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Drama Notebook
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Abigail Hopkins
Nov 28, 2022
 by Abigail Hopkins

Nice resources! I loved using the endless free monologues for my class. Had my students find one that interested them to memorize. Made a great class project. Downloaded a whole bunch of scripts that I'm looking forward to using.

A lot of the resources on the site seem to be geared towards younger age groups - nonetheless I still found great options for use in the classroom for my more mature students as well!

I did two 10 credit downloads (20$) and, based on the resources I got, it's enough to cover a couple of months if used right.

Nov 28, 2022
 by Lizzie

As a drama teacher with no curriculum, Drama Notebook has been invaluable to me. I've relied on it weekly to provide lessons, scripts, and activities for my theatre students. I can't recommend this website enough!

Nov 28, 2022
 by Erika

Drama Notebook has been such a help to this new drama teacher. I love that I can find a plan for my classes along with suggested activities. And it is truly open-and-go….I don’t have to spend time coming up with emotions or occupations for various activities. They are already prepared and vetted for me. Highly highly recommend this site. You’ll definitely want the yearly plan as there are SO many things you’ll want to download!

Nov 27, 2022
 by Shira

What an incredible site. I love teaching but one of my struggles is finding content and decent material. I am always hesitant when it comes to spending money because we all prefer the "free stuff" but I decided to take the plunge and start investing more in better material. Since doing so I am so much less stressed before a lesson and my classes seem to run a lot smoother, the kids really enjoy the material and I am a stronger and more confident teacher because of it. I remember coming home after my first "Drama Notebook infused lesson," specifically, 20 Practice Scenes for Pairs and Two Lines Game and saying to my husband, "Wow! I think that was my best class yet!" So thank you to all the amazing content creators, this material is amazing and worth every cent! Can't wait to teach my next class!

Jessica Anderson
Nov 26, 2022
 by Jessica Anderson

Awesome resources. Students love the mystery theatre. Great for a new teacher.

Kaz Qutab
Nov 25, 2022
 by Kaz Qutab

I'll admit I was a little skeptical when I first heard of Drama Notebook a few years ago. I very wrongly assumed that it was some kind of watered-down, elementary-teacher-with-no-actual-theatre-training type of site. While it CAN help these types of teachers, the exercises, tips, and scripts are fantastic for even seasoned drama folks. For me, it helps create a structure to a lot of the abstract techniques I've been taught myself, it sparks my imagination further, and reveals so many games I've never heard of before. The sheer volume of resources is impressive. I also attended a free workshop, and Janea and Jennifer were so warm and genuine. I definitely recommend D.N. to anyone teaching drama to kids and teens!

Nov 25, 2022
 by Fanny

Amazing to enchance the efl lessons! Attracts attention, helps memorise vocabulary!

Thank you! I am definitely going to be using this again and again!

Antera Naykalyk
Nov 25, 2022
 by Antera Naykalyk

I was SOOOO happy to find these awesome resources!

Working with drama students from grade 3 to grade 8 this year - was able to find wonderful activities from warmups to full plays and lots of things in-between to do with my students! Thank you Drama Notebook!

Nov 23, 2022
 by Julia

I really love DN. There is a huge collection for drama teachers.

If you look for lesson plans you can find almost everything here.

I wish there would be something like this in german or other languages too. 🤞🏼

Sherlene Roker
Nov 23, 2022
 by Sherlene Roker

This site is extremely helpful for finding assembly and drama ideas both for schools, churches and everything in between. IF you are a drama teacher, this site is a must for you.

Nov 23, 2022
 by Jennifer

This is a great fun, helpful and appreciated sight. In all the wisdom shared with the teachers, it has helped me cut through to the heart of why the kids were taking Drama Class and what they were looking for. This pandemic hasn't been a helpful developmental time in their life. Drama helps connect them to their friends, their classmates and their confidence. Thank you for providing silly, fun skits and helpful information for them to achieve this.

Nov 22, 2022
 by Kara

The content on this site is a treasure! There are so many creative drama games and scripts. Thank you for your work and to all who have contributing for providing a fantastic site!

Warren Bates
Nov 22, 2022
 by Warren Bates

I respect and appreciate Drama Notebook immensely, however, why I cancelled my subscription was, when I have paid to download 'lessons' which I found to be useful to me, I was only given so much time to use the credits of which I had bought and more than once, have inevitably lost the credits, wasted money and become frustrated.

