Rules and Tips for Improv in Drama Class

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17 rules and tips for improv that can help any group immediately heighten their skills! (6 pages) Great for beginners and as a refresher for advanced students.

Improv is a form of theatre all of its own. Here are 17 rules and tips that can help your performers better understand the art of improvisation and immediately heighten their skills! Many of the rules contain examples, making the rule easy to understand.


Cut ‘Throwaway’ Dialogue

In real life, when people meet, they say hello and ask how they’ve been, etc. etc. Onstage, players should cut to the interesting part as quickly as possible. This applies to the beginning of the scene as well as any time a new player joins the scene.

Bad Scene Example:

–Hi there.
–I haven’t seen you in a while.
–I know.
–What have you been up to?
–Not a whole lot.
–Well, there is one thing.
–What’s that?
–I got a concussion and now I see dead people.

 Good Scene Example:

–I got a concussion and now I see dead people.
–Let’s hit your head again and see if they go away (whacks head).
–Nope. The creepy bride behind you is still there.

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