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Drama Notebook
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Nov 26, 2020
by Joel Adams on Drama Notebook

Drama Notebook is an amazing site for drama teachers and students alike. I teach drama freelance around the island of Phuket and DN has become my mainstay and go-to place for ideas for lessons, scripts. There are resources for all ages and great scripts. One of my students has placed twice in the monologue contest and one of my plays has been published, making this site a complete drama community that I am happy to be a part of.

Nov 25, 2020
by Babette on Drama Notebook

This website is a great source for monologues, activities, scripts, warm ups and more!! Any drama coach’s ideal companion, a subscription to this site is well worth every cent and the best part is, even if you do not use all your download credits within the alloted period - they roll over and you do not “lose” at all! Would definitely recommend to anyone teaching, or just interested in, acting and theatre!

Nov 23, 2020
by John Brock on Drama Notebook

Drama Notebook is wonderful and has been a great resource for teaching Drama to middle school students. I subscribed because I needed some resources for my drama elective class last year. The students enjoyed the material and it was very easy to implement. Thank you so Janea for creating this site!

Nov 23, 2020
by Roxanna Kirchhoff on Drama Notebook

Drama Notebook is an AMAZING resource!!! After trying the 3 month subscription it was a no-brainer that I needed the yearly subscription! With so many options, endless possibilities, new resources constantly and seasonally relevant material, I find it easy to love and count on DN. They work tirelessly and I’m so grateful to have found Drama Notebook!! The help, guidance and tips are so appreciated, thank you!

Nov 19, 2020
by Thom F on Drama Notebook

Great website. There are a lot of excellent materials on Drama Notebook. My students love the plays from here. They are engaging and appropriate for Middle/High school classrooms. Thanks Drama Notebook!

Nov 19, 2020
by Myra Parker on Drama Notebook

My normal choir class got changed over to a hybrid music/theater class this year due to COVID. Drama Notebook has been a hugely helpful service in giving me ideas and tools to make everything work!

Nov 17, 2020
by Crystal A on Drama Notebook

Love the resources and plays available for students. The even work well in a virtual learning space for this year.

Nov 16, 2020
by Lynn Fournier on Drama Notebook

I have been using Drama Notebook resources for years. I teach Elementary Drama to grades 1 to grades 6. I can always find a fun activity, skit, monologue etc. for every group. The lessons are visually appealing and organized. They are easy to use and you can find tiny little games to longer plays. Their site is super well structured and I can easily find what I am looking for. I also get a lot inspiration from their site and instructional videos. Thanks you are a Drama teacher's life saver!

Nov 16, 2020
by Brianne Tarleton on Drama Notebook

My students absolutely LOVE the resources, plays, and skits that I get from Drama Notebook!! Everything is easy to read, the content is well laid-out, and we love seeing what is new on the website!!! I've been teaching theatre for years, and Drama Notebook is by far one of the best places to get quality material for elementary and teen-aged performers!!! THANK YOU!

Nov 16, 2020
by Sarah on Drama Notebook

I love the variety of material. Fun plays with wonderful flexible casting. The virtual teaching materials are such a blessing.

Nov 14, 2020
by Anna on Drama Notebook

I subscribed to Drama Notebook to get access to some play scripts for my Primary School Drama Club. I found nice play scripts, a good variety of scripts to choose from.

Nov 13, 2020
by Dinky Hofman on Drama Notebook

The kids loved practising from the scripts on Fairytales. They were simple, easy to find and read. I have been a speech and drama teacher for over 35 years and I am always looking for scripts so thank you from the bottom of my heart.
Regards Dinky Hofman

Nov 13, 2020
by Rozz Grigsby on Drama Notebook

Drama Notebook was invaluable to my Musical Theatre training school during the months of 2020 when all our instruction had to become virtual. Being able to use the infinite resources from DN gave us the ability to shift all of our in-person curriculum to virtual in record time.

Nov 11, 2020
by Trevor Suthers on Drama Notebook

I am a playwright who has work that is about to be published on Drama Notebook. They are lovely people to work with! --Trevor Suthers

Nov 11, 2020
by David H on Drama Notebook

Lots of great drama scripts and activities that my students enjoyed immensely. Saved my bacon when I was told to teach a weekly drama class to my ESL kids.

Nov 11, 2020
by JOHN PSZYK on Drama Notebook

So many fresh and fun scripts and resources for middle school kids. This is great resource no matter how long you've been teaching. Thanks for making it easy and affordable to find new work for the kiddos!

Nov 5, 2020
by Ayesis Clay on Drama Notebook

Drama Notebook is so awesome! So many amazing resources! I particularly like the virtual learning options!