Question: why can't the expiry date of these credits at least have some longevity to them?

Hi Warren, we work hard to keep this site very affordable for drama teachers and people wanting to use drama lessons and scripts. You get ten credits per month for $9.95 (almost everything on Drama Notebook is one credit) and credits do roll over month to month if unused. If you cancel, you do need to use your credits before your subscription expires. They do not stay on your account indefinitely.

Nov 21, 2022
 by M J S

This is a wonderful site for short scripts and activities for the Drama classroom. I love using their resources, and their customer contact team is extremely kind and helpful! I have recommended them to other performing arts teachers in my area!

Nov 21, 2022
 by P

I was looking for plays and skits for the kids that I teach and stumbled upon this website. An amazing website with very creative and fun scripts and plays! Would recommend this to others! Thank you :)

Brooke Gallupe
Nov 21, 2022
 by Brooke Gallupe

Love the shortened versions of Shakespeare for my Grade 8 students!

Nov 19, 2022
 by Rachel

I have loved accessing the resources on this site - I teach 4-16 years and there's something for all of them. It has helped me enormously as I run my own business (the theatre school) as well as home educate my three children and it's go to scripts have really fed into my planning. Thank you :)

Holley Marleau
Nov 18, 2022
 by Holley Marleau

This is a website I will forever subscribe to whenever I teach drama! I love the ease of subscribing for however long you need it and all the available content. My students are new to acting, and we've been using the scripts to play around with blocking, voice projection, etc. I think one day I'll have enough interest to put on an actual production, and the materials on this site allow me to focus on teaching rather than researching or writing material for them.

Jessica Akers
Nov 17, 2022
 by Jessica Akers

Great source of skits and mini-plays for Christmas programs, school programs, and events!

Stephanie Talbot
Nov 17, 2022
 by Stephanie Talbot

What a great resource Drama Notebook is!! It is fantastic for homeschool drama groups too!

Nov 16, 2022
 by Pip

Wow! I love Drama Notebook! my students love drama and I can find awesome activities of all types here to suit my students and the lesson. I would recommend Drama notebook to any teachers looking for lessons and inspiration. Thank you for all the effort you have put into this website. A fantastic resource.

Nov 16, 2022
 by Kayla

Great resources! Has everything you need, super engaging and fun games for the kids!

Nov 16, 2022
 by Aloysia

This site has wonderful resources for my drama classes, and I will definitely come back to it anytime. Thank you!

Nov 15, 2022
 by Gabbie

This site is so comprehensive, with so many varied and creative resources available. I particularly appreciate the many short plays to choose from and explore!

Nov 15, 2022
 by Bsix

This site is so helpful, for scripts, skills practice ideas games, and so much more. Thank you for all the great resources!

vanessa white
Nov 15, 2022
 by vanessa white

I found this site extremely helpful. Drama Notebook is a wonderful resource for scripts and all kinds of theatre ideas/advice. I love the fun stories and there is something for every age and size of group.

Andre Swart
Nov 15, 2022
 by Andre Swart

Loved the resources! I am a primary school teacher and Deer Mouse vs the World was an absolute hit with the kids.

Nov 15, 2022
 by Ashleigh

This site was fantastic in the lead up to our end-of-year school performance. The scripts were witty, age-appropriate and it was great that there were many different choices with regards to cast numbers and duration of play.

Mrs. B
Nov 11, 2022
 by Mrs. B

This site was a blessing! Suddenly, I needed a short Christmas performance activity for my class and Drama Notebook came to the rescue. I came for one activity but have left 20+. There are so many helpful tips for a teacher new to teaching drama. If I need anything else, this is where I will look first! I will recommend Drama Notebook to our teaching staff! Thank you!

Nov 11, 2022
 by Elynn

The site is amazing and the murder mysteries are wonderful resources. I would definitely subscribe again once I start drama lessons with my students. Thank you.

Nov 11, 2022
 by Sam

Dowloaded a few PDF's. Great for end of year concerts and school plays.

Marty Sorensen
Nov 8, 2022
 by Marty Sorensen

I downloaded a couple of pdfs. I haven't used them yet. I'm a grandpa with young grandkids. I plan on using the parachute script to make a film with two young kids. Then I will put the movie (shot with the computer camera app, film made with Movavi, then up to YouTube channel) up on the internet. I will send you a copy when it's finished. - Marty

Kirsty Jones
Nov 8, 2022
 by Kirsty Jones

Great resources for drama club around Christmas time for the Christmas show!

