17 rules and tips for improv that can help any group immediately heighten their skills! (6 pages)

17 pages of improv warm-ups categorized by learning goal!

50 improv games with detailed instructions organized into categories!

Fun, original Drama Notebook activity for all ages. Students play presenters and recipients of fictitious awards. Three pages of awards are included!

Students will LOVE this activity in which they get to become immediate experts on funny or serious subjects! 32 funny topics and 32 serious ones are ready to print out, cut apart and put into a hat.

Hilarious original drama activity in which students take turns delivering terrible performances! Two scripts are included.

Here are 28 imaginative scene starters for younger students and 28 scene starters for older students! Print them out and start the activity immediately.

Here are 28 complex situations with characters to use in improv, character work, or as prompts for students to write their own short plays or skits!

Use this fun activity with older or advanced students. 11 ‘first lines’ and 11 ‘last lines’ are ready to print out and put in a hat. Students work in pairs to create improvised scenes using the lines as prompts.

Improv activity for all ages that sparks the imagination. Complete instructions, a printable list of 27 objects, and an example of a skit is included.

Detailed instructions for the classic improv game also known as ‘Bucket.’ Included are 28 scene suggestions and over 60 random lines! Best for older or advanced students.

Hilarious original drama game in which students play realtors and home buyers!

Fun improv game in which team members play characters in a restaurant that all have hidden agendas or quirks!

Popular improv game that has been featured on “Whose Line is it Anyway.” Includes complete instructions and a list of over 80 quirks!

This is a fun, printable improv activity also known as ‘Scenes from a Hat.’  It works best for older or advanced students

In this original Drama Notebook activity, team members take on the characteristics of inanimate objects that argue with each other! Tremendously fun for all ages!

Use this hilarious original improv activity with your older or advanced students. Includes instructions for the game and 40 disorders that students may draw out of a hat.

Improv game featuring over 80 hilarious prompts. Best for older or advanced students.

Four fun wizard-themed improv activities to use with your group!

27 idioms along with their literal translations for students to use as scene prompts.

For ages 12 and up! Four detailed improv games designed to deepen students’ understanding of elections and systems of government.

For ages eight and up. Seven improvisational activities that sharpen students’ improvisational skills.

30 funny improv scene starters to use with a crime scene, or murder mystery drama unit. PLUS, a list of 14 fairy tale crimes for use with mock trials.