Nov 3, 2020
by James Feuer on Drama Notebook

An excellent resource! I joined in a panic when my in-person acting class was switched to Zoom. I've never seen such a comprehensive resource of theater education. I like the way things are categorized as well.

Nov 1, 2020
by John on Drama Notebook

I was looking for a short Christmas-themed play for 2 or 3 people for a possible event, and I ended up on the Drama Notebook site. There was a wide selection of what I was looking for, and I liked the excerpts as a sample. Signup was easy and I was immediately able to download entire scripts. I ended up not doing the event, so I canceled my subscription, which was also quick & easy. But this would be a tremendous asset for a teacher or a youth instructor.

Nov 1, 2020
by Cari on Drama Notebook

I LOVE Drama Notebook! I have used their products for everything from a short summer theatre camp to directing full-length high school shows. All of my students love the scripts and enjoy performing them! I love the variety of choices and the ease of previewing and choosing scripts. Thanks for a great resource!

Nov 1, 2020
by Henry Woodward on Drama Notebook

I found this website VERY useful, I am a student although I enjoy writing plays for other members of my class to perform, I would usually write a Christmas play around this time of year although due to Covid-19 some of this was not possible, so I have been searching now for a quick play I can whip off the internet and use, luckily I found this website, I have decided to use my Birthday money to purchase the full edition. I highly recommend this website to anybody looking for a play!

Nov 1, 2020
by Helen Rubeli on Drama Notebook

Your resources are top quality, bursting with both fresh and repurposed ideas that are easy to apply in the classroom. The scripts are fun - we enjoyed reading The Jabberwocky. Thank you for all the time you have saved me in preparation for my 10 week unit. Some assessment resources/remedies for different personalities of student could be good.

Oct 31, 2020
by Chelsea Papineau on Drama Notebook

I have been teaching youth drama at a local theatre for 15 years and have many cohorts of students return year after year, so I am constantly looking for new material. I found your site extremely helpful in that. I like that the writing is age- appropriate and interesting. I especially appreciate the royalty free scripts as each session only runs for 9 weeks at a time. Will definitely consider reactivating my subscription in the new year for my next session.

Oct 31, 2020
by Greg Popp on Drama Notebook

Was looking for some plays and monologues for over year of Covid homeschooling pod. Saw the many positive reviews for Drama Notebook and they did not disappoint! Some of the kids were initially resistant but the wonderful, playful and meaningful writing soon had them all engaged. Thank you so much from a first time homeschooling dad!

Oct 29, 2020
by Andrew on Drama Notebook

Great site, run by people who really care about teaching and about drama, and are clearly experts in this field. Easy to cancel also, should you only wish to download a couple of scripts. Definite recommend, from an experienced teacher of English and Drama in the Netherlands!

Oct 29, 2020
by LB on Drama Notebook

I love Drama Notebook resources and scripts. I share the site with other teachers of drama often. I do short memberships when I need resources and know I can come back when I need more!

Oct 28, 2020
by Jennifer Shy on Drama Notebook

I was delighted to find such a wide offering of short plays for small groups of students. I look forward to using them to enrich my students' understanding of drama!

Oct 28, 2020
by Lori on Drama Notebook

This is the place to go for drama teachers, the site is organized and easy to access any category. I have been teaching drama for the last twenty years and am so grateful to find a place to find NEW and FRESH games and lessons!

Oct 27, 2020
by Alyssa Deacon on Drama Notebook

Drama Notebook has been a such an amazing resource for me. I have been teaching drama for many years and I always love finding new games to play and scripts to read with my students. Drama Notebook has kept me and my students all so motivated and happy! I especially LOVED the new socially distanced drama games and warm-up resources. SO PERFECT for right now!

Oct 27, 2020
by Jill on Drama Notebook

I have researched and purchased MANY drama resources. Drama Notebook is, by far, the best. It is the most user friendly, has the largest variety and is very, very reasonably priced. Definitely my go to over the years!

Oct 26, 2020
by Thomas Beck on Drama Notebook

This is an excellent resource for any drama teacher. As an elementary drama teacher, I was very glad to have found Drama Notebook. The scripts are tailored for young actors and this allows kids to excel in developing performance and reading skills. In the current age of remote learning, the plays are perfect for creating lessons and units for drama class Zoom lessons and performances.

Oct 25, 2020
by Shane Donoghue on Drama Notebook

Excellent resource for primary school children of all ages, particularly for the senior class. The sheer volume of lessons available ensures there is something to suit any level. I have been using Drama Notebook on and off for many years, and it is my go-to when sourcing ideas for my drama lessons, thank you!

