Drama Lesson Plan for Schools-Actor's Nightmare Drama Activity

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Here are 29 short scenes that ONLY have the lines spoken by one actor! (For older or more advanced students.)

Another original Drama Notebook activity! Every actor eventually has the nightmare that he’s stepped onstage without having memorized the script. This game simulates the nightmare and teaches young actors to be authentic by thinking and reacting in the moment. One actor (RILEY) has a script and the other does not! Here are 29 scenes that have ONLY the lines spoken by the actor with the script. The other actor must try to come up with lines that make sense in the scene.

This lesson includes complete instructions, plus three more ways to adapt the activity. All of the scripts are set up on the pages so that they are easy to print, cut apart and hand out. Warning: this game is addictive to young actors!

Here is an example of a script.

RILEY: What are you doing?

RILEY: Am I interrupting?

RILEY: My name is Taylor. I’m the assistant. The one the publishers hired.

RILEY: No, not a spy, an assistant. I provide the same services as a secretary.

RILEY: Then I’ll have to find some way to occupy my time.

RILEY: Do you have writer’s block?

RILEY: What are these papers on the floor?

RILEY: Are you writing back to them?

RILEY: Did you eat all those donuts?

RILEY: Haha. They mentioned you were funny.

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