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Awarding Bravo Tags promotes positive behavior and lets drama students show off their great choices and hard work! Just print, cut, and pass them out. Students can collect and display them in many ways.

BRAVO is a word used to express approval when a performer has done something well. Use these simple cards to recognize achievements in the classroom or rehearsal. Just print, cut, and pass them out. This is a fun and easy way to help students build confidence and to reward positive behavior and effort. It’s also a fun way to celebrate as you wrap up a drama unit. Many elementary and middle school teachers have found this to be a successful classroom management tool.

Includes twenty pages of Bravo Tags. Print pages in different colors, cut them apart, and hand them out.

Examples of Bravo Tags:
On Time and Prepared
PROPS for taking care of props!
Powerful Projection
Here is how they look on each page:
Powerful Projection Sheet Sample

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