Drama Games for Younger Students

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Collection of 150 drama games and activities that work specifically with younger students (ages 3-6).

If you are teaching younger students (ages 3-6), this collection is a must-have! There are over 150 drama games and activities on 50 pages. You can dramatically reduce your planning time by using this list instead of hunting around for activities that will work with the little ones!

Examples of games for younger students:

Pet Show

Put kids in pairs. One person is the pet owner. The other person is the pet. They decide what the pet will be, come up with a name and a trick. The owner leads the pet onstage, introduces her and the animal performs. Then they take turns! If you have one extra person, he can play the judge. He could judge the show, ask the owners questions about their pets and decide which pet is the winner.

Will You Buy My Donkey?

This is a game that helps students learn to not ‘break character.’ Have all players in a circle or scattered about the space. Choose one person to play the donkey seller and one person to play the donkey. The donkey seller must approach other players and ask “Will you buy my donkey?”

The player she approached must answer “No, thank you,” with a completely straight face. The seller may move on to another player, or she may stay and try to convince that person to buy her donkey by bragging about the donkey’s attributes or talents. She may invent outlandish things such as “My donkey can do gymnastics!” The person playing the donkey must go along with the donkey seller’s statements. If an approached player laughs (breaks character), they become the donkey. The donkey becomes the donkey seller and the donkey seller rejoins the group.

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