, though I've directed a bunch of middle school musicals in the past.

Anyway, thank you SO MUCH for being so brilliant and generous in creating this site. You've saved me and many others, I'm sure!


Suzanne Kockler

Sep 15, 2020
by rachel on Drama Notebook

I am returning to teaching drama for the first time in 15 years and have found this site to be a 'one stop shop' for resources - for all ages!

SO much great material to choose from, all really worthwhile, fun, relevant and easy to use.

Although I have downloaded enough material to keep me going for now, I will definitely be returning to this site when I need some more resources.

THANK YOU DRAMA NOTEBOOK!! Highly recommend :-)

Sep 15, 2020
by Courtney Blanchette on Drama Notebook

With everything being so crazy this year, Drama Notebook has been a lifesaver! Just marvelous!

Sep 13, 2020
by Stacy on Drama Notebook

Everything you can ever need for drama for all ages!!

Takes the pressure off drama teachers and stops us having to reinvent the wheel. The plays are fun and easy for kids to perform or adapt, and just loving the online drama stuff - just what you need in these challenging times!!

Sep 13, 2020
by Craig Caven on Drama Notebook

I have taught high school drama for 25 years and have used a variety of resources in both the classroom and for after-school activities. I found DRAMA NOTEBOOK to be one of the most reliable sources for various activities and exercises to help illustrate different aspects of my curriculum. Need a single activity to make your point? Try DRAMA NOTEBOOK! Need a unit of study? Try DRAMA NOTEBOOK! Need a fun exercise to end your day? Try DRAMA NOTEBOOK!

Sep 12, 2020
by Alex on Drama Notebook

I subscribed back in 2018 (such simpler times) because I needed reliable scripts to use in a Drama Club. I was working for a public elementary school in Beijing and one of the things I needed to take into account was my students grasp of English as well as the suitability of the plays for children their age. Drama Notebook absolutely had the diversity of stories that I needed. I even used one of the scripts for our clubs 2019 performance at the school's Children's Day festivities.

The only reason I am unsubscribing (for now) is that I have returned to the UK this year to prepare to undertake a PGCE. I aim to become a fully certified Drama teacher as well as an ESL teacher.

Sep 11, 2020
by Kate on Drama Notebook

Such a great resource for drama teachers in any setting. Useful, reasonable price points to meet a variety of needs, and creative lessons/scripts/games/activities. I know I'll be back!

Sep 11, 2020
by Lenora Martin on Drama Notebook

I have subscribed to the Drama Notebook for several years. In my counseling role, I used the skits, plays, and monologues to teach self-esteem, empathy, communication, public speaking and many other lessons. The materials were very instrumental to my service for the students. They were excited to participate and looked forward to working in groups and learning. Thank you Drama Notebook staff!

Sep 5, 2020
by Review on Drama Notebook

The monologues were a great help to start out with Middle Schoolers. They enjoyed the variety that this website had to offer.

Sep 5, 2020
by Stephanie on Drama Notebook

I used Drama Notebook to plan a summer drama camp. The activities and scripts were perfect for what I needed! Thank you for providing such a valuable resource!

Sep 4, 2020
by Jody Richards on Drama Notebook

I enjoy the materials but when I could no longer afford it I could not find a way to cancel.

Hi Jody, I'm sorry that you had trouble. We try to make it as easy as possible to cancel your subscription. I have emailed you and refunded your last payment. Please come back anytime!--Janea

Sep 4, 2020
by Kim S on Drama Notebook

We have used Drama Notebook the last couple of years for our afterschool program. It has been a wonderful tool to help promote the arts to our students. There is a wide variety of games, monologues, and full productions to serve so many different needs!

Sep 1, 2020
by Stewart Kirby on Drama Notebook

Drama Notebook was a lifesaver when I began teaching drama. The content on the site is fantastic, and the customer service was great. I cannot recommend this enough.

Aug 30, 2020
by Louise Smalley on Drama Notebook

I think I've died and gone to drama teacher heaven. This site is incredible! I joined for one month and then quickly upgraded to the yearly. Before I even asked, Alex wrote me and had refunded my first monthly payment. Unbelievable customer service! But the best part about this site is the plethora of lessons, activities and scripts that I can just download and use immediately. In this time of uncertainty, I feel like I have a real support system. Thank you, Drama Notebook!

Aug 29, 2020
by Julia on Drama Notebook

Great website!
I found Drama Notebook during a research and i loved it from the first second.

Aug 29, 2020
by Amy J on Drama Notebook

This service has been so helpful with providing lesson materials, games, monologues and scripts. I appreciate the work that goes into the lessons and the clarity with which they are delivered.

Aug 28, 2020
by Miss Jen on Drama Notebook

Drama Notebook really made my life easier when I was suddenly thrown into teaching K-4 theater. A wide range of resources that I will continue to use!

Aug 28, 2020
by Jennifer on Drama Notebook

I loved using this while teaching fairy tales in middle school. A huge range of resources that the students really enjoyed. We easily adapted a few to suit our context. Thank you from down under!

Aug 28, 2020
by Georgy Jureidini on Drama Notebook

Drama Notebook is fabulous. It helps teachers create Drama lessons that are instructive, enjoyable, fun, funny and with tangible learning outcomes.

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