Nov 6, 2022
 by Clay

A great selection of scripts. I wanted to peruse a few for download, so I purchased a monthly subscription. Found the scripts I wanted, downloaded, and the cancellation process was super easy (always appreciated).

Nov 3, 2022
 by Sofia

This site offers amazing teaching material! I teach English as a Foreign Language and these scripts help me to motivate my students to keep learning.

Samantha Shaub
Nov 3, 2022
 by Samantha Shaub

I love Drama Notebook for the variety of scripts they offer, especially for middle grade students in the classroom. Their scripts tend to be much more fun to read and perform than others I am reading out there. It is a wonderful resource!

David G.
Nov 3, 2022
 by David G.

This is an awesome site for activities and materials that support Drama programs at a variety of levels! No matter what age of students you are working with, there are engaging and fun lessons, warmups and activities to help them explore their creativity and challenge them. I check back frequently to see what new resources have been added, and my students have loved getting to use such a variety of things, with everyone having their own favorites! This is a great value and loads of helpful resources for anyone working with kids in Drama. I highly recommend it!

Nov 3, 2022
 by Jennifer

What a wealth of resources and knowledge compiled in one easy to use place! This was exactly what we needed. With little to no experience in theatre we were able to use the resources for a fun atmosphere with students from K-12 :)

Bethany Rivard
Nov 2, 2022
 by Bethany Rivard

I have used this resource for years, and always come back to it.

Nov 1, 2022
 by Caleigh

Great resource! Will keep it in my toolkit for the future! Thoroughly valued all aspects of the site.

Alayna S.
Nov 1, 2022
 by Alayna S.

I needed abbreviated Shakespeare scripts for use in my homeschool. I have children between the ages of 7 and 13, and I was able to find scripts that were accessible to all of them. They were a great length for our purposes, and it was so convenient to find them all in one place!

Oct 27, 2022
 by AZ

I recently made the switch from high school drama to elementary school drama. The resources available on Drama Notebook helped make it a smooth transition.

Holley Marleau
Oct 24, 2022
 by Holley Marleau

I love this site! I will most likely subscribe to it again when I get to teach another drama course or if my class this semester eats up the materials I've downloaded so far.

$10 is an amazing price for what you get, especially if you only teach drama occasionally.

Oct 23, 2022
 by Georgia

Great for last minute monologue/duologue scripts! Has saved me in many a time of need!

Oct 23, 2022
 by Emma

This is a great resource. As a new teacher it has helped me find fresh ideas and lessons while inspiring me as I create my own!

Oct 23, 2022
 by AMontesino

Thank you so much!

I've been navigating the website and it feels like I just got a Theatre reload, an energy injection with all the new ideas, games and lesson plans.

L. May
Oct 20, 2022
 by L. May

Fantastic resources! I particularly liked the scope and sequence documents which have been a huge help for long-term planning. It was after attending the brilliant planning workshop that I signed up and the resources did not disappoint. Thank you to the Drama Notebook team.

Kim Potter
Oct 19, 2022
 by Kim Potter

I literally just came across this website when looking for some quick ideas to build rapport with a new drama program I started. Our high school has been missing drama for at least 5 years and I am building it again. I wanted some quick ideas to get things rolling quickly knowing we would not be doing a production till the spring. Within one night, I realized that the wealth of resources was worth it and decided to upgrade to the yearly. SOOOOOO worth it. The Drama Nerds are going to have a blast with these great ideas! Thank you :)

Oct 18, 2022
 by Jenny

Great for classroom activities in middle school! We've used so many scripts for monologues, small group, and large group skits!

Robyn G.
Oct 18, 2022
 by Robyn G.

Drama Notebook has been the resource I really needed as a teacher new to teaching Theater. I teach Music and Theater to Kindergarten through 8th grade and teaching drama was something I had no experience in and wasn't very comfortable doing. I didn't know where to go for good resources until I found Drama Notebook. I have started the school year with the 9 week lesson plan for beginning acting and each lesson has gone so well and the students are engaged and enjoying themselves. I feel like I actually have a direction and know what to teach now! I'm looking forward to using all of the resources I have collected and knowing that there is always more content coming out makes me confident that I will have a successful year of teaching drama.

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