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Instructional guidebook that accompanies the FIFTY videos on Drama Notebook!

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There are fifty games on video in Drama Notebook. This handy guide gives written instructions and extra tips for every video on the site. Some game descriptions are quite lengthy and include additional ideas for adding to or changing the game!

Example of a video (Captain on Deck):


Example of a description for a game on video:

Captain on Deck

This extremely fun game is a sea-going version of Simon Says, but instead of saying ‘Simon says,’ the Captain will say ‘at ease’ before giving the next command.

Have everyone find a space in the room, and announce to your group that they are now on board a ship, and that they are the crew and you are the Captain. Have them imagine what the ship looks like, and decide on where the bow is (the front) and the stern is (the back), the port (left) and the starboard) the right side is. Tell students that you will be issuing a series of commands that they are to obey. HOWEVER, they must always wait for you to say ‘at ease’ before following the next command. If they follow a command without ‘at ease’ in-between, or if they get left out of a command, they will be sent to the Pickle Pot where they must do a little pickle dance before joining the game again. Remaining players may wish to sing ‘Pickle Pot, Pickle Pot’ (to the tune of Lollipop, Lollipop) while the person dances.

Here is a long list of commands from which to choose. Start with three and then add in more as the students get better at the game!

Captain on Deck

Stand at attention, salute, and say “Aye, Aye Captain!”


Go to the front of the ship and look out.


Run to the back of the ship and pull in the anchor


Go to the left side and walk the plank.


Go to the left side of the ship and load the cannons.

Climb the Rigging

Pretend to climb up to the crow’s nest.

*There are twelve more commands in the actual tutorial inside of Drama Notebook! You can make this game extremely fun, elaborate and complex!

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