Wizard Drama Activity-Scene Prompts

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16 fun drama scenarios that prompt students to create their own wizard-themed scenes!

8 pages; For ages 10 and up

Presented in the style of Harry Potter, these magical scene starters can be used by drama students to perform improvisational scenes or used as creative writing prompts for language arts. Each scenario includes brief instructions and a variety of characters and prompts ready for you to use right away!

For example: Wizard Instruction 101

In groups of 3 or more, students improvise a typical wizarding class, with one playing the professor and the others playing students. Actors should create some form of conflict and an attempt to solve it before “class” is dismissed.

Classes include:
  • Charms – Students are textbook spells, taught specific wand movements and proper pronunciation. (Often students partner up in class to experiment on one another.)
  • Care of Enchanted Beings – students learn about a wide range of magical creatures and are taught about feeding, maintaining, and proper treatment of these various creatures.
  • Potions – students learn the correct way to brew potions.
  • Transmutation – teaches the art of changing the form and appearance of an object.
  • And more…

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