Here are 40 of the most well-known drama games for you to play with your students.

Collection of 150 drama games and activities that work specifically with younger students (ages 3-6).

70 drama games that can help students learn the English language!

Eighteen drama activities that can help the members of your group (and you) to learn each other’s names quickly!

70 drama activities that can help your group become excellent collaborators and to take risks individually as actors.

Twelve activities designed to bring a disenfranchised group together!

70 drama activities that can help your group members become more clear, present and focused.

Over 100 ways for students to become comfortable in their bodies onstage and to learn stage movement techniques.

25 drama activities designed to help your students practice projecting and articulating their voices.

More than 100 drama games that are designed to have students performing something in one class session!

75 drama games that can help young actors create believable characters.

Over 60 games designed to help students become better storytellers.

16 activities that can dramatically change the way your students feel about themselves and their classmates.

10 great activities that allow students to tap into their senses so that they may later apply what they learned to their role in a play or performance.

Subtext Games

Ten fun ways to introduce the concept of subtext! 7 pages. Ages 10 and up. Ten fun ways to introduce the concept of subtext!

Wizard Drama Games

9 pages. Seven incredibly fun wizard-themed drama activities!

Wacky Drama Games

Seven original drama games to keep you freshly inspired! 6 pages. For ages 8 and up.

Holiday Drama Games

Four inventive drama games that will help your students get into the holiday spirit.

Instructional guidebook that accompanies the FIFTY videos on Drama Notebook!

Here are six pages of gibberish prompts and instructions for three different activities to play with your group. You will not find anything like this anywhere else!


Fourteen fantastic drama activities that will delight you and your students!