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Technical Problems

If you experience any technical problems, or are having trouble opening the materials, please contact Alex at alex@dramanotebook.com

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IMPORTANT-If you paid via Paypal, there may be a delay of about two hours before your payment is processed and you may view the materials.

Drama Notebook Mission

My mission is to help you and support you, as drama teachers often work in isolation. This year, we are working on ways to create more of a community on Drama Notebook, so that all of the amazing teachers around the world who belong to the site can share their stories, materials and ideas with each other.

I always welcome feedback on the site, and am here if you need something specific.

Teaching drama requires a lot of energy, enthusiasm, patience and creativity. But this work is vital to humanity and can be life-transforming for your students.

Thank you for all you do.

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Note: If you paid via Paypal, it may take an hour or two to process. Wait a while and then come back and enjoy the materials!