Drama Lesson Plan for Schools-Breathing Exercises

Breathing Exercises
Eleven pages of breathing activities and instructions written by guest artist Lindsay Price of Theatrefolk.

Vocal Warm-ups for Drama Class

Vocal Warm Ups
Twelve fun ways to help students warm-up their voices to prepare for rehearsal or performance.

Physical Warm-ups for Drama Class

Physical Warm-ups
19 pages. Here are 22 ways to warm up the body before rehearsal/acting class!

Tongue Twisters to Use in Drama Class

Tongue Twisters
Tongue twisters can help actors become better annunciators. Here are 42 tongue twisters ready to read aloud with your group, or print and cut apart to put in a hat.

Brain Dance

Brain Dance
Creative movement warm-up lesson with accompanying Brain Dance video!

Wizard Drama Activity-Physical Warm-ups

Wizard-Themed Physical Warm-ups
Three detailed drama warm-up activities with a wizard theme!

Wizard Drama Activity-Vocal Warm-ups

Wizard-Themed Vocal Warm-ups
Four amazing vocal warm-up activities with wizard themes for drama class!

Drama Activity-Wacky Drama Warm-ups

Wacky Drama Warm-ups
Six brand new drama warm-ups with detailed instructions on seven pages!

Political Candidates Drama Warm-ups
For ages 12 and up. Here are three inventive warm-ups related to the world of politics!

Christmas Drama Activity for Schools-Holiday Warm-ups

Holiday Warm-ups
Seven hilarious drama warm-ups for all ages with holiday themes!

Improv Warm-ups for Drama Class

Improv Warm-ups
17 pages of improv warm-ups categorized by learning goal!


Master Criminals Warm-ups
7 drama warm-up exercises to use with a crime scene, or murder mystery drama unit.