Drama Activity-Wacky Drama Warm-ups

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Six brand new drama warm-ups with detailed instructions on seven pages!

Here are six new drama warm-ups that you have never seen before! This tutorial is seven pages long; each drama game includes a full description and some include printable items to hand out and/or variations on the game.

If you have been teaching drama for a while and need new inspiration, these warm-ups will help you stay excited about teaching. If you are new to teaching drama, these fun, inventive warm-ups will help you start off on the right foot.

For example:

ROCK, PAPER, SCISSORS – the total body version

All students begin in one of the four corners of the room. Before moving to the next corner, students must first challenge someone and win a game of Rock-Paper-Scissors. In this wacky game, however, students become the Rock, the Paper, and the Scissors!

Students jump up and down three times while saying, “Ro-Sham-Bo”, to synchronize their timing, showing their choice (rock, paper, or scissors) on the third landing (Bo). To discourage cheating, have students turn their backs to each other, if necessary.

Physical positions:
ROCK – squat down on the ground into a ball
PAPER – lie flat on the ground, arms outstretched
SCISSORS – freeze into an open ‘jumping-jack’ position

The Rules:

Movie Title Samples:
  • Players should introduce themselves, shake hands before they begin, and give each other plenty of room to get into position. Remind students to be aware of other players.
  • If a student wins a challenge, they move to the next corner to play someone new.
  • If a student loses, they find another person in the same corner to challenge. After a student loses three times in a row, they may move on to the next corner.
  • Encourage students to play against a different person each time.
  • The game should last 10-15 minutes and can be used as a warm-up before other activities or be a fun activity at the end of class.

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