Bonding Games for Drama Class

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15 powerful ensemble-building games for your drama class. 6 pages!

Are you working with a group of students who are having trouble collaborating or treating each other with kindness? Trust within the group is an essential part of being able to put on a memorable show or to give students a positive experience of performing. Here are 15 super-charged ensemble-building activities designed to bring your students closer together and to develop a better understanding/appreciation of one another.



Ask students to bring with them to the next class, an item of personal importance such as: a card from a grandmother who passed; a locket given to them by a favorite aunt; a rock they brought home from a particularly wonderful trip to the beach. In a circle, have students take out their item and pass it down two people to the right. Each student then makes up an impromptu fictional story about the item, and then the true owner tells his/her own real story.

  • How did you feel when I asked you to pass your item down?
  • What was it like listening to the fictitious story?
  • What did you learn about your classmates?
  • What surprised you?
  • How can this activity help us as actors?

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