Drama Lesson Plan for Schools-Greetings Game

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This is an excellent activity for helping students experiment with movement and character in a non-threatening way. Includes instructions and 28 prompts!

This warm-up game is an excellent activity for working with a new class of students. It offers an immediate way for students to experiment with movement and character as a whole group, rather than being ‘put on the spot.’ Basic instructions and 28 prompts are included!

This is somewhat of a classic game and many instructors may have played this before. On Drama Notebook, however, the actual suggestions (many more than you will need) are included. This is one of the things that sets Drama Notebook apart from other drama resources. Typically, there is a short description of how to play a game, but important details, such as the actual suggestions or prompts are missing, leaving the instructor to either make his/her own list, or to brainstorm in the moment. On Drama Notebook, the prompts are provided for you, leaving you free to focus on paying attention to the progress of individuals or the group.

Sample prompts:
  • Greet each other as if you are from outer space
  • Greet each other as if you are rock stars
  • Greet each other as if you are old enemies

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