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Tribute to My Mentor

  It feels appropriate that my first blog on Drama Notebook is a tribute to my mentor, Dr. Tom Gressler. He’s a wiry little man with wild white hair and piercing blue eyes. He looks like Einstein…or a magician, and he has the creative genius [...]

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Classroom Management for Drama

Hello Janea, I am very happy to reach your platform. I am Corine, initially a social worker and a stage director, I am very recently teaching drama in a school – for kids grade 1 to 5. Unfortunately, these kids have focus problems, catching their [...]

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Teaching Drama to At-Risk Youth

  Dear Janea, I’ve been asked by the local education office here in south west Ireland to teach drama to at-risk youth in a local outreach centre. Youth Reach helps kids with problems such as substance abuse, literacy problems and basically kids who have slipped [...]

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Drama for Kindergartners

  Dear Janea, I am teaching theater to kindergartner’s after-school in inner city Boston this year. I have them every day for 40 minutes after-school for seven weeks and am having a hard time planning activities. There are 22 of them which makes it difficult [...]

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