Drama Lesson Plan for Schools-Answer the Door

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22 dramatic situations that help students understand the importance of the first-moment onstage. They are ready to print out and assign to your students.

In this lesson, two students learn about the importance of the first-moments onstage. They create backstories for their characters and fully imagine where they have just been before they enter the scene.

In pairs, students are given prompts for an improvised scene. One player is already onstage doing stage business when another player comes to the door.

For example:

Player One-You are waiting in your house. Your spouse has been missing for 24 hours.

Player Two-You are a detective coming to interview the spouse of a missing person.

Included are:
  • 22 characters and situations ready to be printed out, cut apart and assigned
  • Complete instructions for the activity
  • A one-page backstory worksheet for students to fill out
  • An extra add-on activity

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