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7 drama warm-up exercises to use with a crime scene, or murder mystery drama unit.

Whether you are directing a murder mystery play, teaching a CSI-themed drama class, or just want something new and inventive to kick off your drama class, these 7 original warm-ups will be a hit with your students!

It’s well-known that students of all ages gravitate toward murder and crime games. Many drama teachers try and invent their own games that fit themes they are teaching, but here at Drama Notebook, we like to take the pressure off by doing the creative brainstorming for you!

Sample activity:

Divide the class in two. This game is like a whole-group “Rock, Paper, Scissors.” Each group secretly decides if they will be “Police Officers”, “Robbers” or “Kidnappers”. When they have decided, arrange them in two lines facing each other. Count to three and each group calls out what they are.

Police officers point their guns (made with hands) and say, “Halt!”
Robbers put their hands up and say, “It’s not mine!”
Kidnappers hold their arms out (in grabbing motion) and say, “I’ve got you!” 

Kidnapper beats Police officer
Robber beats Kidnapper
Police officer BEATS Robber

* You can keep score, but it isn’t necessary.

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