Oct 24, 2020
by Chris Landis on Drama Notebook

This site is great for inspiration. I was a member for the first few months of my remote teaching and I used a bunch of their material to create my units and lessons. I also have read several of the plays to my younger students. I'm glad I joined for a couple of months and plan to hopefully sign up for the year with a grant that our school has received.

Oct 24, 2020
by Amanda on Drama Notebook

I needed some resources for a small homeschool co-op, and this was perfect. I only used one month for a short workshop, but if I ever need a longer term class I will re-subscribe!

Oct 22, 2020
by Marla Wood on Drama Notebook

I found many of the projects helpful with my Drama I students but I use it EVERY DAY with my Adaptive Drama students. Since their capabilities range so drastically, I can always find something for us to study in Drama Notebook! I wasn't trained as a SPED teacher so when I was first ask to teach Drama I-A, I was petrified I wouldn't be able to reach these students, but Drama Notebook paved the way!

Oct 21, 2020
by Anneli Thompson on Drama Notebook

I found several versions of A Christmas Carol that would work during this time of digital performances and didn't have to write them myself! Anything that helps make teaching and performing easier is a PLUS for me always. Definitely a great theatre resource!

Oct 21, 2020
by Lisa Boswell on Drama Notebook

An excellent resource for the Shakespeare unit I am teaching and the adaptation of Julius Caesar was an asset for my students.

Oct 20, 2020
by Natalie Hawkins on Drama Notebook

This website offers some great play adaptations that I was able to use with my struggling readers and still focus on the same content and themes as the original scripts.

Oct 20, 2020
by Julie on Drama Notebook

I'd been struggling with how to teach drama virtually, and after reading through this amazing collection of resources I got the 3 month membership to get enough material I can use for a long time to come! I look forward to the fun we will have!

Oct 16, 2020
by Debjani Sengupta on Drama Notebook

I think this is a phenomenal site! Thank you so much for organizing this site. I think you are doing a wonderful job for us drama teachers teaching in school. Lots of heart-felt regards, Debjani. Calcutta, India.

Oct 16, 2020
by Nanci-Lyn Lockwood on Drama Notebook

As the manager of a performing arts studio, I am always on the hunt for good short plays for kids. Drama Notebook has a great selection. We've used their resources many times and plan to use them many more times in the future.

Oct 15, 2020
by Dini on Drama Notebook

This is an excellent site with a wide range of resources. I had to be flexible in my teaching and drama notebook has been a really good support when doing drama activities. I really appreciate the work that is done to keep it going. Thanks.

Oct 15, 2020
by Kevin Goddard on Drama Notebook

I had a monthly subscription for a couple of months. I am an orchestra teacher that is new to teaching High School drama. This site provided me with great lessons plans in order to get my feet wet teaching drama. I will be back for more materials and might try to get my school district to pay for a yearly subscription. I highly recommend this site for extra materials.

Oct 15, 2020
by L Blair on Drama Notebook

This is the only place I could find multiple short plays for two characters. Would have liked more for younger kids.

Oct 14, 2020
by Taylor on Drama Notebook

I subscribed to this site to have access to a play for our junior class production. I teach year 2-3 children and it was absolutely perfect. We chose Jack and the Beanstalk Rap. The children loved the play and it was easy enough for them to learn too. Would definitely recommend!

Oct 14, 2020
by Samantha Kaundinya on Drama Notebook

Drama Notebook has been an excellent resource for me as a new drama teacher. Everything I have used thus far has been fantastic and so very helpful.

Oct 14, 2020
by Corey C on Drama Notebook

I use Drama Notebook year to year and it's always an invaluable source and wealth of information, games, topics, and scripts. So grateful for this service when I don't have any new ideas!

Oct 11, 2020
by Emma on Drama Notebook

Excellent resource for elementary scripts and ideas. I downloaded many items to use in the future. I would do a long-term subscription if we weren't a tiny school with a tiny budget!

Oct 11, 2020
by Madame on Drama Notebook

I subscribed after needing a few activities for the new virtual way we have to teach. After seeing all that the site has to offer, I subscribed. I have been able to use so much from the site; it has made my curriculum writing easier and has allowed me to fill in some of the gaps. I recommend Drama Notebook for anyone who needs just a bit more.

Oct 11, 2020
by Playhouse 395 on Drama Notebook

We signed up for a subscription for our small community theatre company so find short plays for a radio show. It was easy to find just what we were looking for. We are in the process of casting our second show for the radio. Thanks, Drama Notebook. Wish we were back in school so I could use it there. Awesome!

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